- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 46 [905]
- Online: 4 [95]
- Approximate amount of time to 100030+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: None

Players familiar with the franchise will immediately feel at home playing Project 8 as it didn't try to reinvent the core gameplay (unlike TH: Ride and TH: Shred). Getting the full 1000 will take a moderately to highly skilled player about 30 hours. Players unfamiliar with TH games or unskilled at them will take much much longer, given the difficulty of some tasks.

The vast majority of the achievements are single player based and reward completion of challenges, gaps, and secret spots. The online achievements are easily obtained, and note that there is a viral achievement.

Step 1: Obtain Rank #1 [42 for 820]
The game is fairly non-linear. By completing challenges and finding the 36 "secret spots" you climb the rankings to ultimately take the #1 spot. 

Most of the challenges have tiered requirements for completion: Am(easy) Pro(moderate), and Sick (hardest). To beat the game you need 95% sick and 5% pro. This unlocks the final challenge which upon completion advances you to rank #1.

Sometimes it is difficult to find the next marker in the chalk challenges. If this is the case, there is a decent guide on GameFAQs which can point you in the right direction.

It is worth noting that a couple of the goals can be "exploited" to simplify them. In particular, photo challenges don't actually require you to perform the trick in the exact spot they tell you to do it. For example, if required to do a kickflip between two buildings, you can actually perform a kickflip, keep a combo going, and then clear the gap.

The challenges involving bails are the worst addition to the game and are highly luck based. Most of your "pro" goals will likely be bail challenges. The bowling challenges can both be simplified and the hilltop bail challenge also has an associated exploit.

Step 2: Cleanup
The only achievements which aren't guaranteed on the way to #1 are the achievements for full stats and finding all the gaps.

Check your stats in the pause screen to identify the requirements for the next advancement and fulfill them to max out your stats. A list of the completed gaps can be found in the pause screen also.

Step 3: High score run [4 for 85]
These achievements relate to getting large combos/highscores. Go into free skate mode, start a run, and fulfill the requirements. If they are proving difficult there is a simple glitch (guide here) which allows them to be obtained with ease.

Step 4: Online mode [4 for 95]
The 100 games are easily boosted with one other person, and there is one viral achievement which requires you to beat someone who has already obtained it.

While the game should be enjoyable for most, the challenging achievements will require either a lot of skill and/or determination.

[XBA would like to thank DerEnglaender for this Roadmap]

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 49 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • You completed the training, go put what you learned into practice.

    Training is the First Thing you Should do in the game, no matter what. Even If your a Veteran of the game series. Theres a total of 8 people who train you. Each Person wants you to do around 5 things. They range in things from getting off your board and doing an Ollie, to doing a 10,000 Point Combo. Very easy, for the long time Players, simple enough for the learners.

  • You escaped the suburban life, explore the world.

    Once you enter the game, just beat a couple challenges and follow the story, You'll get it within the first 15 Minutes. You'll unlock the "Skate Park" First though.

    See "Fun Park Unlocked" for a detailed look at unlocking levels and ranks.

  • Unlocked the School.

    Just Play through the story, once you get a phone call on your phone telling you that someone's waiting for you there, just do their challenge.

  • Unlocked the Slums.

    Just Play through the story, once you get a phone call on your phone telling you that someone's waiting for you there, just do their challenge.

  • You made your way to the skate park. Enjoy yourself.

    You unlock this first out of all levels, just follow the story and do the challenges.

  • Unlocked the Funpark.

    The oppurtunity will come around Rank 35, and it will be the last level you unlock. A Reporter will talk to you, and ask you to do a couple simple things, like grind around the park. Finish it, the level's yours.

    This is the Order in which the levels are unlocked. The skate Park should unlock at 199, and the Fun Park around 35-40.

    Skate Park
    Fun Park

  • Go shred the factory, you deserve it.

    Just Play through the story, once you get a phone call on your phone telling you that someone's waiting for you there, just do their challenge.

  • Congratulations, you completed a goal at Sick difficulty

    Very Simple Achievement to Understand, not the easiest to complete for some. Find a Challenge, and get the Sick Difficulty objective completed. The easiest one for this, personally, would be any one of the "Nail The Trick" Challenges or any others like the grinding one in Suburbia.

  • You stepped upto the challenge. You did everything the pro's challenged you to do.

    This Achievement does not unlock after you beat the 9 Pros' Challenges before you hit the Top Eight, or right after. The Achievement is unlocked once you get to Spot #4 in Project 8. Once you hit Rank 5, Tony Will Call you, for the Oppurtunity to do his challenge and if beaten the spot will be awarded. The challenge is fairly easy. Once Beaten, You should get the 4th Rank and this achievement completed.

  • Incredible, you beat all the goals at SICK difficulty

    You need to complete all goals on Sick. Um... Have Fun! :P

  • All classic goals at Sick? That's amazing.

