- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 44 [880gs.png]
- Online: 6 [120gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 15-20 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + multiplayer
- Missable achievements: No (SandBox Mode allows you to get everything)
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
  • DLC: Espionage Campaign
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250gs.png: 4-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Waterborne Campaign
    • Difficulty: 4/10
    • Time to 250gs.png: 4-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: None, but be aware of a save glitch: there is a reported problem on the Waterborne Campaign that will glitch the autosave after Mission 2. There is a rumor that you can make a new save between missions, but I can´t confirm it. It is possible to get it all in one go, just be sure to read The Black Pearl (20G) and Herbivore (40G) to get both
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Tropico 5 is the fifth game of the Tropico series. If you haven´t played the last four it is not a problem; the game does not seem to follow a logical stroyline. It is very similar with other city simulations (SimCity and the like),but it not only focues on the cities themselves but the politics involved. You will have campaign, multiplayer, and sandbox mode available and need to play them all.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
First off is a tutorial followed by the campaign. Regular Campaign has 15 missions, the Waterborne DLC has 8 missions, and the Espionage DLC has 6 missions. You will get most of the achivements while playing the campaign modes. Difficulty does not matter so you can play on Easy and least disasters. Missions are sequential on two islands, so you keep the advances made from one mission to the next mission on that island. You can plan accordingly, especially on the beginning, to have one island more "militar" and one more "diplomatic". There is a need to look out for the dynasty achievements (both 7 members and level 5) and other missables that will make you go back to missions (specifically on the Waterborne DLC). By the time you finish the last missions you should have the bulk of the offline achievements and Sandbox will be your next step to get two more achievements and whatever you still need. If you have the DLCs you can go for miscellaneous achievements even during the regular campaign. Getting the DLC will allow you extra features during regular campaign and will make your life easier.

There are two modes, Versus and Co-op. There are achievements on both. Find a boosting partner in order to make things go smoother (especially for the DLC achievements); They are not that complicated and should be finished quite rapidly.

This is when you will use Sandbox mode to your advantage to finish whatever you still need. The only missable achievements are in the Waterborne DLC, so make sure to read up on what you need to do before.

Tropico 5 is a very fun game, with several light puns all over the game that make the story and gameplay fun and easy going. The achievements are not that complicated and only a few should be a challenge. All in all is a very nice way to spend some time an get a solid 1500gs.png.
[XBA would like to thank Mahtan Tinuviél for this Roadmap]

Tropico 5 Achievement Guide

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Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 70 achievements with a total of 1500 points

  • Finished all tutorials

    There are 3 tutorials with a total of 30 tasks to do. After you finish, the achievement is yours.
  • Finished a multiplayer game

    Simply finish a Multiplayer game, does not matter if you win it.
  • Executed a Rebel Leader

    Go to the almanac (lt.png+button-x.png) and select the politics tab. Once you roll down you can see if you have any Rebel Leaders. You can select the unit and order the hit with the Kill order.
  • Had a dynasty member with a level 5 skill

    You can make your dynasty members level up with Swiss bank money. You do not have to level them on the same game, as you keep your Dynasty Members between missions. You should start doing this early in the campaign as soon as you finish the first mission as the value for upgrading decreases greatly once you complete a mission. Make sure you have enough money in your Swiss Bank Account (Building Permit Edict will help a lot). Below is a list of the amount you need to upgrade it:

    Second level costs $50,000 or $10,000
    Third level costs $100,000 or $20,000
    Fourth level costs $150,000 or $30,000
    Fifth level costs $200,000 or $40,000
  • Won a multiplayer game by points

    To win by points you must finish the tasks before your rival to win it. They vary from each game, and the least amount of points to win is 3.
  • Won a multiplayer game by money

    To win by money you must gather and keep the designated amount of money before your rival to win it. You can start with as much as 100,000 and need 200,000 for the win.
  • Won a multiplayer game by construction

    To win by construction you must finish the required building before your opponnet. This is very easy on a Modern Age unlimited money with the victory building as the Space Program. Start the game and quick build it.
  • Connected a dock with that of another player

    For this you need to connect your docks by ROAD. There is no menu or trick, simply on a multiplayer game join your roads to that of the other player. Once both are connected by roads the achievement will be granted to both players;
  • Produced and shared 1 000 MW of power with another player

    Start a game with Peaceful Mode on and build a couple geothermal plants (or any othe power plants) near your partner.

