- Estimated achievement difficulty: 10/10
- Offline: 15/16 [380]
- Online: 1/16 [20]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-100+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
- Missable achievements: N/A
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes, Extreme track challenges must be completed
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

  • Riders of the Rustlands DLC
    • Difficulty: 7/10 (due to Extreme track)
    • Time to 100: 1 - 5+ hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • Empire of the Sky DLC
    • Difficulty: 10/10 (due to Extreme track)
    • Time to 100: 2 - 5+ hours
    • Unobtainable: None

Trials Fusion is the 5th iteration of the series, and the 3rd to grace an Xbox platform. It's a 2.5 dimensional racing platform game developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft.

Trials Fusion is the ultimate example of easy to play and hard to master, newcomers to the series may find the game extremely difficult and frustrating in the higher difficulties necessary to complete many of the achievements. The game is all physics based and only requires the player to use the throttle/brake of the bike, and lean of the rider. Practice makes perfect, and repetition and persistence will be the most important factor when trying to become better and complete some of the harder tracks.

When starting with the game, your primary focus will be completing the levels under the "Ride" section of the main menu. Your goal is to get enough medals to unlock the next tier of events. Near the start of the game, you will unlock "Wax On, Wax Off". Keep completing tracks to unlock gold medals which will unlock "Scrooging Around", and once you unlock 110 medals and complete The Greater Crater track, you will unlock the "All Your Game Are Belong to Us" achievement. Next, keep practising until you are able to beat Inferno IV to unlock "Through The Fires Of Hell".

With those out of the way you can focus on some of the extra career achievements. Complete all 3 challenges on a single track to unlock "The Full Cavity Treatment". Once you unlock the TKO-Panda after acquiring 38 career medals, replay Fusion Factory using it, and get a 0-fault run to unlock "Quadratic". Once you reach Rider Level 50, you can purchase all the outfit pieces under the Contender category and unlock "A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing". Complete the 3 Full Throttle challenges to unlock "Full Throttle III", and complete the 3 Unyielding challenges to unlock "Unyielding III". Also, while wearing an excavator out, make sure you hold a Proud Hero pose until you crash to unlock "Leaving a Fine Lookin' Fossil". Lastly, put some time into FMX mode and score 20,000 points in one jump to unlock "The Bike is Your Hula Hoop".

After completing some of the above achievements, you are free to focus on collecting all 20 squirrels which will unlock the "Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed" achievement. Also, you can use the glitch, or legitimately complete all 120 track challenges to get the "Is There Anything You Can't Do?" achievement.

Track Editor:
You'll want to go into the Track Editor and use the appropriate tools to find and pick up the Fifth Key, unlock the "The Fifth Key" achievement.

Track Central:
Go onto Track Central, download any map and post a time in order to unlock the "I Like What You've Done There" achievement.

If you've missed any achievements, feel free to reference their individual solutions and complete them.

And that's it! Congrats if you've completed the game. It's one of the harder completions available, and you've done it. See you in the DLC!

[XBA would like to thank Maka for this Roadmap]

Trials Fusion Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Score 20,000 points from one jump on an FMX track

    This will be an extremely frustrating achievement for a lot of people, but bare with me, it is very possible under the right circumstances. First off, progress through the game to unlock the FMX bike, and the "Trick Master" track under "Cactus Challenge". Now, I highly suggest playing this skill game over and over again until you memorize at LEAST 8+ unique tricks. Now that we have a feeling for some of the tricks and the physics associated with FMX, it's time to go for the achievement. Getting this achievement is possible on a few tracks, but it is recommended to play the "Airtime" track under "Skill Showcase" event, as it will be the most manageable for most players.

    Now, for a quick explanation of how the scoring in FMX works:

    1. Multiplier
    2. Unique Held Tricks
    3. Points
    4. Landing Bonus

    All the listed things are extremely important factors when going for this achievement. The first objective is to build your multiplier. Keep in mind, significantly slowing down, crashing, getting a bad landing, or preforming "stale" tricks will bring down your multiplier. Holding a unique trick until the title becomes orange will help build your multiplier faster. It is important to make sure all your landings are perfect landings also.

