-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10
-Offline: 28 (670)
-Online: 13 (330)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 40+ hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + 5 Online seasons
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: No
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

This game is all about skill, especially if you want to do well online or get all of the achievements on Hard difficulty. I would suggest not even touching the online mode until you have finished with your career – or you will regret it.

Top Spin 3 is a pretty tricky tennis game as the power of your shots is all about timing the release of the buttons rather than just hitting them. I would recommend you go through the Tutorial first as it really does explain a lot of the mechanics and will make the whole thing easier. Boosting for the online achievements is also highly recommended as there are some extremely unbalanced players out there that will destroy your in a matter of moments.

BE AWARE: For playing Five Seasons on the online World Tour you must play (and win) a tournament match rather than just a random game. This will get you a ranking. You will then have to wait 14 days for the next season to commence, so just win another tournament game and repeat the procedure until you are done.

Step #1: Tutorial and Career
Play the tutorial first for the achievement then go straight to career mode. Play through each season and ALWAYS select the harder events as they will net you more ranking points and money. When you qualify for the Legend stage of your career be sure to change the difficulty up to Hard (if you had it on Easy) before tackling the Hall of Fame mode as there is an achievement tied to this. You should get achievements for matches played, points scored, money won, items bought from the shop, fully upgraded player and all of the career ones.

Step #2: Clean up and Tournament mode
Play a doubles match and win, then go to tournament mode and win every event there. Finally you will need to set up specific exhibition matches for all of the Hard difficulty achievements – use your created player here and set them up exactly how they are described on the achievement or it will not work (be aware that most of the Hard difficulty achievements will ONLY unlock in exhibition games). If you are still short on certain points (for serves, volleys etc) then set up a game against a second controller or the easy A.I. to finish these off.

Step #3: Online (World Tour)
There is a long, but easy, method for getting everything done with two people and a few backup accounts see here (Post 17). Failing that you would be advised to use your created character and do your best. Be sure to play fifty games with a male and fifty with a female too – does not matter if you win. For the 4 Finals in a season they must be either Grand Slams or the second highest event and you MUST play the final. In order to play in five World Tour seasons you MUST get a ranking by winning at least one tournament game and then wait 14 days for the next season to begin and repeat the process etc.

This game is hard to get used to and beating the A.I. on the toughest difficulty will require no small measure of skill. All of the online achievements can be boosted, but it is a long procedure and your work can be ruined if a different player jumps into a game you are trying to set up. Playing online legit is even worse as many people have created unrealistic players with 100 for power etc that will cream you every time. Good luck.
x360a would like to thank jackanape for this Road Map

Top Spin 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete the Amateur level in career.

    Extremely easy, the Amateur level only consists of three Tie-break matches against very poor opponents. If you lose you can just try again and you can also change the difficulty to Very Easy if you’re struggling. Also you can turn Auto-save off (press on the career screen and select the relevant option) and only save after each win. Obviously you must have created a player first – so do that on the Main Menu.
  • Complete the Challenger level in career.

    Again a fairly straightforward arrangement as you only have to play a grand total of six one set matches to progress, the competition is slightly better but not enough that you’ll actually struggle.
  • Complete the Junior level in career.

    The game now progresses to the more standard set-up, as you now have access to a calendar of events. You can choose between an easy or hard event each month, or just skip a month entirely. I’d recommend choosing the hard event each month as you’ll earn more ranking points, career money and unlock points – all of which benefit you further down the line. So you’ll have to play a total of twelve events (with three matches in each, assuming you win) and finish in the top three to progress.
  • Complete the Pro level in career.

    Pretty much identical to the Junior Tour but against proper opponents this time around, so you’ll need to have some skills (or put it on easy). The events now consist of five matches each and you’ll earn significantly more points for winning, again I would recommend playing the harder tournaments as the money and points on offer will help towards other achievements.
  • Complete the Legend level in career.

    Rinse and repeat what you’ve been through so far, just win everything available and save your progress after every game to be safe. The Legend level requires you to fulfill two tasks: beating all of the Grand Slams in a row (these events are the same as the ones on the pro tour) and winning the Hall of Fame, which comprises of eight matches against top players on a variety of surfaces.
  • Win 2 consecutive tournaments in the Pro level in career.

    Just win two consecutive months tournaments. Doesn’t matter if one is easy and one is hard, just make sure you save after every match so that if something does go wrong you can replay a match.
  • Unlock 300 items in the mall.

    Access the Mall by pressing in career mode to take you to the player area, then select the second option. Every match you play will give you unlock points and you can earn more than enough for this through Career mode. You need roughly 20,000 points and if you win every Hard event in your career then you will probably have this amount by your fifth/sixth event on the Pro tour. Go to the Global store and buy everything you can with a price of 250 or less. This will be more than enough to get the achievement.
  • Reach an Overall of 70 with a created player.

    An average of 70 is the absolute MAX you can get a created player to, as you only have 560 points to spread between the eight attributes. Every match you use your created player in will earn you points but you’ll get plenty from winning events in Career mode so focus on that. The fastest way to get this is to give your player 70 in every skill – as this requires least points, but I recommend leaving certain skills lower and making your player outstanding (80/90) in two or three areas, as this will make matches easier on the whole than having an Average Joe.
  • Win $5,000,000 in Career mode.

