- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 41 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 25-30 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: 1["Defeated the Grand Enemy"]
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No.

Two Worlds is a "Western" RPG in the vein of Oblivion, Mass Effect and Fallout. As such it is a bit of a longer game with quite a bit to explore. The downside to this one specifically is that you are forced to explore the entire thing for the achievements. The main story is actually relatively short though. You can play on the easiest difficulty if you like and that will surely speed things up. Make note that there is a dialogue option at the very end of the game which could bar you from getting the last and biggest achievement in the game worth 370.

Step 1: Main Story
Play through the main story (check the achievements from "Found the Relic Frame" to the end) making note of which order is easiest to do them in. You may find it a little difficult if you try to blaze right through as you may not level up enough, so just spend some time killing random creatures if that is the case. Otherwise it should be fairly simple. Again, when you get to the end be sure to select the correct dialogue choice toreceive the "good" ending and fight the Grand Enemy. You will get many of the miscellaneous achievements while simply playing the game

Step 2: Exploration, Skill and Leveling Up
Once you defeat the Grand Enemy, reload your previous save and begin working on the "Discovered All Locations" achievement. Along the way you'll find all the graveyards, towers and undergrounds as well. By the time you're done with this, you should be fairly close to level 50 and you will simply need to go from town to town, slaughtering the innocent until you max out. Save before you kill everyone if you still have miscellaneous achievements left.

Step 3: Mopping Up
If you haven't finished all the creation achievements or any of the spell achievements, go ahead and read those descriptions and finish them off. You should get most during steps one and two, but a few you have to go out of your way for. After this you should have your full 1000. Congrats.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Two Worlds Achievement Guide

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There are 41 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Learn 5 different skills.

    See "Learned All Skills" for more info.

  • Learn 10 different skills.

    See "Learned All Skills" for more info.

  • Learn 20 different skills.

    See "Learned All Skills" for more info.

  • Learn all the skills in the game.

    You can use this map to find all the skills trainers in the game. You will simply need to pay them to learn any skills they have. If you talk to them and then only option is "maybe later" or something to that effect, then you've learned all the skills they have to teach. I would highly suggest making this one of the first things you do in the game (even before much of the story) as skills costs increase with your character level. I think I got most of mine at about level 28-32 and they were 10,000 each. You could probably get away with only paying 1,000 for all of them if you did them much earlier.

  • Reach level 10 in one skill.

    You can only assign one skill point in each skill every three levels. You will need to be at least level 30 to reach skill 10 in anything. Chances are Critical Hit or Damage will be the ones you want to focus on.

  • Reach character level 5.

    See "Reached Character Level 50" for more info.

  • Reach character level 10.

    See "Reached Character Level 50" for more info.

  • Reach character level 20.

    See "Reached Character Level 50" for more info.

  • Reach character level 35.

    See "Reached Character Level 50" for more info.

  • Reach character level 50.

    First, finish the main questline. You can do this (on easy difficulty) in the early 30's with little trouble. From there, work on finding all the locations in the game. If you go into an underground or find an orc camp of some kind, be sure to kill anything you can. Once you've done this (and have all other achievements in the game, especially the one for learning all skills) go ahead and slaughter every innocent you can find. Wiping out the few large cities in the game will get you from 42-50 fairly easily.

  • Discover 10 different locations.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

  • Discover 20 different locations.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

  • Discover 50 different locations.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

  • Visit all the Black Towers in the game.

    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

    You will need to visit the Death Claw, Earth Claw, Fireclaw, Storm Claw and Water Claw towers to get the achievement.

  • Visit all the graveyards in the game.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

    There are 11 graveyards in the game.

  • Visit 10 different underground locations.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

  • Visit 20 different underground locations.


    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

  • Visit all the underground locations in the game.

    See "Visited All Locations" for more info.

    There are 53 undergrounds total: 35 Caves and 18 Dungeons.

  • Visit all the locations in the game.

    For this achievement, you will be spending 8-10 hours riding your horse around uncovering the map. The best way I found to do this is to finish the main storyline and reload your save from just before the final boss, then begin working on this. That way you'll have much of it done already. Now, using the Two World iMap you'll want to select whichever tab on the left side that you want to work on. Use the "Places - Model Based" tab and systematically work on getting all the "Entrance to..." section done to get the Undergrounds achievement. The Graveyards will get you each of the 11 graveyards for that achievement. After that, do all the teleports, mana sources and health shrines. If after all of that you still don't have the achievement, check the Camps, Villages and Landmarks. This takes some patience to get everything.


    Warning: Make sure to save often. The game likes to freeze and you don't want to lose much work if this happens.

    Note: There is a shrine to the SW of Oswaroh that for some reason never marks off as "Discovered" but you can get the achievement without it.


  • Ride a horse at least once.

    This one is a bit glitched but it will unlock eventually. You'll probably need to hop on and off a few times. You can get your first horse from a quest just south of the first town, or just steal one from a random bandit camp you come across (after killing them, of course).

  • Make at least one successful teleportation.

    Again, just south of the first town is a quest to test the teleport system. You'll need to travel a bit away to get to the right one, but once it is active you can teleport back to finish the quest.

  • Create at least one potion.

    All you need to do for this is put any two or more ingredients into the alchemy pot and brew it up. Will be received going for the below achievements.

  • Create at least one permanent potion.

    For this you will need two or more ingredients with effects that are permanent. Both (or all) must be permanent or it won't create the right type of potion.

  • Create at least one bomb.

    A bomb is created by mixing two ingredients with two or more temporary effects. Do not mix one temporary and one permanent, this won't work.

  • Create at least one weapon enchancer.