    Now, with all that out of the way, here's the best method for the track mentioned above, although you are free to do small variations yourself. From the start, pull a Superman + Another Move (Such as Driller, Slash, Kiss From Above, etc...) while doing a front flip. Once you land, continue with full speed and pop a wheelie down the ramp. Once you shoot off the next ramp, start rotating backwards, and pull an Underdog + Another Move (Such as Driller, Bow, Ruler) and stomp the landing. Use your brake to slow yourself down to have a smooth transition into the next ramp. While in the air hold a Coffin while preforming a front flip. On the next jump, hold a Proud Hero, again, with a perfect landing.

    This should have your multiplier at around 7x-9x, with your bike headed towards the giant fan jump, which is the jump we'll be using for this achievement. Now, I've attained 20,000+ points using a variety of different moves, and you're free to alter any of the above steps, but I recommend doing a Going Up / Going to Hell / Going to Heaven + Polevault / Ruler while doing a backlip or two. Upon the perfect landing you should be able to score anywhere from 22,000 all the way to 36,000+ points, unlocking this achievement. If you come up short, just continue the track, and you'll have a few more opportunities for big air!

  • Post a time on another player's created track

    From the main menu, select Ride. Now select "Track Central" along the bottom. Now find a track by selecting the "Featured", "Top Rated This Week: Trials" or "Newest Easy Tracks" from the track central menu. Choose any track, and complete it in order to post your time on its leaderboard. Achievement Unlocked.

  • Purchase the complete set of a fully upgraded outfit

    The first requirement for this achievement is to get to Level 50, which will unlock the first full set of clothing for your rider. Now, head to the garage, and buy all 9 available items under the "Contender" category which will cost you approximately $15,000. Upon purchasing all 9 items, the achievement will unlock.

  • Use the Track Editor to find and pick up the 'Fifth Key' in the Fusion world

    From the main menu, select "Create". Once in the world, go to the following position on the world map:

    Now, select a start point and an end point for the track. Now create a "New Object", and select "Environments" > "Terrain". Once selected, use "Edit Properties", and make sure the object is a Hole, Crater 5, and that Decal is off.

    Now, use the "Copy" function to repeatedly take chunks out of the top of the mountain peak until you unveil the key. The exact location can be seen in the video.

  • Hold a 'Proud Hero' pose to your demise, dressed in an Excavator outfit

    In order to do this achievement, you'll need to progress through the game enough to complete the "FMX Training Program" level. Now, go to the garage and make sure to equip your rider in a "Excavator" Outift which requires a helmet, a top and a bottom piece. Any combination of items under this category of clothing will work for this achievement, you are free to purchase the cheapest 3 items to save money.

    Now that your rider is equipped, go to the "Daredevil Showdown" event. Proceed slowly off the first ramp, and hold the "Proud Hero" pose until your rider crashes into the side of the building or ground floor. To hold a Proud Hero, make sure your bike and rider and balanced while in mid-air, and then hold down on the right stick. Give your rider a second to step up on the bike, and the trick is started.

  • Find all of the squirrels hidden within the first 8 Events

    There are a total of 20 squirrels to find in Trials Fusion. After collecting a squirrel, you can quit that level. The achievement unlock upon collecting your last squirrel. Find the full list below.

    1. - [0:05] - Waterworks
    2. - [1:10] - Observatory
    3. - [1:53] - Cliffhanger
    4. - [2:41] - Ski or Ride
    5. - [3:24] - Shear Pressure
    6. - [3:55] - Skyscraper Showdown
    7. - [4:27] - Park and Ride
    8. - [5:05] - Blimp My Ride
    9. - [6:02] - Road to Ruin
    10. - [6:38] - Stormtrooper
      Part 2:
    11. - [0:05] - Marina Marina
    12. - [0:51] - Base Invader
    13. - [1:58] - Swamp Crash
    14. - [2:42] - Temple Trouble
    15. - [3:54] - Rocky Road
    16. - [4:36] - Eco Park
    17. - [5:56] - Cold Storage
    18. - [6:15] - Cave Dweller
    19. - [6:38] - Covert Ops
    20. - [7:07] - Jungle Gymkhana
  • Acquire the Trials Trophy

    You'll will need to acquire a total of 110 medals across all single player tracks in Trials Fusion to unlock "The Greater Crater" track. Upon completing this track, you will get the Trials Trophy, this achievement, and will unlock the Extreme tracks.