    Um... Pretty Self-Explanatory, you have to complete all 7 of the Classic Goals with a "Sick" rating. Go to the individual level achievement, for a video on how to complete each level with this rating.

  • Wow! 50 percent of the gaps found... keep going you're halfway there.


    See "Hit all of the Gaps".

  • You've skated the world and found every gap. Congratulations

    There are a lot of gaps in this game, somewhere around 260. Here is a link to videos and text files of all the gaps: https://www.adcoe.net/dirlist.php?dir=videos%2fthp8%2f Even, With the guide, it will take some time, and a bit of patience.

  • That's a nice highscore run, but you can do better right?

    This one can be done normally, just remember it must be done within "Free Skate" while the Timer is running, within 2 Minutes. Just remember, get some big points, then raise the multiplier and dont fall! For an "Easier" way take a look at "That Combo Was Sick!" near the bottom of the guide.

  • Well done, you landed over 500,000 point combo.

    Again, This must be done in "Free Skate" all in one combo during your run. For an "Easier" way take a look at "That Combo was sick!" near the bottom of the guide.

  • Play an online game

    Just go Online, and Complete a game. It's simply Not Much to Explain, is there?

  • Finish 50 games online

    See "100 Games Online". As the achievement says, you must play 100 games in the online mode of this game. It does not matter whether it is ranked or not as long as they're done. The fastest way is to go online with a friend, and then just do "Score Challenge" up to 10,000 Points. Each game will take about 5-12 seconds including loading times, and can be accomplished within a 45 Minute Period.

  • Finish 100 games online.

    As the achievement says, you must play 100 games in the online mode of this game. It does not matter whether it is ranked or not as long as they're done. The fastest way is to go online with a friend, and then just do "Score Challenge" up to 10,000 Points. Each game will take about 5-12 seconds including loading times, and can be accomplished within a 45 Minute Period.

  • Congratulations you cracked the top 8, can you get higher?

    Just progress through as many challenges as you can. Simply Completing all of them once should do the trick. Here are approximated stats for this rank:
    AM: 50%
    Pro: 25%
    Sick: 10%
    1/4 Gaps, and most Secret Spots.

  • Congratulations you cracked the top 4, can you get to number 1?

    Well, there are many different things that contribute to your rank. Mostly challenges but also, gaps and Secret Spots. Here are my rough stats when I hit This Rank:
    Pro: 60%
    Sick: 20%
    With half the gaps and all Secret Spots.

    It seems that when you have most challenges done and less than 20% AM it will Unlock!

    Just do as many challenges as you can and keep increasing your rank. When at Rank 8, it will take a while to get to this, but be patient. You will also "Skip" rank 5. Because once you hit it, you will be able to go to Rank 4 almost right away.

  • You did it. You are the number one skater on Project 8.

    This is hard, and time Consuming. And First Timers, or Casual Players will never get this. The requirements for this achievement are completing all the challenges, 95% at Sick, and 5% at Pro. Theres no other way. To Find out a little more about the ranking system take a look at "Made it into Project 8".

  • You found your first secret area. Don't tell anyone.


    There's 36 Secret spots. A lot of easy ones. If you want this right away. Start out the game, and there should be one in the tree right outside your house, in the middle of the road. Get a bit of speed, and skate into the "ramp" around the tree, and Bail on Purpose, steer your guy into the top middle of the tree, there you go. It may take a couple of tries to get the height and the right place, just keep trying. If you find this one hard, and played the demo, just try unlocking the "Skate Park" and getting the one on the top of the green roofed hut. Easier Done Then Said.

  • You've manualed for 140,000 feet!

    Read "Full Stats" for a more in-depth explanation.

  • 14,000 seconds of air time.

    14,000 Seconds Rougly translates to 4-5 Hours. It's a while, but you spend most of your time in the air anyway. Read "Full Stats" for a more in-depth explanation.

  • You've managed to grind for 140,000 total feet

    Read "Full Stats" for a more in-depth explanation.

  • Win a skate session against a member of the Project 8 development team, or someone who already has.

    This achievement is glitched in a weird way. It should read "Complete an Online Game" as almost everyone gets it in their first game, no matter what the outcome. Just go Online, Play a couple of games, and you'll get it in no time.

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Suburbia classic goal

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Main St classic goal

  • Capitol Classic beaten at sick

  • Amazing. You got sick on the School classic goal

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Slums classic goal

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Skate Park classic goal

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Fun Park classic goal

  • Amazing. You got sick on the Factory classic goal

  • You got every stat maxed. How long did that take you?

    For this achievement you have to do exactly what it says... Max your stats out, all of them.