    Once these are placed, press rt.png + button-b.png and scroll down to your game partner. From here you are going to check the box to "Share electricity". In order for this to work, your partner must do the same. They must also have buildings that need electricity to run, i.e. Pharmaceutical Company, TV Stations...

    Shortly after you both sign the agreement, you will receive the achievement.
  • Had a fleet of 12 trade ships

    There are a few types of ships on the game. Trade Ships are the ones used for trading goods directly between you and other countries/powers. Two ways to get this:

    1. Having 12 docks means having 12 trade ships, so simply build 12 docks to unlock this.
    2. Have 6 docks and upgrade the "Dry Dock" for two trade ships.
  • Mined 100 000 ores and coal in a single game

    This is very easy and you will get it without activally going for it. Just build mines.
  • Had managers in more than 15 buildings in a single game

    Managers will give special effects to buildings. There are several types. You can use your Dynasty members as well. There is not a really defined way to produce managers; they will appear from time to time. You can check if you have unattended managers on the Almanac (lt.png+button-x.png).

    Once you get one, go to a building (not all buildings will allow you managers) and hire one with button-y.png. Once you have 16 of them in a single game the achievement is yours.
  • Had relations higher than 90 with all factions in the Modern Era

    For this achievement, you need to have a standing of over 90 with all 8 factions of the modern era. Even though this is possible during the campaign the easiest way to get it is to start a sandbox game in Modern Time with Unlimited Money. Then follow these steps:

    1. Quick build a single Power Plant and plenty of streets
    2. Pause game time
    3. Quick Build 20 Office Buildings -> Capitalists + Globalists = 100
    4. Quick Build 3 Cathedrals -> Religious = 100
    5. Quick Build 4 Barracks -> Militarists = 100
    6. Quick Build 30 Apartments -> Communists = 100
    7. Quick Build 8 Cigar Factories -> Industrialists = 99
    8. Quick Build Space Program and Nuclear Program -> Nationalists 95
    9. Quick Build lots and lots of large gardens -> Environmentalists 100
    10. Unpause game time and after a short period, the achievement unlocks
  • Ruled for 100 months as a colonial governor

    Do not declare Independence before you get it.

    You are a colonial governor whenever you are supported by the crown during the colonial era, which is before you declare independence in some of the missions (1, 2, 9 and 10). The game offers you various chances to extend the default period of 5 years (some for 6 and others for 12 months) Once you rule for 8 years and 4 months until you have this achievement (you do not need that time in your display)
  • Exported 100 000 Luxury Goods

    This will come naturally on the latest missions as you develop better industry. Mission 11 (Get-Rich-Quick) is very easy for this as you will have insane amounts of money. Just build advanced industries.
  • Had more than 20 Plantations, Hydroponic Farms, Factory Farms and Ranches in a single game

    You can build Plantations and Ranches from the very beginning. You need 20 total, not 20 of each. It is very likely you will need to work your way for it as you normally won't need as much. Again, remember you will take your developments from one mission to another in the campaign so this will be easier on the later missions (7 and 8).
  • Had more than 500 citizens in a single game

    You will increase your population normally as you advance in the game. This will come naturally on the later missions.
  • Built 150 buildings in a single game

    You will increase the number of buildings as you advance in the game. This will come naturally on the later missions.
  • Earned over $$200 000 Swiss bank account

    You need to earn and keep in your Swiss bank account $200.000. You can't spend it freely on upgrading your Dynasty Members and other needs..
  • Built more than 2 000 meters of roads in a single game

    You will increase the meters of road as you advance in the game. This will come naturally on the later missions.
  • Successfully completed 5 trade routes with China in a single game

    China will be available to trade on the "Modern Era". Completing a trade route means you will need to send all the itens on that contract. So have plenty of ships as well as mass produce whatever you are exporting. I port routs will count as long as you have a finite amount of goods.