    Medal's values are as follows:
    Gold - 3 medals
    Silver - 2 Medals
    Bronze - 1 Medal

    The best way to approach this is to try to aim to complete the difficulty levels as follows, if your ability permits:
    Beginner - Gold
    Easy - Gold
    Medium - Gold/Silver
    Hard - Bronze/Silver
    Skill Games - Bronze/Silver/Gold

  • Complete all 3 Track Challenges on any track

    This is possible on any of the 40 tracks that feature challenges in the game. Doing on Turbine Terror, which happens to be the first track in the game is advised.

    The track will require you to:

    1. Slick Flipping - Complete at least 10 flips whilst performing a zero fault run
    2. Nice and Calm - Stop all of the turbines by finding the hidden switch
    3. Unyielding 1 - Perform a zero fault run without leaning

    For a video showing you how to complete these challenges go HERE.

  • Complete Training Program 2

    Probably the first achievement you'll unlock in the game. Complete "Training Program 1" and then complete levels until you get enough medals to unlock the 2nd event. Once it is unlocked you'll want have to complete "Training Program 2" to continue with the game, and you will unlock this achievement.

  • Complete all 'Unyielding' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events

    For this achievement, you will need to complete the "Unyielding" track challenges on the following tracks:

    1. Turbine Terror
    2. Cliffhanger
    3. Bungalow Beach

    This challenge requires you to NOT lean your rider while completing a zero fault run of the track. You are only allowed to use the throttle and brake for this achievement.


    • Holding down the throttle and tapping the brake while in the air while cause the rider to bike to rotate forward.
    • Landing on your back wheel is always safer than landing on your front wheel.
  • Complete all 'Full Throttle' Track Challenges in the first 8 Events

    For this achievement, you will need to complete the "Full Throttle" track challenges on the following tracks:

    1. Waterworks
    2. Skyscraper Showdown
    3. Tropic Storm

    This challenge requires you to keep the throttle on max and NOT use your brake while completing a zero fault run of the track. You are allowed to lean, but must maintain "full throttle" from start to finish.


    • Land on your back wheel to maintain speed
    • Land on your front wheel to bounce your bike and reduce speed
    • A well timed front flip can add a good amount of distance to your jump
  • Completed every Track Challenge in the first 8 Events

    I want to start out by saying that legitimately completing this achievement is extremely difficult. 99.9% of players will not be able to complete some of the requirements for this achievement, but if you are a good Trials rider, and have the dedication, it is possible. To get this achievement you will need to complete all 120 unique challenges available in Trials Fusion, scattered on 40 tracks. The challenges range from completing a puzzle, to beating the track in a specific way. The most difficult challenges are present in the Extreme tracks and require you to beat some of the Extreme levels with 0 faults using the Roach or Rabbit bikes. Another will require you to complete harder versions of the levels, or not be able to see your rider/bike. It is recommended that you are able to complete most of the Extreme tracks without problem before attempting these.

    Now, to get to a list of sources that can help you out. Here are a list of hyperlinks with good and detailed sources of information on how to complete challenges:
    Track Challenges Guide (RedLynx Forum) (See "Spoiler" tag in thread)
    Extreme Track Challenges by BiGSH0TROB (Videos)
    Track Challenges by Click to Unlock (Videos)
    Track Challenges by 360GameTV (Videos)

    You are free to complete the challenges in any order you want, and the achievement will unlock upon completing the final one.

  • 0-fault Fusion Factory with the Quad Bike

    Continue completing tracks and earning medals until you unlock the TKO-Panda. Now, select "Fusion Factory" under the "Arctic Open" events, and complete the track without faulting. You'll want to do the level normally, but maintain a slightly slower speed to ensure that you make it through without faulting.

  • Complete Inferno IV

    Inferno IV is the hardest track in the game, and is unlocked by earning a total of 110 medals and completing "The Greater Crater". Once you've unlocked Inferno IV, you'll need to complete it in under 30 minutes and 500 faults to unlock this achievement.

    Extreme tracks can prove very difficult, and it is recommended that players practice as much as possible. You will need a high level of skill to complete this track, and the Pit Viper is the best option in terms of what bike to use. Below, you can see a video of the track being completed. It also provides commentary for each obstacle along with the best way to complete it. Stay in there and keep practicing!