    Here's what you need for each stat to max:
    Air: 14,000 Seconds (Around 4-5 Hours)
    Manual: 140,000 Feet
    Grind: 140,000 Feet
    Invert: 400s
    Spin: 1000 Rot.
    Wallride: 10,000 Feet
    Special: 512 Special Tricks Done

    Air Happens whenever, you're player is airborn... Duh! A Manual is when your character is on two of his wheels balancing on the board, and happens when you press Up and Down one after the other. You grind with Y. Invert is when your player is balancing on the edge of a quarterpipe. Its done by appraoching a quaterpipe perpedicularily, and pressing Y. Spin, are simply rotations. Wallrides are when you jump into a wall, and press Y. And A special, is a trick that can only be preformed when your special meter is full. The trick will appear in a Differetn Colour on the bottom when it is preformed.

    You Can access your stats at anytime, by pausing the game and going into Skater Options and then Stats.

  • Find Rodney and beat his challenge.

    This challenge is all about the New Feature called "Nail The Trick". He will simply ask you to do a couple of very easy things with the new feature, once you're done the achievement is yours, to show off to your friends.
    *Located in Skate Park

  • Find Mike V and beat his challenge.

    Just do what he tells you, and follow everythin, it's easy just like the others.
    *Located in Front of the "Capitol" building. (You must get the flyer first)

  • Find Daewon and beat his challenge.

    This one may be problematic for some. Just do what he tells you to, and with some re-arrangement, you should be able to do it. If you're still having problems read the following. What I did for the final part, where you wallplant the bench on top of the wall is I put a bus in front of me, than a rail, and then another bus. I grinded the first two, and then jumped off my board onto the last bus. It doesnt matter if you stop, as long as you do it. Then I put another bus to my left (In front of the bench) and jump onto it. Then I just got as Much speed as I could and wallplanted the bench. There are many different ways to complete this challenge.
    *Located near the fornt of the School.

  • Find Bob and beat his challenge.

    The challenge starts with a drop from a plane. You are suspended in air, and he tells you to do tricks, compelte enough and you finsihs the first part. Then the both of you will be in a half pipe in your home town, and you'll have to do tricks over him while he stays in an invert. Than you trade places, you do the invert while he does tircks over you. With enough practice, it'll come easily.
    *He can be found In the school, very close to the skate Park.

  • Find Ryan and beat his challenge.

    May be a little frustrating because of the amount of buttons you need to press in a small amount of time, but it's easy with some practice. This challenge is all about air!
    *Located in Skate Park

  • Find Bam and beat his challenge.

    In this one, you basically hurt yourself as much as possible. It's one of the easiest ones, so there's not much explaning needed, just do what he says.
    *Located in Slums

  • Find Nyjah and Lyn-Z and beat the challenge.

    There are 3 parts to this challenge. The first two parts are easy, just beat them in a couple skate competitions. But the 3 part may cause to be a litttle tricky, if you dont know what you are doing... You will start out on a roof, from there you jump off a kicker, and grind a wire, than a ledge, jump down, grind a flower bed and jump and grind up towards the general direction of the skate park, here's where you might get confused. Keep grinding it, all the way around, until you are facing the direction that you came from, now you will clearly see where to go. Grind the benches and other things, and manual to the ramp. You are Done. Achievement Unlocked!
    *Located in School Area.

  • Find Stevie and Dustin and beat the challenge.

    Here, you'll have to beat these two in a mini-skating competition. you have to get some small combos (Around 20,000) and you'll be done. Very Easy.
    *Located in Factory Entrance.

  • Find P-Rod and beat his challenge.

    Otherwise know as Paul Rodriegeuz, P-Rod's challenge is all about Grindind and Flip-Tricks. It fairly Easy. The first part, you must do 8 different grinds. Just keep using  with different directions, or the same direction twice. Examples of diferent grinds are: ,   and so on... Then you must follow him to the city and do the tricks he calls out, very easy. Just do what he says, and you'll get it.
    *Located in Front of the School

    *Remember, all Pros WIll ONLY appear after you get a phone call informing you about their location and status.


Secret achievements

  • You found all the secret areas, nice going Sherlock.


    Theres' 36 Secret Spots in Total: Here are Youtube videos of the 36 spots. Part 1:

    Part 2:

  • Wow you landed a combo over 5,000,000 points

    This is a cheap glitch that will get you an achievement, but it works.

  • That's a huge high score.

    Again, This can be done legit, or you can look at "That Combo Was Sick!" for A glitch to help you out.

  • Congratulations, you got 1000 Stokens.

    This just comes with Game Progress. The More you play, the more you'll have. A "Stoken" is when you get someone stoked by preforming a nice trick in front of them. A combo of 10,000 seems to do the trick everytime, and will get you a stoken for everybody who saw you during the entire combo. The longer you keep it, and the more points it's worth, the more people interested. Should come anywhere from 6-12 hours into the game. Remember, Buying Special Tricks will spend Stokens, so try not to buy any until you have the 1000.

  • Man that hurts

    This one is pretty easy. At least it is, once you unlock the factory. Once in the Factory, Find the "Daily Grind" Secret Spot, and you automatically break 15 bones. (Watch the Secret Spot Video To See it)
    It is also fairly easy to get it while unlocking it, you can just slam your character into the wall, and get it.

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