    Win every Hard (doesn’t have to be on hard difficulty mind you) event in the career mode and you’ll have this by the Dublin tournament in the Pro tour. The Hard events have better prize money so always enter those.
  • Create a player with the Player Creator.

    Go to the Player Creator option on the Main Menu and just select a character, all you have to do is name them and then save – you can change other options if you like but its isn’t required. Once you Save this will unlock. You’ll need to do this before playing online or in career mode anyway.
  • Complete the Hall Of Fame in career mode on hard difficulty.

    Fairly self-explanatory. Be warned that the A.I gets a lot better on Hard difficulty and uses power and risk shots quite often, so you’ll have to have got to grips with the mechanics of the game before you’re prepared to take them on. The Hall of Fame is one part of The Legend tour on Career mode and you have to play the eight best players in the game on their favourite surface. Good luck.
  • Hit 500 winners from the baseline in singles matches.

    This doesn’t just apply to shots when you are stood at the baseline (the line that you serve from) but to any winner you hit when the ball has already bounced once. I unlocked this by hitting a winner from the centre of the court – as long as the ball has bounced then it will count. The only exception (I believe) is on service returns, so if you score a winner when hitting your opponents serve back that may not count.
  • Hit 250 winners at the net in singles matches.

    As with the baseline achievement you don’t HAVE to be at the net for the point to count, basically any point you win when hitting a volley (i.e. when you hit the ball before it has a chance to bounce) will count. So volleys, smashes etc are all good. If you’re struggling then play on Very Easy and hit soft shots towards your opponent and then rush the net at the earliest opportunity, you should easily be able to score a lot of points this way. I recommend using the shot unless you have a high volley statistic as the A.I struggles to return it.
  • Serve 100 aces in singles matches.

    Pretty much impossible to get against the A.I unless you get a massive serve statistic throughout your career (I only have 1 ace in my entire career). So I would recommend plugging in a second pad and playing against yourself, you can get 4 aces a game - so if you set it to 6 games per set and 5 sets per match you’ll be able to amass 36 aces a match. Three matches like that and you’re done.
  • Win 2000 points in singles matches.

    Every point you win counts towards this achievement, even those when your opponent hits the ball out or Double Faults. Don’t worry about playing an endless amount of exhibition matches as you’ll easily earn enough points throughout the single player career (if you win every match) as if you win every match perfectly, not going to Deuce or losing a game etc, then there are plenty more than 2,000 available.
  • Serve at least 10 aces in a singles match.

    You’ll get this while going for the 100 serves against your non-playing friend, make sure you play at least six games in a match though as you’ll need to serve in three games to get 10+ aces. Just press A and release when the ball as it it’s highest and the ball will stay inbounds. If you want this legit then I suggest playing long games and aiming into the corners early, mix up the angles you serve at and add extra power with . You’ll need to practice the timing.
  • Win a singles match with at least 30 winners, less than 10 unforced errors on hard difficulty.

    I’d recommend going for this and ‘Men’s Award’ at the same time, as 30 winners requires you to win about 8 games anyway so you may as well kill two birds with one stone. If you want to go for this separately though play a game with 5 sets and 3 games per set, so you’ll need to hit at least 36 points to win. That gives you some leeway for your opponent hitting the ball out etc. An unforced error is when you hit the ball out, into the net or double fault so try to be cautious.
  • Win a singles match with 5 sets per match and 6 games per set on hard difficulty.

    Doesn’t matter how you win so just go all out, set up an exhibition match using your favourite player against the weakest female opponent (sorry ladies). I’d also recommend playing on clay as the A.I has a tougher time returning deep shots into the corners due to the lower bounce.
  • Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 games per set with less than 10 unforced errors.

    You can do this against a second pad and just ace all your own serves while returning theirs for an easy point, or just make then Double Fault every serve whichever is easiest.
  • Win a singles match with 3 sets per match and 3 games per set with at least 20 winners at net.

    This can be tough as if you win every point then there are only 24 on offer, you can cheat it though by deliberately getting games to Deuce and then winning/losing points by getting as many volleys as you need. Just use the button to hit easy shots to your opponent and get to the net ASAP, then use or and hit angled volleys away from your opponent. Best done against the A.I on Very Easy as they hit easy shots that you can volley and will rarely lob you when you’re at the net.
  • Win 10 consecutive singles matches on hard difficulty without dropping serve.

    Set matches to one set and only three games, then put yourself at the top of the court so you are receiving serve first. That way if you win every game you only have to serve once and it reduces the risk. Make sure to play against the weakest A.I opponent you can find, and if you lose serve quit to the dashboard before the game saves.
  • Play 100 matches (singles or doubles, in any game mode).

    Don’t bother boosting for this as you’ll play well over 100 games in Career mode anyway so any extra games are unnecessary. I’d also recommend only playing singles games, as all of the points achievements ONLY count during singles so doubles is pretty much a waste of time.
  • Win a World Tour match.