  • Earn 24 Gold medals

    Practice makes perfect. Just keep completing tracks and using the training techniques to get better until you are able to get 24 gold medals across the 53 available tracks in the game. The easiest gold medals will be on Beginner/Easy/Medium tracks.


Secret achievements

  • Get run over by your own bike

    This achievement is most likely to come with progression through the game. However, if for whatever reason you are having trouble getting this achievement the best method is to select the TKO-Panda on any track with a big uphill section. Now, take your quad and start to roll it up the hill. As that happens use to bail off your bike, and land behind it. The quad should start to roll backwards, down the hill and run you over.

DLC: Riders of the Rustlands

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • -1



    Beat level -1 in 'The Magnetic 10' challenge on 'Junkyard Funk'

    Track: Junkyard Funk
    Bike: Roach

    Progress through Junkyard Funk, and you will reach a magnet that carries you across a short gap, and lets you reach the next checkpoint. From this checkpoint, slowly reverse off the edge, allowing your back tire to touch the red light, making it green, which will also move an explosive barrel hanging from an arm underneath you. You are now free to reverse from the ledge, landing flat, on a new path that will lead you into an open door bringing you the the "Magnetic 10" track challenge.

    This is a mini-game where blue magnets repel, and red magnets attract, and you will have to navigate your bike through various obstacles. Complete level 1 to 6 as normal. During level 7, use the blue magnet to get close to the exit of the level. Slowly go forward until the white pipe behind opens, and stop. Now reverse into this pipe in order to get into Level -1. This level can be a little difficulty, and it may be necessary for you to reference the video for the proper way of completing it, but you will need to hit the first red magnet quite hard, and use momentum to swing it, and reverse off of it in order to land on the white pad. That is the trickiest part. From there, use the blue magnet to boost you up to the first red magnet, then quickly jump to the final magnet, and quickly jump off that one towards the exit. Finish the level to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete the 'Slumdog Billionaire' challenge on 'Rags to Riches'

    Track: Rags to Riches
    Bike: Any

    This achievement requires you to continue until Checkpoint 4, and then reverse your bike into a large pipe. Once inside, a mini-game will start which is called "Trials Billionaire", and works similar to the popular game Who Wants to be a Millionaire, where contestants are asked a serious of questions.

    There are 14 questions during this game, which are based on the 14 unique FMX tricks available in the game. In each question, you will be randomly shown a small icon of a rider doing a trick, and then you are given 4 options to guess what trick is being shown. Only 1 of the 4 tricks is an actual trick that can be found in the game, where as the other 3 options will be made up. You should have a good grasp on the trick names, but if you are unsure, here is a list of all 14 which you can use to confirm your answers.

    1. Superman
    2. Coffin
    3. Proud Hero
    4. Ruler
    5. Dead Body
    6. Underdog
    7. Driller
    8. Slash
    9. Going Up
    10. Going to Heaven
    11. Kiss of Death
    12. Going to Hell
    13. Bow
    14. Polevault
  • Complete the 'Wormfood' challenge on 'Gone to Waste'

    Track: Gone to Waste
    Bike: Pit Viper

    Continue through the track until you reach Checkpoint 2 where you will need to preform a backflip onto a small platform in order to beat the obstacle. You'll notice that upon landing on this platform, it will shift downwards. You will need to drop down back onto the ramp you came from, and preform a total of 3 backflips onto this platform which will drop the waste barrel below. Now slowly back off this platform and fall down into the hole where the waste barrel fell, and you will fall into a "wormhole".

    Once inside, you'll just need to get the end of the wormhole, which has some difficulty sections. I recommend viewing the video for additional tips on individual obstacles, and making sure to practice if you are struggling. The achievement will unlock upon exiting the wormhole.

  • Find all 3 squirrels on Riders of the Rustlands

    There are a total of 3 squirrels to find in Trials Fusion - Riders of the Rustlands DLC. After collecting a squirrel, you can quit that level. The achievement unlock upon collecting your last squirrel. Find the full list below.

    1. - [0:05] - Junkyard Funk
    2. - [0:59] - Rags to Riches
    3. - [2:18] - Gone to Waste
  • Pass all tracks on Riders of the Rustlands

    Riders of the Rustlands DLC contains a total of 8 tracks as follows:

    All 8 will need to be completed, with any rating, in order to unlock the achievement. I have included replays of the Hard/Extreme tracks which are hyperlinked above (click the track name), or you can see the videos HERE.