    The total ships you will need will vary from 15-20. A good exploit is to import and export at the same time the goods. Since the travel time is different, be sure to adjust for that (I used double the ships on the export routes).
  • Finished a game with relations of 100 with the US

    This achievement is missable if you don't take care. You can only get it on the missions that happen during the "Cold War".

    Build an embassy and invite the USA in. Keep building up your relationship via praise/delegations. There are also some edicts (lt.png+button-b.png) that can help you increase the value of your relation. Trade routes are another way to increase them as well. I got this on Mission 11 (Get-Rich-Quick) as you will have insane amounts of money and be able to build all they ask for quickly.
  • Had 5 foreign powers in your Embassies at the same time

    You need to be on "Modern Times" and have 5 embassies for this. Build, then invite a different nation to each of them and the achievement will unlock.
  • Had Slob, Family, Cultural, Eco and Wealthy tourists at the same time on the island

    You need to be on "Modern Times" and have all mentioned types of hotels built. Once you have one type of each tourist on the island, the achievement will unlock.
  • Earned $50 000 yearly revenue from Entertainment buildings

    You will need some entertainment buildings to avoid rebellions and as you increase your population, the number of enterntainment buildings will need to be increased. It does not matter if it is normal or luxury buildings. This will come naturally on the later missions.
  • Had 10 different industry buildings in a single game

    There are a few different types of industry on the game (13) and you need 10 different ones. You can check your progress on the Alamac (lt.png+button-x.png) in order to see what you have and what is missing. This will be possilble at the "Cold War" era.
  • Had all happiness values above 50

  • Reached overall happiness of 77

    I got this on Mission 11 (Get-Rich-Quick) as you will have insane amounts of money and be able to build all they ask to imporve the quality of life quickly.

    Keep checking the almanac (+) about topics the people are unhappy about, then construct buildings of that category. Once you've nearly reached your goal, raise all budgets on all building types to maximum and you'll certainly reach 77 happiness overall. You don't need 77 on each, as in Extraordinary Popular Delusions (20G) (in which you need 50 in each one).

    Please note that this is not related to the people's support value displayed above the map.
  • Bribed a Faction Leader

    Go to the Almanac (lt.png+button-x.png) and under People find out if you have a citizen that is a faction lider. You can open them right there with button-a.png and select the "Bribe" option.
  • Recognized a new heir

  • Changed the looks of a dynasty member

    Go into the Dynasty menu (lt.png+button-y.png) and select a Dynasty Member. There you will be able to change their looks. It is free.
  • Had 7 Dynasty members

    You will receive, throughout the game, several reminders from Penultimo that will allow you to get on more Dynasty Member. It can be via Wedding or other events. When you reach 7 of them you get the achievement. This falls a bit random and may take a while.
  • Survived a rebel attack against the Palace

    You will probaly get this even without trying. Rebels will be possible after you decalre independence. If you do not deal with them eventually there will be enough to start an attack. During campaign mission 12 "The Dogs of War", a lot of rebel attacks will happen. Have enough army to repel them, and you will get this achievement here. If not, there's an edict to provoke a rebel attack you can use.
  • Survived an uprising

    You will probaly get this even without trying. An Uprising happens when people are unhappy. To force this demolish buildings, lower payments/budgets, martial law, etc. Penultimo will warn you about a crisis; simply prepare your army and wait for it. If you did not have it, on the last mission "Hope" people are getting unhappy quickly. 
  • Survived a Military Coup

    This one is a bit tricky. A military coup happens when the militarists are unhappy. Have army bases and barracks, then lower budgets and change constitutions so militarists get unhappy and will start a military coup.
  • Survived an invasion from the USA

    This achievement is missable if you don´t take care. The best place to get it is in "Cold War" in Mission 11 (Get-Rich-Quick) as there is only USA and USSR. Build a lot of army related building surround your Docks (and have all of the docks at the same place).

    Prefer trade routes that lower relations with the USA and Keep Praising USSR. A standing lower than 20 is considered hostile, Penultimo will notify you about incoming warships. A few years later, repel the invasion and the achievement is yours.

