- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 8/10
- Offline Achievements: 28 [980]
- Online Achievements: 3 [20]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 250+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs: 3
- Number of Missable achievements: None
- Glitched Achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes

Welcome to UEFA Champions League 2006-2007. I will try to do my best and give the most descriptive way to do things so you can be on your way to one of the hardest 1000 for the 360.

The first thing you should probably do to get your bearings is explore the menus and find your Ultimate Team. This is where 90% of the achievements come from, so you need to get familiar with this aspect of the game. The second thing you should do is find your Collector’s Album. This is where the 250+ hours come into. You need to collect a total of 1614 cards. This is much harder than is sounds because packs only contain 10 cards and usually 4-7 different cards other than the ones you need. Onto getting those achievements!

Your Ultimate Team:
When you start your Ultimate Team, it gives you about 15 players. While they are all Bronze and pretty crappy, you can stick all of them in your album. This is done by finding your lineups and individually selecting the players and putting them in the album. After you put all of these players in your Collector’s Album, start a new one. All this does is give you new players for your Ultimate team and keeps all the players that you put in the album in the album. This should give you a bunch of bonus credits for having 100 and 500 players in your album which helps. While this doesn’t give you any achievements, it knocks a lot of time out from collecting all the cards. I have made all of the cards you need for all the England and French teams. I will make the rest of the checklists later. There are also checklists made by other members for the Stadiums, Balls, and Boots.

All Cards Checklists: HERE
-It is in the 8th post. Big credit goes to Uranium Deposit - he did much of the legwork for the German, Spanish, and Rest of World players.

Only games played on the Semi-Professional difficulty will unlock the following achievements:
- "Win Streak: 60 Games" [50]
- "10 Goal Match Wonder" [15]
- "Defender Man of the Match" [35]
- "Midfielder Man of the Match" [35]
- "Striker Man of the Match" [35]
- "Goal Getter" [35]
- "Undefeated" [15]
- "Fair Play Award" [15]

**Games played in the Ultimate Team mode will NOT count toward Man of the Match achievements**

Only games played on the Professional difficulty will unlock the following achievements:
- "5 Goal Match Pro" [15]
- "Extra Time Pro" [15]

Champions League Achievements:
- "Win the UEFA Champions League" [125]
- "Badge of Honour" [200]

**While the Badge of Honour says you have to win it 3 times in a row, there is a much simpler way to do this. First, turn Auto-Save OFF. Go through the Champions League mode and get to the final game. THIS IS WHERE YOU SAVE. Win the CL and quit out. Do NOT save after you win. Reload the save in which you are playing in the final. Win again. Reload the save for the final time and win the CL. Badge of Honour should have unlocked and you are 325 richer.**

Easy Way to Earn Credits:
Pick a horrible team (I picked Charlton Athletic). Transfer all of the worst players in the game to this team, even goalies (Don’t worry, you can reset all of the rosters). When you have transferred all of the players, go to team management. From here, switch in all of the horrible players you had just transferred. However, when doing this, put them in the wrong position (CB should be in ST position). After this is done, you can modify their formation from a different menu. When modifying the formation for the crappy team, make sure all their players are on the side lines (if you can) and they have 6 forwards, 2 midfielders, and 2 defenders. Remember to put the defenders on the sidelines. This gives your team an open lane every time to score a massive amount of goals.

Put the difficulty on World Class, 4 minutes. Pick a fairly good team and score all the goals you want. You should net yourself anywhere from 800-1900 credits depending on how many goals you score/corners received and tackles won.

Online Achievements:
Card trading is crucial to your success for filling up your album. Get used to looking for cards because you will be doing a lot of it. You get achievements for buying a card and selling a card. Just put a card up for the lowest amount. If you put a player instead of a Fitness card, you are more likely to get it sold quicker. Once you have sold a card (you can check in “Trade Status” menu), the achievement will unlock. The “Win a Ranked Game” is self-explanatory.

Do not be discouraged by the time taken to finish this game. If you find 3 or 4 people to collect with, it will cut that time IN HALF. At the time of this writing, I am one MoTM achievement away from completion. I hope this has helped you on your way to getting the most points in the fastest way possible.
[XBA would like to thank EOU Findub for this Roadmap]

UEFA Champions League 2006-2007 Achievement Guide

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There are 31 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Have a 60 game Winning Streak on Semi-Professional difficulty.

    Just play kick off. Set clock to 2 mins. Set it as a final so if its tied it goes to extra time. If you are losing switch teams. You get the win but you dont get credits towards buying cards.

  • Score more than 10 Goals in a match on Semi-professional difficulty.

    Play a kickoff. Score 10 own goals and switch teams.