    A weapon enhancer is a gem that will add elemental damage to the weapon you use it on. To create one of these, mix one gem with basically anything else in the game.

  • Create at least one item with quality class 2.

    See ''Created Class 10 Item" for more info.

  • Create at least one item with quality class 10.

    To increase an item's class, you can to combine two like items to create one single, stronger item. For instance, if you're looting the Grom enemies in the beginning of the game, take all of their weapons or shields and in your inventory, press Y on one and it will show items it can be combined with in green. Hit X to combine and then choose the right item. Repeat nine times. (Max class is 50.)

    To create a really powerful weapon, loot all the dead villagers in Ashos after getting the Water Element and combine the Katana Gomai you find. Couple that with any Spirit gems you get for an unstoppable weapon.

  • Open at least one Master Lock.

    When you come to a locked door, dresser or chest, it will show the difficulty on the screen. The higher your lockpicking skill, the easier it will be to open these. If you wait until getting the Water Element, then town of Ashos will be overrun by Orcs and you can steal to your heart's content. There should be a few Master locks in the town.

  • Kill a Dragon.

    You can either kill the Lava dragons outside Gor'Gammar or the Sand dragons in the Drak'Ar desert. One of the nicer glitches in the game, if you continually attack these, they will jerk back and forth while they try to attack but you will always interrupt them with your attack. They can be killed without any trouble if you just keep hitting the attack button.

  • Kill a Stone Golem.

    These can be found easiest around Hadeborg, but they are very tough to kill early on. They do follow a strict attack pattern though, so land a few hits then jump back with B when they swing to dodge. Rinse and repeat.

  • Use a spell enchanced with special booster cards.

    Booster cards are somewhat rare, but you can occasionally find them in chests or on dead enemies. Most likely you'll be able to just buy they from a mage vendor. Once you have one, equip it in the magic screen, then use whatever spell you attached it to.

  • Cast a Chamber 5 spell.

    Chamber 5 is the bottom row of cards in any school of magic in the magic screen. You will need 15 skill points in a school of magic to use the Chamber 5 spells so you will need to be a high enough level as well. Once you can get 15 points in a school of magic, mage vendors should start selling the Chamber 5 spells. Try to buy a summon card to go along with the next achievement.

  • Summon at least one creature.

    If you bought a Chamber 5 summon (such as a Golem in the Earth school of magic) then you will get both achievements at the same time. You also need to make sure you have enough Mana to cast the spell, so increase your Willpower stat if needed.

  • Find the Relic Frame in the main storyline.

    The Relic Frame is found in the Karga Camp in the NW of the world map. The quickest way to do this is to attack the person guarding the door and he will kill you, then you'll resurrect inside the camp. However, no one will be mad at you, even the guy you attacked. Complete a quest inside the camp (I think there is an easy one where a mage asks for two healing potions), then use a rock to the left of the main gate to jump outside the fence. Walk back to the main gate and you'll now have enough reputation with the camp for him to unlock it. Then just go to the top of the hill at the back of the camp and follow the missions to unlock the treasury and grab the frame.

  • Find the Water Element in the main storyline.

    The Water Element should be done second. It is inside a temple in the town of Ashos. The easiest way to get inside is to talk with the butcher who will ask you to kill his sister. Do so (guards won't be alerted) and then he will give you the key. The enemies inside are ridiculously powerful so I'd suggest just running through the dungeon, grabbing the element and running back out.

  • Find the Air Element in the main storyline.

    The Air Element should be done third. This is located north of the Drak’ar Desert at an abandoned dragon nest. Simply run in and grab it.

  • Find the Fire Element in the main storyline.

    The Fire Element should be saved for last. You will need to go left of the main gate of Gor'Gammar to find a secret passage to enter the city, then you can either fight or just run to the altar and grab the element. You can also go to Cathalon and find a man named Creo who can make an armor than will disguise you like an Orc. You will need to pay him 5k and a city official next to him 2k to create the armor. It is one use so don't use it until you get there. With this you can walk in with no fight.

  • Find the Earth Element in the main storyline.

    This has the most steps involved and should be done first for the experience. Head to Windbreak village and either follow the plot with Mayor Gordar or Captain Hograd to gain access to the Kings Tomb where the element is located, then just run and grab it or clear the place out for money, items and experience. I would suggest doing both plots to level up though.

  • Deliver the assembled Relic to Qudinar in the main storyline.

    Once you have the frame and all four elements, head to a spot on your map just outside Quidnar to deliver them.

  • Destroy the Great Pentagram in the main storyline.

    Directly after delivering the artifact a giant pentagram appears in the sky connecting all the Black Towers. A guard will show up at the top of each one who is extremely powerful and will take some time to kill. Use the same attack and dodge strategy as for the Stone Golem on these, but if you die you can always just run back and continue the fight.

  • Defeat the Grand Enemy in the main storyline.


    After dissolving the pentagram, head to Oswaroth for the final battle. You will first need to kill a giant demon who is much harder than the Grand Enemy. I found increasing your trap skill and laying down Unleashed Hell Bombs and things like that to be the fastest way to kill him. These can do 25k damage each.

    Now here is where that big warning comes into play at the beginning of my description. Once you kill the demon you will talk with the Grand Enemy. During this conversation you have a choice to ally with him, which will give you one ending, or fighting him for a different ending. The default option is to ally with him, so make sure you choose the bottom option to fight him. If you were like me and didn't like the dialogue or plot and skipped quickly through the conversation, then saved after you made the choice, you'll have to start the entire game over again. Once you make the bottom choice you will fight him (and he can be killed very quickly with simple attacks) you will get the good ending and the achievement.

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