- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 8 [775]
- Online: 3 [225]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : ~10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 50 online matches, 24 exhibition matches, 1 career [5 seasons]
- Number of missable achievements: One - "End Career with 1000 Points"
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheat codes
- Does difficulty affect achievements? No
- Extra equipment needed? Second Controller/Xbox/Game/Gold Account preferable for online achievements

Top Spin 2 is an oldie, but a goldie. The game itself is one of the first tennis games on the Xbox 360 system, and brings you entertainment with it's multiple modes of play; exhibition mode, career mode, and online mode. Being from 2006, the online portion of this game is dead, so you may have to get creative in your methods if you want the full 1000 for this game. Exhibition mode provides you with quick entertainment in the form of singles or doubles competition against the 12 male and 12 female professional tennis players in the game. Career mode is comprised of 5 seasons in which you have to battle your way to the top to be the ruler of the league. So, let's jump in and break down these three modes on your way to what is an easy, yet somewhat lengthy 1000.

Exhibition Mode - 3 achievements for 175 :
Exhibition Mode in the game allows you to set up a custom match type and choose one of the 24 characters to pit against another character in singles or doubles play. For the easiest way to get achievements, singles mode is the way to go. The exhibition mode is comprised of 3 achievements for 175. The first one comes easily enough by winning your first exhibition mode (see the guide for the easiest way to complete exhibition matches). The second two are given out for beating every male player and every female player. This process is not as long as it first sounds, as you can set the matches to the minimal length of 2 sets comprised of 1 match each. Beating each player should take less than 5 minutes, so with 24 total, you are looking at around an hour and a half of possible gameplay for all three of these achievements.

Career Mode - 5 achievements for 600 :
Career Mode will provide you with the bulk of this game's gamerscore, and it is realatively easy to get them all. Please be aware that there is one missable achievement in this mode, titled, "End Career with 1000 Points", so please read the achievement description so you don't waste time needing to play a whole new season again. You can read the achievement solutions below on how to gain all of these achievements, and they are all pretty straight forward, and all but the one mentioned above can easily be earned in your first year of your career.

Online Mode - 3 achievements for 225 :
Online mode at this stage in the game's life cycle is non-existent. The servers are still online fortunately, so you have two options to get these achievements (see the below guide for the full achievement details).

First, you can try and organize a boosting session with another player. You can take turns trading off wins so that you each reach 25 wins, at which point you should also get the achievement for playing in 50 total online matches. The general idea to make this go really quick is to trade off quitting out once you guys are matched up and in a game. This should not be too hard since you two will most likely be the only ones attempting to play this game's online mode.

The second method is to own two Xbox consoles, two controllers, two copies of the game, and two Xbox LIVE Gold accounts. Again, you should be the only one playing this game, so simply queue up for an online match, and then have a second profile on another Xbox do the same. You should get matched up together. Then, quit out of the game on your alternate account, thus crediting your main account with a match played, and a win recorded. Do this 50 times to nab all three achievements in a relatively short time. This method is a lot more costly, but it does cut down on any reliance of an outside party, and I'm sure many people looking to 1k this game at this stage are achievement hunters and possess the extra equipment needed to make this easy.

This game is very easy, pretty fun for a 2006 tennis game, and should provide you with a nice boost of gamerscore, even if you choose to not complete the online achievements. So, happy achievement hunting for that 1000!

[XBA would like to thank Judge Bergan for this road map]

Top Spin 2 Achievement Guide

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There are 11 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Win a match in Exhibition Mode to receive this achievement

    Aquired in the "Exibition" Mode of the game, this can quickly be aquired by setting the Needed Sets to 2 and game to win as a condition to win. This makes the match go MUCH faster.

  • Win a match in Career Mode to receive this achievement

    Simply done by winning a match in "Career" mode. I STRONGLY caution that if you have no experience with a tennis game prior to "Top Spin 2," you make find some difficulty in winning if you jump right into a match. Try training and Learning the games tendencies before hand if this is the case.

  • Win a tournament in Career Mode to receive this achievement

    Same requirement as before, just you must win the tournament. As is the same, if you lack experieince, I do not recommend this and you should train and play a bit first.

  • Play throughout an entire career to receive this achievement

    Pretty self explanitory. A career consists of Five Seasons with 24 dates. Thes can be skiped by pressing . Mind you, this will only get you the "Completion of Career" achievement and none of the other ones as you are not controlling your character. Mind you, you still have to train for the four Skill Shots at the beginning of your first season. This cannot be avoided.

  • Reach the top of the World Rankings while playing Career Mode to receive this achievement

    Done by making Roger Federer look like a chump multiple times. All jokes aside, Federer IS in fact who you have to beat out for the #1 Spot and this is done over thr course of your 5 year career by winning tournaments, Training well and Doing well in Special Events. If you take time off, you WILL drop in rank as other players are playing and you arent. So in short, you have to play to become the best.

  • Finish an entire career and score more than 1 000 career points to receive this achievement

    To do this, you need to win every tournament in at least 2.5 years worth of play, or a combination of that amount during your 5 years. I suggest training hard to get every bronze star possible in the first 1.5 years, then winning tournaments to win silver/gold stars. After a while you should be able to sim to the semis or finals of most tournaments, which will cut down the time it takes to get this done. I had 1,064 points after my 4th year with this method, then simmed all of year 5 to get the achievement. You can not lose Career Points, but your total is only shown once at the end of every year, during the recap stats page. Thanks to The Pants Party from the forums for this new description.

  • Earn this achievement by defeating all of the female licensed players in Exhibition Mode

    Done in "Exhibition" mode and can be done quickly by Setting the Minimum number of Sets and Games needed to win to 2 and 1 respectively.

  • Earn this achievement by defeating all of the male licensed players in Exhibition Mode

    Done in "Exhibition" mode and can be done quickly by Setting the Minimum number of Sets and Games needed to win to 2 and 1 respectively.

  • Defeat any opponent in a Xbox Live Ranked Match to receive this achievement

    Win a ranked match on Live to get this, and for those of you who like to take things EXACTLY how they are worded, no this does NOT mean you have to win the first match you play or you're out of Luck, it mean's you will get the achievement once you win for the first time.

  • Earn this achievement by playing in 50 Xbox Live Ranked Matches

    See "Win 25 Ranked Matches".

  • Earn this achievement by winning 25 Xbox Live Ranked Matches

    Can be done with a partner to trade wins or Legit. If you chose to play this out, it takes roughly 10 hours to do. I found out the Hard way... But before I knew it, another way to approach this is that if one person quits, the other player get credit for the win. This GREATLY speeds up the process of winning.

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