    NOTE:  The latest update has nullified this method

  • Win 300 games in all competitions on any level difficulty.

    Win 300 games in either ultimate mode, champions league mode, or kickoff.

  • Win Man of Match for a Defender more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Can only be achieved in kickoff. just go to team management, and put defenders as strikers and midfielders. My favourite was Real Madrid. Put Carlos and Canavarro as forwards.

  • Win Man of Match for a Midfielder more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Just substitute strikers for midfielders. Make sure the players position is green. Lots of choices here. Just have fun mixing and matching.

  • Win Man of Match for a Striker more than 50 times in Semi-professional difficulty.

    Just pick any team and start playing. this should be the first man of match achievements you get. Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Arsenal, Inter all have good strikers that make this easy.

  • Get an average of 4 goals per game over 50 game on Semi-Professional difficulty.

    If you cant score many goals in game, just score a lot of own goals and switch sides. You get it after playing 50 games.

    NOTE:  The latest update has nullified this method 

  • Remain undefeated for 50 games in Semi-Professional difficulty.

    You should get this on route to 60 win streak.

  • 20 Games without a card being shown in Semi - Professional difficulty.

    Very easy, just dont slide tackle for 20 straight games.

  • Trade a card away and have it accepted by another player.


    You'll get this easily, just put some cards online and someone will buy it.

  • Accept a posted trade offer for your Ultimate Team.


    Just go buy a card online. You'll have enough credits after 1 match.

  • Fill all of the pages of one country in the Collectors Album.


    Very time consuming. fill 1 of the 5 countries album. For each team you have to collect their badge. 2 different kits (some teams have 3) and any 11 players. Most teams have a choice of like 15-25 of which you need 11. My advice is buy the cheapest players for each team.

  • Complete the ball collection in the Collectors Album.


    Hard achievement. you need all 49 balls. balls are very expensive and very rare in packs. If you find a cheap ball buy it. If you own it, resell it. someone will always buy it. Checklist here https://www.xboxachievements.com/f...148#post266148

  • Fill every page of the Collectors Album.


    Very time consuming. I'd say over 200 hours of playing. I'm in the process of doing this because I enjoy it. If you don't, don't do this achievements. It takes patience and you have to be organized. Write down all players you own so you won't buy them again. Don't pay more than 100 credits for bronze players. Don't pay more than 300 credits for silver, and don't overpay gold if you want to collect everything.

    Includes the 5 countries, the 10 team other countries, all balls, boots, and stadiums.
    Boots checklist https://www.xboxachievements.com/f...ad.php?t=26071
    Stadium checklist https://www.xboxachievements.com/f...ad.php?t=25084

  • Win a Golden Ticket by creating an Ultimate Team and progressing through all five levels...

    You get a team. If you are good at the game just use those players and rank up wins. If not go buy some players.
    5 levels here. Level 1 you need 3 wins. Level 2 you need 5 wins....

  • Guide your favorite club to the Ultimate Stage and win in the final.

    Very easy achievements. Just play as a good team and just win the Champions League. Any difficulty.

  • Win the Champions League Badge of Honour by winning the Champions League three consecutive times.

    Turn autosave off and just win the final game 3 times and you get it.

  • Complete any of the Champions League Challenges.

    Very easy, just beat 1 out of the 42 challenges.

  • Buy a Silver Card Pack

    After level 3 of ultimate mode, go buy a silver pack. It is 500 credits.

  • Win an online ranked match


    Just win a match online.

  • Buy a Gold Card Pack

    After level 5 of ultimate mode just go buy a gold pack. 1000 credits.

  • Complete 1 squad in the Collectors Album


    Complete 1 out of the 120 teams in the game.

  • Have a 10 game winning streak

    You'll get this on route to 60 win streak.

  • Have a 30 game winning streak

    You'll get this on route to 60 win streak.

  • Complete Qualifying Round Challenges

    Complete all 8 objectives.

  • Complete Group Stage Round Challenges

    Complete all 8 objectives.

  • Complete Quarter Finals Round Challenges

    Complete all 8 objectives.

  • Complete Semi Final Round Challenges

    Complete all 8 objectives. Only had trouble with Spanish Mountain.

  • Complete Final Round Challenges

    Complete all 10 objectives. This is very hard. there are like 2-3 hard ones. Patience and practice.

  • Score more than 5 goals in a Professional Match

    Score 5 own goals on Pro kickoff and switch teams.

    NOTE:  The latest update has nullified this method 

  • Win by 2 goals in Extra Time in Professional

    Set a professional kickoff to a final. dont score any goals in regulation. Then concede 2 goals (they cant be own goals) and switch sides.

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