-Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
-Offline: 1000:gsicon:, 28/28
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 1-3 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1.5 Standard games, 7 rounds of Hot Seat
-Number of missable achievements: 15
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? No, no difficulty settings
-Glitchy achievements: No, but the voice recognition is off
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed? Yes, a mic (not a headset) is required for all achievements

Introduction: Welcome to Truth or Lies. This game is really easy and really short; it has 28 achievements for 1000 gamerscore and should take less 2 hours but can take longer do to the voice recognition being a little off. To make this easier and get an achievement calibrate your voice right away make two distinguishing sounds for each a lie and a truthful statement. That way you have a better chance of the game recognizing your implied response.


Step 1: 8 players and calibration.

In this step, set up your name and calibrate your voice. After that add 7 more players and start the game, as soon as the game starts The "Full House" achievement will pop. Now back out and start up a 2 player Long Game.

In this step you will earn:
  • Sweaty Palms
  • Is it getting hot in here?
  • Full House
Step 2: Play through a long game.
In this step you should try to knock out as many achievements as possible. In theory you are able to unlock all but the Hot Seat achievements in 1 long game, but it is recommended you do it 1 long game and part of another.

In this step you should earn:
  • Original Sinner
  • Coming clean
  • Goody two shoes
  • Honest John/Jane
  • In it for the long haul
  • You can breathe out now
  • Mute
  • Take the fifth
  • Saint
  • Sinner
  • Choir of angels
  • Morally Bankrupt
  • Consistent
  • Fibber
  • Procrastinator
  • Confidence game
  • A bad bunch
  • Habitual liar
  • Dubious
Step 3: Playthrough 7 rounds of hot seat
Now is the time to get all the hot seat achievement. You don't even need to think of a question just answer based on the results that you want. So for telling the truth set next to fan and for lying screech into the mic.

In this step you should earn:
  • Close to home
  • Is that so?
  • Judge & Jury
  • Senior Interrogator
  • Chief Interrogator
  • I thought I knew you

Step 4: Cleanup
What ever achievements you don't have at this point this is the time to get it so you can have your very easy 1000. So start up a game with 2 players and answer accordingly to the achievements you still need.

All in all this game is very easy and should take no longer than 3 hours at most. The hardest part is figuring out what exactly counts as a lie or the truth. Enjoy the game for what its worth and take that very easy completion for your own.


[x360a would like to thank KillerBEA for this roadmap]

Truth or Lies Achievement Guide

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There are 28 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Register your name

    This is the first thing you do when starting the game; just enter your name on the keyboard and then say it into the mic when prompted. The announcer will then give you a nickname and you get your achievement.
  • Calibrate your voice

    Right after you get your nickname from the announcer you will be given the option to calibrate your voice so its easier to detect whether you are lying or cheating. For sake of ease just make noise into the mic and duplicate that sound when you have to answer questions later on. Ok just for example; when calibrating the truth put the mic next to a fan and when its time to lie pat the mic against your hand. Now whenever the achievement requires you to lie just answer the question by screeching into the mic against your hand and putting it next to the fan. I will be referencing this method throughout the guide.
  • Register a lie in a standard game

    If you followed the advice in the "Is it getting hot in here?" achievement then just screech into the mic when you need to answer the questions.

    If you are having trouble lying or telling the truth refer to this thread on what other users have done.
  • Register a truthful response in a standard game

    Same as "Original Sinner" except set the mic next to the fan. The game will register many more truths than lies it seems.
  • A player answers 2 consecutive truthful responses

    Just like "Coming Clean" except for 2 consecutive questions by the same player.
  • A player scores over 900 points for any question in any round

    Honestly this is all about luck, the scoring system has no consistency so just keep telling the truth and you will get it eventually.
  • 8 players register for a game of Truth or Lies®

    Just create 8 characters to play with, you only need to calibrate your voice for your main character though. You will get this when the game starts, so once it pops back out and start a 2 person game as an 8 player game takes forever. Note: You only need 1 mic for this achievement.
  • Complete a long game of Truth or Lies®

