- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 0
- Online: 20 [0]
- Approximate amount of time to 0: 20 days logging into the app and approximately 2-4 hours of actual app run time.
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A. There are multitude of things you need to do in the app itself that will fulfill achievement requirements.
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty.
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: TrueAchievement Account. A device to run an internet browser (laptop, PC, phone, pad) 10+ friends on TrueAchievements will make "I'm Number One!" easier and a Twitter account will make "Hot Off The Press" infinitely easier.

Hello and welcome to the G&RM for the TrueAchievements app. We will be going through quite a few types of achievements and will sit in for the long-ish haul as we try to go 20 days in a row using the app. You shouldn't have too much trouble with the app, although there are some prerequisites that are needed to not only complete the app, but to even use it. Fear not though, we will go through it in the walkthrough section.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
First and foremost, you are going to need a TrueAchievements account to begin to use the app. Once you create your TrueAchievements account and have downloaded and launched the app, you will unlock "The First Rule of TrueAchievements..." With this step done, head to your browser device and go to the request update option. By doing this you will enable TA to track you, and it will notice you have gained your first achievement in the app. Now re-load the TA app and you will see TrueAchievements as a recent game. Simply click it and you will unlock "META." Now choose any game from your list of played games and rate it to unlock "Critic," and doing it nine more times to unlock "Dec-a-rated!"

If you head into a game and use the filter and sort achievements options you will unlock "I Did It My Way!" Load up a game like Chariot, Threes, Yoostar 2 or any other high rated game and find an achievement with a TA ratio over 10 to unlock "The Ratio Is NOT A Lie." You can take that same achievement and click on the solution for it to unlock "Basic Recon." If you have the game, you can even go so far as to vote on the solution once for "Up, Up, Down, Down...." If you do not own it, simply go to any game you own and vote on a solution there.

You will want to string together "SNAPPED!!!," "Opinionated," and "Simul-TA-neous" for the best efficiency when pushing through this app. See the latter two achievements for a step-by-step guide. You can head back to the main menu to snag a milestone on your friend feed to earn "Ohhhhhh....Pretty!!!" You are now will want to bring up your browser device (laptop, PC, phone, ect) and join the five sessions made for "It's Dangerous To Go Alone" and head back to the app and preview them.

"A New Challenger Appears!" and "Challenge Accepted!" have to do with challenges on the XB1 so please refer to their guides to best coordinate a plan of attack for that. "I'm Number One!" will require you to have 10+ friends who have played a particular game that you either have the highest TA ratio in, or completed first, it may be best to view the achievement guide itself for precise information. The final achievement that will require some prerequisites is "Hot Off The Press." You will need a Twitter, and a cellphone that has push notifications for apps on it. After some work, and careful timing, you will snag that leaving only 10 days, 20 days consecutive, and 100 news articles read standing between you and a completion.

And with the 20th day in the bag you can finally call the app complete, and check another off of your list. Congratulations on the fairly quick, actual-day long app. With a little bit of perseverance and the right amount of little steps taken care of, this should be another addition to your card that shows some hard work, but nothing too complicated.

[XBA would like to thank THE DEADLY DOG for this Roadmap]

TrueAchievements Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 0 points

  • ...is don't talk about TrueAchievements

    This is the quintessential, 'Launch app' achievement. Simply download it, and upon the first launch of the app, the achievement will unlock.

  • Rate any game

    When you load up your app, simply click on one of the games you have recently played, and the first option on the left hand menu will be to 'rate game.' Click it, rate the game, and the achievement will unlock.

  • Rate 10 different games

    Please note that you can only rate games you have played. Now head to your games and apps option and go through 10 of your games rating them (press  to enter each game, and then scroll to the 'rate game' option).

  • Sort and filter an achievement list at the same time

    Choose any game and look for the menu on the left side of the screen. You will see filter and sort achievements. Choose any option for filter achievements, and any option for sort achievements. When they are both applied to the list the achievement will unlock.

  • Use the TrueAchievements app on 10 different days

    See "Can’t Live Without It" for more details.

  • Use the TrueAchievements app on 20 consecutive days

    The description for this and the 10 day achievement are accurate--simply use the app each day and it will culminate to the achievements. I suggest actually doing something in the app itself instead of simply launching the app, waiting a second, and then going back to doing whatever it was you were doing. Simply read a news article, look at a new milestone in your activity feed, or check out the latest solution for a game. I would normally spend 2-5 minutes each day and it worked like a charm come the 20th day.

  • View an achievement or challenge solution

    Head to any of your games and click on one of them. Now when viewing the achievement list, if you see a little book on the same line as the achievement name, TA value, and GS point value, then the achievement has a solution. Click it and then click the button to 'View # solutions.'

