But Did You REALLY Finish? Achievement in Tower of Guns: Special Edition

  • But Did You REALLY Finish?



    Finish the game (non uberwin)

    How to unlock But Did You REALLY Finish?

    You must complete the first five levels and then beat the boss, and enter the first portal elevator you see. There is a second hidden portal elevator in the same room that takes you further to a different boss level, do not enter this one or you will miss out on this achievement. To make the levels and final boss easier, the best perk to use will be Tooyoungtodie which drops the difficulty a bit but increases your armour, loot drops and XP. You must take 4,000 total damage to unlock this perk, something that will come fairly early in the game.

    A small tip for the final boss, as it is always the same boss (Gumball Machine) you will need to shoot the glowing globe above it to uncover its metal shield, which is when you can shoot and damage the boss for a small moment before the shields go back up again, repeat until the boss is dead, and watch out for the spinning drills on the ground and turrets from the ceiling. 

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