    Another method is to ally yourslef with USSR. The USA will invade you.
  • Had 5 Army Bases in a single game

    You will need to be on "World War" or after. Research the "XXXX" to allow you to build Army bases and construct 5 of them.
  • Had 20 Guard Towers in a single game

    You can build Guard Towers from the beginnig. Once you have 20 you get the achievement.
  • Advanced to the Modern Era before the year 1960

  • Researched all technologies at least once before the year 2005 in a single game

    This is almost impossible in campaign mode. In order to do this you will need a reasonable amount of money to build and maintain research bildings. In order to research all technologies you need to reach "Modern Era". This is what needs to be done:

    1. To reach World War you will need happiness at 51+ and declare independence. Be sure to have all research done before declare independence.
    2. To reach Cold War research all technologies and do the "Treaties quest"
    3. To reach Modern Era construct a Space Program or Nuclear Program building.

    The easiest way is a very easy game with no money limits on Sandbox started in the "Colonial era" Build a few things so people don't complain and add lots of libraries, import workers for the libraries, then research all technologies. You best friend is the observatory (on max money and max researchers they yeld 200 RP).

    With 2 Libraries and 4 Observatories I was able to get to the modern era by 1948. Built a Science Lab and another 4 Observatories and concluded this by 1996  If you are still struggling try issuing the "Stem-Cell Research" and "Global Research Initiative" Edicts.
  • Amended the Constitution 6 times in a single game

    You can ammend the constitution every 60 months on rt.png+button-x.png (or sooner depending on the research). Make sure you change something and then press button-x.png to affect change.
  • Issued 20 edicts in a single game

    Each era has different Edicts you can issue on rt.png+button-b.png. Some are permanent, others have a "lifespan". All you need to do is issue 20 Edicts
  • Issued the "Host the Olympics" edict

    This is a specific Edict on "Modern Era". You will need a Stadium before you can issue it.
  • Won a Sandbox game on a Tiny island

    In order to do this you need to generate a new map on a Tiny island. You can select the rest of the resourses freely (like unlimited money and such). Select thre wining criteria and go for it! The easy way is to win by construction on modern era with unlimited money. Just quick build whatever you need.
  • Won a Sandbox game on an island with Relentless Disasters

    Select a map with Relentless Disaters. The easy way is to win by construction on modern era with unlimited money. Just quick build whatever you need.

    I strongly suggest doing this and Friends With Benefits (30G) at the same time. Two for one!

Secret achievements

  • Completed "A New Dawn"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 1.
  • Day 0



    Completed "Day 0"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 7.
  • Completed "Back to the Past"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 8.
  • Completed "Leon Must Die!"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 13.
  • Hope



    Completed "Hope"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 15.

    To prepare, start with the campaign mission 11: "Get-rich-quick" on Puerto Coco. On this mission, you get insane amounts of interest for your bank deposits. Be careful to never exceed one million dollars on your treasury, else you will win and the mission is over. You can exceed it at the deposit. You should do the following before winning the mission:

    1. Build a lot of hotels and tourists attractions and have more than 200 tourists on the island.
    2. Remove the current dock and put it somewhere more centered, build 4 of them, then surround them with enhanced guard towers, army bases and barracks. Do not have any docks in other places
    3. Get a population of over 900
    4. Build 3 TV Stations
    5. Build at least 4 Sugar Farms and 2 Rum distilleries.
    6. Have a high overall happiness

    For mission 13: "Leon Must Die!": Choose Puerto Coco and you'll win it in a few minutes without doing anything.

    For mission 15: "Hope": You will fulfill all 5 requirements to win the final mission and it'll take less than 10 minutes to complete.