  • Vote on an achievement solution

    Head to any of your games and click on one of them. Now when viewing the achievement list, if you see a little book on the same line as the achievement name, TA value, and GS point value, then the achievement has a solution. Click it and then click the button to 'view # solutions.' Now inside of this screen you will be reading through the solution. You will notice little thumbs up and thumbs down icons right above the solution itself, these are the vote up and vote down options. You may need to giggle the around to find out where it is, but when you have control of the simply move up to the thumbs up or down and press .

  • View an achievement with a ratio higher than a 10

    This achievement is awarded for viewing any achievement on TA with a ratio higher than 10. Unless you know you have an achievement that is over 10, for example, some of the harder Halo: The Master Chief Collection achievements, I would do the following:

    1. Go to 'Browse All Games' on the left menu bar.
    2. Change the sort to 'Max TrueAchievement down.'
    3. Choose any of the games that appear on this list to find some of the hardest achievements on the Xbox.

    The vast majority, if not all of the options at the top of the list have tremendously hard achievements which equate to ratios over 10.

  • Preview five gaming sessions you have signed up for on the TrueAchievements website

    You will need to start out on your internet browser device and head to this achievement. There will be five session available to join that were specifically made for this achievement. Join all five of them.

    Inside of the TA app, go to gaming session option and click on each one of the sessions to preview them. The achievement will unlock shortly after the fifth.

  • Rate 25 different games

    While in the app, select a game you've played and click 'Rate Game'. You can rate it 1-5 stars. Do this 25 times and the achievement will unlock.

    Note: You will unlock "Critic" and "Dec-a-rated!" while progressing towards this achievement.

  • Vote on 25 solutions

    Following the procedure in "Up, Up, Down, Down...", keep voting on one solution 25 times total to unlock this achievement.

    Note: You will unlock "Up, Up, Down, Down..." and "Opinionated" while progressing towards this achievement.

  • Read a news article within 5 minutes of it being published

    1. Log into your Twitter, or create a Twitter account.
    2. Download the app to your phone.
    3. Sign in and search for TrueAchievements on Twitter.
    4. Follow TA and press the gear button (see picture)
    5. Now press turn on notifications for Twitter.
    6. Here you must also ensure that you have not disabled notifications on your phone and that you are not muted (vibrate).
    7. Now you simply wait for the news hounds to publish and article, get the notification, and quickly load up your TrueAchievements app, press the to move over to news articles, and then click the newest one.

  • View a milestone from your friend feed

    Before doing this achievement you will need to head over to trueachievements.com and ensure that your account has milestones activated for your friends feed. If you do not have milestones activated, you will not see any milestones and will not be able to unlock the achievement. On the main screen for the app, press the to get the 'Friend Feed' to take the center of the screen. Now find a milestone (completed # of games, TA score, gamerscore, achievement streak, ect). Once you find it, click on it and the achievement will unlock.

  • Read 100 different news articles

    You will need to press the until you get to the news section. You simply use to go into each article and to back out of it. Do this to 100 different news articles and the achievement will unlock.

    You could pair this up with the 10 days/20 consecutive day achievements by doing five articles a day to not burn yourself out.

  • Vote on 10 solutions

    You can unlock "Up, Up, Down, Down..." and this achievement in quick succession if you bring up the thumbs, and then just continuously click until the achievement unlocks.

  • View a currently running challenge

    One of the best places to find a currently running challenge is in Gears of War 4. Either find the game in your game section, or if you do not own it, browse for it and then head to the option to view challenges. If the challenge has a little clock next to the name that means it is running. Simply click on it and the achievement will unlock.

  • Be top of game page friends leaderboard with at least 10 friends on it

    Warning - If you gamerscore track on TA you will not be able to get this achievement. If you do not have at least 10 friends who have played a particular game that you are first in, you will not be able to get this achievement. If you know you completed a game near first on TA, you can add people who completed it after you to your friends list and simply delete them after. The same can also be done in the opposite fashion with deleting friends who may have completed a game before you and simply re-adding them after you earn the achievement. Now here are the prerequisites we need before we can do this achievement:

    • At least 10 friends who have all played a game.
    • You must be at the top of the leaderboards for that game.

    Here is an example of what this would look like (Civilization Revolution).

    You simply have to view the particular game that you are at the top of the leaderboards in and the achievement will unlock.

  • View 100 different achievement solutions

    Simply follow the procedure outlined in "Basic Recon" to view 100 different solutions.


Secret achievements

  • META



    View the TrueAchievements app achievement list

    Unlocking an achievement in the app before trying to view the achievement list will make things much easier as it will show up on your profile instead of simply on the app. No fear, you will unlock "The First Rule of TrueAchievements..." the first time you launch the app.

    After you have earned the first achievement, head to your laptop, computer, or browser capable device and request an update to refresh the tracker for your account. Now reload the TrueAchievements app and you will see the app right on the front of your games recently played and unlocked an achievement in. Click on the game and the achievement will unlock as you view the list.

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