- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 12 [200 ]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 5-7 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: 4 ["TotemBall Wizard", "Shiny!", "Score!", "Perfect!"]
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: Xbox Live Vision Camera

TotemBall is a free Xbox Live Arcade game which requires the vision camera to play. It involves using your arms to control a ball whilst avoiding obstacles and collecting ‘Totem Pieces’ over 13 levels. It can be very difficult to get used to these controls and can be very tiring to play constantly, so I advise taking regular breaks. Also, I found that playing with my hands horizontal to the screen enabled me to control the ball a lot easier than having my palms facing the screen as the game suggests.

You will need to play through all of the levels in TotemBall a total of three times to earn all of the achievements. One playthrough will be to collect all of the treasures, one to complete the game without losing a life and one in multiplayer mode. By following this Road Map and the guide you should be able to unlock all of the missable achievements in your first playthrough, all of which come through collecting every pickup.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
1) First of all you will want to play through the single player game normally (i.e. you can lose lives) whilst aiming to collect every pickup in the game. Follow this thread for a guide to the pickups and keep track of how many you’ve got in each level. The guide is accurate so if you find your numbers don’t match it you’ll probably have to restart (or go back and get a pickup if you’re still in the same level). Keep in mind the tips that it gives you for collecting them, especially for the bonus levels, and you should be fine. Also, make sure you use the guide for the "Perfect!" achievement for easily missed pieces. Treasure chests count as pickups so you will get "Treasure Fiend" by doing this. If you’re struggling with how to complete a level, use this thread. By the end of this playthrough you will have definitely unlocked 7 achievements for 100 .

2) Your next playthrough should be in Super Challenge mode. If you die, you fail, so this playthrough is to unlock the "Top Totem" achievement. By now you should be used to the controls and have a good feel for the levels, so shouldn’t have too much trouble in beating this mode. Don’t worry about any pickups other than the Totem pieces (and beds if you need to rest) and follow the tips in the achievement guide to make this a lot easier.

3) Now you will need a friend to help you out in the multiplayer mode. Finish the game again (which should be a lot easier work by now), but with your friend juggling the Totem pieces while you control the ball, or vice versa.

4) Should you have any achievements remaining, follow the guide as to what to do for each. Unless you’re extremely good at the game you (or your friend) should have juggled 1000 pieces in the last playthrough, but if not load multiplayer up again, collect the few pieces in the first level and keep juggling them until it pops. You might not have bounced on water 100 times, so again follow the tips in the guide. Finally, it’s unlikely that you’ll have played for 20 minutes without a rest so just keep your ball rolling against a wall and relax until you have your 200 .

At this point you should have all of the achievements so congratulations on maxing out TotemBall, you are now one of the few people who have had the patience and sanity to tackle this game! Well done!

[x360a would like to thank Avenged Remains for this Roadmap]


TotemBall Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Play a level for 20 minutes without resting (or your arms falling off).

    This can be done in the first level. Just run in a wall -there's one behind you at the start of the first level that worked great for me -, and make sure your ball keeps rolling in a straight line. Keep this for 20 minutes. The only thing you must worry about is your controller disconnecting (you should use a wired controller) or your computer screen switching to screensaver (definitely turn this off, or set over 20 minutes).

  • Complete the training level

    You will get this after the first level... easy.

  • Collect enough treasure chests to get a 16x multiplier


    You get multipliers by collecting grey square rock-like half-buried-in-ground treasure chests (!). Make sure you pick them all up in a level (there are a lot lying around in later levels) and you will get this. Also, there is a bonus level in the first level (the turtle shell to the left) where there is a x16 bonus item in the water.

  • Score 1,000,000 points in a pinball bonus round


    After levels 2, 6 and 10, you will have a pinball bonus round (single player only). Simply alternate pressing 8 and 2 on your keyboard to flip the flippers, and try scoring 1,000,000. This is actually easy.

  • Bounce on water 100 times


    You can roll towards water in the first level and keep bouncing, drowning and restarting until you get to 100.

  • Shiny!



    Collect 100 shiny things in a single game


    You will get this doing Perfect! achievement, or even Totem Hero. There are a lot of objects lying around, simply collect 100 in a game. You can die and the counter will not reset.

  • Complete the single player game.


    There is a good thread that describes what to do in all levels : https://www.xboxachievements.com/f...ad.php?t=29689

    If you don't want to read this, just follow the blue runes in the levels, and you should figure out your way through. Basically, to complete levels, you must collect totem pieces to open doors. Sometimes, if you collect the wrong pieces, you can reset the totem pieces on your ball by passing through gates (an exemple of this is level "Door or Bridge", where you must reset your totem pieces to get on the bridge). The number of pieces left after passing through is indicated on the gate. The reset pieces will respawn where you collected them, so you can still complete the level.

  • Complete the Juggling game with a friend.


    You really need to get with a friend for this one. Considering your friend may not speak with you anymore after your proposal, you may want to ask to someone who really loves you ... with unconditional love

    This mode as the same levels as single player, except pinball bonus levels. One person rolls and does all the work, while the other juggles the collected totem pieces. To juggle, the second player must press buttons , , , at the right time. It's very simple, but you must get through the whole game again....

  • Complete the single player game without losing a life.


    WARNING: You must complete this in Super Challenge mode. Once you know the levels, you will be able to try this. If you fail a jump (and you will...), quickly press start on your controller and go back to menu. You will lose your progress for the level, but not a life. You usually have time to do this because the ball bounces on water before drowning. Just make sure your controller is on (again, you should use a wired controller).

  • Score!



    Score 100,000,000 points in a single game.


    You will get this doing the Perfect! achievement. Just collect everything. When you enter a new area, take the multipliers before taking other treasures to make more points. See the Perfect! description of most treasure placement. You should get it around level 7.

  • Get a best juggle score of 1000


    When doing the Totem Team achievement, you will definitely get this (around level 4 or 5). The description is unclear, but I think it means you have to juggle a total of 1000 totem pieces. Score as nothing to do with this...

  • Find every pickup in the single player game.


    You must pick everything you can find in the levels during normal gaming. You should also pick up little shiny beds that make you lose 8 seconds. This particular achievement is hard to get, but here is a description of easily missed treasures. Avoid getting into bonus levels (big red diamond), since items in these levels do not count towards the achievement, and may even mess up your final score (however, there are usually items near bonus levels, so I will list them below). Also, note that the items in pinball bonus levels are necessary to get this... so luck is annoyingly involved. Moreover, items do not stack between playthrough, so you must collect them all in a single game. Thanks to Blackjaw x for his help on this, who also mentionned that there is a total of 989 items to collect:

    Level 1. a) after 2nd door, moving platform that leads to coins.

    Level 2. a) behind a small wall, on a grassy path. You must turn around to check behind or you won't see it.

    Level 3. a) chest right at start of level.
    b) when you get off the moving platform where you see a lot of coins in a slope, head to the opposite side of these coins to find a secret path.

    Level 4. a) after first door, directly on the left.

    Level 5. a) there's a bonus stage at the far right side of the large area with a monster. You will reach it through the bushes. Don't enter the stage but take everything around it.
    b) here's a hard one: you must only keep 4 or 5 totem pieces max to cross a bridge. Don't collect the first totem piece you see and it should be alright. You'll be able to collect it later, after crossing the bridge.

    Level 6. a) after the gate, directly on the left.

    Level 7. a) there's a bonus stage on a small patch of land that you reach using a platform that you must trigger. Get near the platform to call it and get on it. Again, don't enter the stage, but take everything around it.

    Level 8-10. Nothing hard to see there ...

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