DLC: Espionage Campaign

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Exposed secrets of 2 different superpowers in a single game

    For this you will need a Spy Academy (available on "Cold War"). Once you have, select it and do an Espionage action. In there you can select the superpower and then the action - Expose Secrets. If you are successful a message will appear on your top left corner. Once you do two of these you will get it.
  • Dealed with 10 foreign spies in a single game

    You will get this during the second campaign mission of the DLC. There you will need to bribe 20 spies.
  • Completed mission 1

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 1 of the DLC.
  • Completed Espionage campaign

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after the last mission of the DLC.
  • Completed a Sabotage action in multiplayer

    Start a game on Multiplayer without any victory conditions (as this might take some time). Build a Spy Academy and train your spies. Once you have a few (I suggest at least 5) go to rt.png+button-b.png and select the Sabotage Action. The action will take some time again to be completed and if successful the achievement is yours.
  • Had Ministry of Information, Dungeon and 10 Security Checkpoint

    Straightfoward. Build the necessary buildings and the achievement is yours. These are all new DLC buildings.
  • Had 5 Police Blimps

    Police Blimps are quite usefull, they even help with election once you upgrade them. Build 5 and you get the achievement.
  • Had 13 loyal spies at the same time

    This is tricky as normally you can only get one spy academy and even at full workers it will only give you 12 spies. To get the achievement you will need 14 (for some reason it only unlocks at 14). So this is what you need to do:

    1. Add a Tyccon as manager
    2. Increase the budget to full
    3. Go into the constitution and activate the "Free Market" or "Planned Economy" so you can add more places.
  • Had 20 prisoners in Dungeons and Supermax Prisons

    Each Supermax prision holds 15 prisioners. As you evolve in the game your cities will get bigger and you can add the upgrade to automatically arrest Crime Lords and Rebel Leards. If that does not do the trick simply find 20 citizens and have them arrested. Warning: You may start a riot, so have your defenses ready.
  • Eliminated 20 undesirable citizens with drones

    You will need to build the Drone Command for this. Once you bild them, the central will start to take care of Rebel Leadres and Crime Lords automatically. Once it reaches 20 the achievement will unlock. Unfortunately there is no tracker, so just build and wait. If you want to expedite you can order kills for normal rebels, however you may start a riot, so have your defenses ready.

DLC: Waterborne Campaign (Store Link)

There are 10 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Fired missiles from a Nuclear Submarine during a battle against another player

    This can only be achieved in Multiplayer. So start a match on modern era with unlimited money. Place a Nuclear Submarine and stock it with Uranium (either import or mine). Start an attack (rt.png+button-b.png) , select the other player and press attack). Go into the submarine and select the "Do Not Press!" action.
  • Finished the Waterborne campaign with the Black Pearl in your possession

    This is Missable.

    On the last mission you will be given the Opportunitty to sell the Black Pearl for money. Simply keep it and beat the objectivies. Look out for Herbivore (40G) to get everything in one go.
  • Defeated Captain Plant in the final battle

    This is Missable.

    On the last mission of the DLC, you will kill Captain Plant once and then recieve a mission to get the 5 powers. DO NOT do that. Instead just maintain your city and keep waiting for Capatian Plant to come over and keep killing him. Eventually there will be a last time. You will need a very strong armada. Make sure your Guard Towers, Barracks and Army Bases are upgraded. If you have the Espionage DLC use the APCs as well. Also, remember to keep the Millitary Drills Edict active.
  • Completed "Treasure Hunt"

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after mission 1 of the DLC.
  • Completed Waterborne campaign

    Story related and can´t be missed. You will get this after the last mission of the DLC.
  • Had a fleet of 3 Fishing Trawlers

    After getting Waterworld (30G) simply build 3 Fishing Trawlers. They need to be over fish deposits.
  • Had 3 Oyster Farms and a Jewelry Workshop

    Oyester farms are deployed on the sea, over fishing deposits. Once you get 3 of the build a Jewelry Shop (avaliable after you reseacrh Shiny on "World Wars")
  • Had 10 Floating Apartments and no residential buildings on land (excluding shacks)

    Start a sandbox game on "Modern Era". Build you 10 Floating Aparments and do not forget to destroy the 4 Country Houses that you normally start with.
  • Had 1 of each waterborne buildings in a single playthrough

    After getting Waterworld (30G) simply biuld one of each of the available buildings on the Waterborne tab.
  • Have 5 superpowers in Offshore Offices

    After getting Waterworld (30G) simply biuld 5 Offshore Offices and invite one superpower to each one.

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