Quick Reflexes Achievement in Transformers: Devastation

  • Quick Reflexes



    After dodging, quickly counter with a melee attack 100 times.

  • this is just incredible art. Holy fuck.
  • Is anyone else having trouble with this achievement unlocking? I'm dodging and meleeing, but nothing shows up on my progress meter.
  • @Crew511A immediately after entering focus, hit the X or Y button in the direction of the enemy. I too had trouble getting any progress on this, and thought it was tied to parrying because I'd get progress after parries, but it just has to be immediately after entering the focus. Same goes for the 'Bullet Storm' achievement. Hold LT after entering focus and you'll go into a slow motion dive where you can shoot enemies.
  • #3 has it right, but one crucial piece of info...you MUST purchase the Reversal skill from the Lab on the Ark. It costs about 20K if I remember correctly. I was getting really frustrated when I saw I wasn't making any progress towards this or Bullet Storm, but once I got that Revesal skill I got to 30% progress in both achievements within half an hour.
  • Thanks for the info Lord Revan help alot

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