    Play a long game as your first game and you will both this and "You Can Breathe Out Now"
  • Complete a game of Truth or Lies®

    Just complete 1 full game can be long, medium, or short, so do a long one to cut down on time spent.
  • Record a Hot Seat question

    Just start up a round of Hot seat and it will pop even before answering the question.
  • A player answers a Hot Seat question truthfully

    Just start up a round of hot seat and answer the first question truthfully, if you followed what I said in "Is it hot in here?" set next to the fan for the question and as long as it registered as the truth you will get the achievement.
  • A player answers a Hot Seat question with a lie

    Start up a round of Hot seat and answer the question with a loud screech or whatever sound works best to register a lie.
  • Mute



    A player fails to answer a question

    When the counter for the question starts make sure not make ANY noise into the mic and once time runs out it will say invalid answer and you will get the achievement.
  • A player fails to answer 3 consecutive questions

    For this one just do the same as "Mute" except it has to be 3 consecutive questions by the same player/character. My advice is just set down the mic and leave for a few minutes. Should be unlocked when you get back.
  • Saint



    A player answers with the truth for every question in a single round

    I believe a round is 3 or 4 questions only 1 of the players need to tell the truth. Apparently fans are very honest objects; so for 1 round set the mic next to an on fan. I would recommend staying though to make sure it registers as the truth since once or twice it did count as a lie for me. Will pop during the round results.
  • Sinner



    A player answers with a lie for every question in a single round

    Same idea as "Saint" except screech into the mic so it registers as a lie for every question in a round. Will pop during the round results.
  • All players answer with a truth on any question in a single round.

    Same idea as "Saint" but both players must tell all truths so might as well do these 2 at the same time. Will pop during round results.
  • All players answer with a lie on any question in a single round

    Same idea as "Choir of Angels" except both players must lie for every single question.
  • Record 20 Hot Seat questions

    This is the only real grind in the game, but still doesn't take long at all. Each round has 3 questions. So complete 7 rounds of Hot seat.
  • A player achieves the same placing in every round

    Do this at the same time as "Habitual Liar", as long as the same character comes in last 2 rounds in a row, both achievements will unlock.
  • A player registers 3 consecutive lies in a standard game

    Same as "Original Sinner" except it needs to be 3 consecutive lies by the same player/character.
  • A player takes more than 9 seconds to answer a question

    You have about 10 seconds to answer a question, just fill up the bars and wait until 9 seconds have passed to hit and answer the question.
  • A player takes less than 6 seconds to answer a question

    You need to answer in 5 seconds or less! You need to be loud and consistent and mash the A button to answer once the bar fills.
  • A player wins a round with a score of 1000 points or lower

    Follow this route to get the achievement with the least amount of stress:
    2 player normal 15 minute game

    Q1 P1 Lie
    Q1 P2 Lie/Truth(long as they don't score 1000)
    Q2 P1 Lie
    Q2 P2 Don't answer
    Q3 P1 Don't answer
    Q3 P2 Don't answer

    So basically as long as when you get to question 2 of player two and BOTH players are under 1000 you can not answer the last 3 questions and get it even if you get stuck with truth on one of the first 3 questions its fine long as neither player goes over 1000 points. They real key is to get to get P1 to be under 1000 because even if P2 scored 995 on their first question your not answering their other 2 questions anyways.
    *credit to anthonyd46*
  • A player comes last in 2 consecutive rounds

    Do this at the same time as "Consistent", one player should lie all the time and the other should tell the truth.
  • A player receives most truthful and least truthful in a single round

    Follow the route in "A Bad Bunch" and it should unlock as long as the person who told the truth answers with the lowest scoring lie as well.
  • Record 10 Hot Seat questions

    See "Chief interrogator."
  • A player registers a lie to every question in a Hot Seat round

    Same idea as "Original Sinner" except in a round of hot seat, instead of a standard game.

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