    If you've been able to complete Inferno IV, you should be able to complete these tracks quite easily, although new riders may need a considerable amount of practice in order to complete them. As always, practice makes perfect. Just take your time learning the bike physics and how they change your bike movement in order to complete obstacles more easily.

DLC: Empire of the Sky

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • Gatecrash someone's apartment on 'Winter Getaway' and complete their 'Super Trials' arcade game

    Track: Winter Getaway
    Bike: Pit Viper or Roach

    Continue to the 2nd checkpoint where you will end up in front of a ramp, with a building behind you. You'll need to go up this ramp, and bail on top of this building inside of the left hand side vent. Once you land inside, it will start a Trials 2D mini-game. Just complete this level to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete all 3 challenges on 'Stratosphere' in a single run, with less than 15 faults

    Track: Stratosphere
    Bike: Pit Viper

    To complete this tough achievement, you will probably need to be at Expert rider.

    To complete the first challenge, go through the first 20-25 seconds of the track, until you cut a wire that goes across the track with your front tire. Once you cut this wire, reverse into the pit that had lasers in front of it, and go into the wormhole. Now, you will need to complete the fire level, and try to make sure you minimize your faults, as you will need them later. After completing it, continue through the level until you come to the part where you do a small backflip and a platform drops into the area from where you came from. You'll then go up this ramp, and jump lasers that are gaurding the second challenge room. To disable the lasers, you'll need to bail off your bike and grab onto the electrical box hanging from the cieling on the checkpoint right after it. Now go into the laser, and complete it with minimal faults. The laser level is all about timing. Now that you've completed this level, progress through the map until the "Zero G" section where you are thrown into outerspace. Get to the checkpoint in the middle of this area, then accelerate and throw your rider forward into the wall above the regular path, into a small spinning circle. Once your rider touches this circle, the color will change, and you will be respawned to the previous checkpoint. Now reverse, and fall into the gap to get into the third challenge level. If you complete this third and final challenge level and have less than 15 faults, the achievement will unlock as soon as the game spawns you back into the regular track.

  • Destroy all the ecosystems on 'Eden' in a single run

    Track: Eden
    Bike: Pit Viper

    This achievement requires you to be a good rider, and complete most of the track flawlessly and quickly.

    At the start of the track, just sit and wait until a platform lights you on fire. From that point on, you will need to get through about 40-50 seconds of the track without faulting or touching any water. You will also need to click a big red button in order to turn off one of the water fountains. Once you get into the building area, it'll destroy the first ecosystem. Now continue until you come to an oil pipe that's leaking oil. From there, go forward 1 checkpoint and you'll notice a small electrical fence at the top of the ramp. If you touch it with your front wheel, it'll light your bike on fire, and then you want to reverse back to the oil spill, destroying the second ecosystem. Now, continue to the last checkpoint before the finish, and then reverse to press a big red button, and destroy the last ecosystem.

  • Find all 3 squirrels on Empire of the Sky

    There are a total of 3 squirrels to find in Trials Fusion - Empire of the Sky DLC. After collecting a squirrel, you can quit that level. The achievement unlock upon collecting your last squirrel. Find the full list below.

    [0:05] - Stratosphere
    [0:27] - Winter Getaway
    [0:57] - The Substratum

  • Pass all tracks on Empire of the Sky

    Empire of the Sky DLC contains a total of 8 tracks as follows:

    All 8 will need to be completed, with any rating, in order to unlock the achievement. I have included replays of the Hard/Extreme tracks which are hyperlinked above (click the track name), or you can see the videos HERE.

    The Way of the Machine track is extremely difficult, and many players may encounter problems throughout the track. As always, practice makes perfect. Just take your time learning the bike physics and how they change your bike movement in order to complete obstacles more easily.

DLC: Welcome to the Abyss

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

DLC: Fire in the Deep

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

DLC: Fault One Zero

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

DLC: After the Incident

There are 5 achievements with a total of 100 points

  • Go on all 5 dates with SynDI on After the Incident

  • Pass all tracks on After the Incident

  • Reach floor 10 on 'The Tower'

  • Beat a score of 40,000 on 'Final Frontier' whilst riding the Roach with the Frontier BodyKit

  • Complete the 'Lightning Rod' challenge on 'Static Discharge'

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