Standing Room Only Achievement

  • Standing Room Only



    Watch a broadcast on Twitch that has more than 100K concurrents.

    This will be the hardest to land out of all of the achievements if there are lulls in big named streaming. What I suggest is heading to on a laptop or web browser to see what the homepage looks like. Twitch always gives the biggest spotlight to the largest viewer streams so by finding that channel on your web browser, you can go back to your app and simply search for it. You will get the achievement upon entering a stream with over 100,000 viewers, or when the stream goes over.

  • Got this watching the VGA's last night. Had a feeling that would be the best oppurtunity.
  • Early afternoon on a Sunday, I found multiple channels with over 100,000 viewers.
  • Apparently this is not unlockable now. Very sad, would love Twitch to fix this one as the 100 hour watch time achievement still works.
  • It seems like the 100 hour achievement actually doesn't work anymore. I've had 99% on it from maybe a year ago. Then I watched a live stream for about 5 hours today, and it didn't unlock.

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