    World Tour is the online ranked mode, you can enter a variety of tournaments and winning them earns you money and ranking points as in single player. If you get knocked out of an event though you can’t re-enter it until a new season starts so be aware of that. All you have to do is beat one person in any game (Quick Match counts too) and this will unlock. If they quit at anytime before or during the match this will NOT unlock though you will be credited with a win, you have to fully finish and win a match for this to count.
  • Win 5 consecutive World Tour matches.

    See ‘It’s all about timing, see?’.
  • Win 10 consecutive World Tour matches.

    You’ll need to win 10 matches in a row for this to unlock, though the games can be split between both the men’s and women’s online World Tour (so you could get 4 on one and 6 on the other). If you are good then this will come eventually but if you want to boost then have yourself and a friend join the same tournaments at the same time and you’ll be paired together. Let one of you win ten in a row, then the other player can return the favour through Quick matches (As once you get to the semis etc in a tournament you can only play people who have reached the same stage).
  • Play 100 matches in World Tour.

    You must fully complete 100 games for this to count, you can’t just quit matches as even though it gives you a loss it doesn’t count as a game played for some reason. So the best way is to boost this with a friend and take it in turns winning and losing – though it doesn’t matter if you win or not to be honest.
  • Play 50 matches in women's World Tour and 50 matches in men's World Tour.

    Do this at the same time as the above, and make sure that you complete every game for this to unlock. You can only have one player active in each online mode at the same time, so don’t create and play with a new player on the same account as it will wipe all of your stats on any players you’ve used before. This needs to be 50 with ONE man and 50 with ONE woman.
  • Win a Grand Slam tournament in World Tour.

    Skill will get you this, good luck.
  • Win 5000 points in a World Tour Season.

    This isn’t related to points won in a game but refers to season points that you acquire for winning matches and tournaments. If you are boosting then just let one player win all the minor events and the first round in all of the major ones – this will get you nearly 3000 points. So use a second account to boost your friend into the next rounds too and then trade victories so that you both have the required number of points from the remaining events. You can also play quick matches to score more points if you fall short.
  • Win $1,000,000 World Tour Prize money.

    A lot easier than it looks if you are using the above boosting method. Just winning all the minors and first round events will net you nearly $800,000 so if you share out who wins in the finals between you and your friend you’ll amass the rest of the money you need.
  • Reach 4 finals in a World Tour season.

    This achievement is misleading as you don’t just have to reach the finals, you have to play them too – and it doesn’t count for the minor events that are only one round. So you have to get through a couple of matches at least. You don’t have to win the finals though, just taking part is enough.
  • Enter your geographical zone's top 1000 (at least 20 matches played in World Tour).

    This is easier than it looks, especially at the moment, as not many people are playing this game at the moment so there are only 1,400 players total online in the men’s tour and very few of them have played 20+ matches. So winning about 5 of your first twenty games will see you into the top 1,000. It’s also split by region (Europe, North America etc) so your odds are even better.
  • Lose a singles match on Xbox LIVE without winning a game.

    Doesn’t work if you forfeit, so just play a match and don’t win a game – should get this if you boost for Tennis Teacher.
  • Win a singles match on Xbox LIVE without losing a game.

    Tough to do this legit as most of the online regulars are damn fine players SO just set up a match with a friend and have them do nothing until you win. Easy as.
  • Play 5 seasons in World Tour.

    If you play all 14 online events to completion (win or lose) then the season will end and you can start a new one, so you’ll need to do this five times to unlock this award. The season’s are also timed so I’m not sure if you have to wait for time to run out before a new season will begin – any help would be appreciated here.
  • Complete every lesson in the Top Spin School.

    Tougher than it sounds this one and can take a couple of hours of your time easily. Basically the school is on the Main Menu and you can use it to access all of the tutorials about the various shots on offer in the game. I’d recommend you do this anyway to familiarise yourself with the controls but be warned that some of the shots are quite tricky to handle. Also make sure you leave Mixed Shots until last as you’ll need to do the others first to understand what shots are available.
  • Win all tournaments in Tournament mode.

    Tournament mode is separate to the career or online mode but features most of the same tournaments, it’s available from the Main Menu. You can play through using any player (including your created one) and on any difficulty so just take your time and beat them all.
  • Win 1000 points in singles matches, in any game mode against any opponent.

    See 2K Award.
  • Win a set with no unforced errors in a singles match, in any game mode, against any opponent.

    Can be done easily against the A.I on lower difficulties or against a second controller, just make sure you don’t double fault, hit the net or hit out of bounds and you’ll nab this easily. Remember that it only has to be in one set and not the entire match so you should get this during career without even trying.
  • Win a singles match, in any game mode against any opponent.

    Just play a singles match in exhibition, online, career or tournament mode and this will unlock when you win. If you struggle with the timing them change the difficulty to Very Easy. Remember to hold the shot button for power and release it just after the ball has bounced on your side of the court for better timing.
  • Win a doubles match.

    The only time you’ll have to play doubles as it’s really not necessary for any other achievements. You can make this really easy by putting one or two pads on the other team and just serving up a load of aces.

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