Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 
Offline: 24 (730 )
Online: 12 (270 
Approximate time: 30-50 hours
Does difficulty affect achievements: No
Number of missable achievements: 1 (Hall Of Famer)
Glitched achievements: 3 (Kay. Tee. Eff. Oh!, Testing The Waters, Pound For Pound Champ)
Cheats: No Cheats, but unlockcodes. They don't disable achievements


The achievements in UFC Undisputed 2010 are a lot easier then in the 2009 version of the game, though there are a couple of achievements that require some skill and practice to get. In 2009 it was very easy to win all your fights throughout the career mode with exactly the same strike or submission method, but the AI has become somewhat smarter this time, so remember this is a Mixed Martial Arts game and not a Boxing game, so if you are having trouble against the AI, mix it up and be unpredictable.

For some achievements you might want the weakest opponent possible. For that it is recommended you to create another fighter in Create A Fighter, but don't fill in his stats at all. Some other achievements require you to defeat a non-CAF CPU on expert, so the weakest opponents possible come in handy there. I suggest using unlockable fighters here. To unlock these fighters, you have to enter a code in the main menu (don't worry, they don't disable achievements):

Shaquille O'Neal:               
Tapout Crew (Mask, Punkass & Skyscraper):        

Part 1: Offline achievements:

It is recommended to do the 'Learned Student' as the very first achievement to go for. If you are new to this game, you almost can't play the game without it and the tutorial refreshes everything for those who played Undisputed 2009 and there are a few changes between the games as well.

After that, go to Create A Fighter and create a fighter for the 'Puppeteer' achievement, take it to a Exhibition match against a weak opponent, win and get the 'Puppetmaster' achievement as well. In this same match you can also pull of 5 taunts in a just a few seconds time to score the 'Cocky S.O.B.' in the same fight. When doing some matches you can start to touch gloves for 'Honorable Fighter' but its reported that the AI isnt always helpful for this, so check the description for that achievement for an alternative method. Also check the descriptions of 'Fighting With Pride' and 'Bobbin' and Weavin' and try to grab these achievements as well while doing the Exhibition matches.

Setup another Exhibition, controlling a good submissionfighter against a weak CPU player on Expert and go for 'Submission Technician' and 'It's The Jits!' achievements in the same match, though you can go for those separately as well, if you're not capable on competing against an Expert CPU yet.

Now setup another game against an Expert CPU (pick the weakest possible) and give the 'Steamroller' and'Kay. Tee. Eff. Oh!' achievements a try, but its been reported that that last achievement pops up at very random moments for everyone and it is considered glitchy at this moment.

At this moment you should have won matches by KO and Submission and it's very likely also by TKO (if not, setup a match and go for a TKO), so the only stoppage left for the 'Cessation Sensation' achievement is the doctor stoppage, so check the descriptions of that achievement and 'It Slices, It Dices' and get both achievements in a single fight.

Part 2: Career Mode:

Of course everyone is free to play the game modes in the order they want it to play, but especially if you are not familiar with the UFC, it is recommended that you start out with the Career Mode, since thats where you start out small and go from amateur fighter through all the aspects of the UFC to become a superstar.

When playing the career mode, you can start going for 'Move Mastery' from the start and after a couple of fights you're already presented a chance to catch 'Blog Fodder' and if you keep on proceding through the Career Mode, 'Pound For Pound Champ', 'Hall Of Famer' and 'So Now You're A Fighter' come along as well.

Part 3: Offline Game Modes:

Right here the order you play the modes in doesnt matter, except that you have to finish the Title Mode in order to unlock the Title Defense Mode. Proceed through the modes in the order you like and grab 'As Real As It Gets', 'Budding Champion', 'Tournament Title Holder' and 'Ultimate Unlocks' and when you finished the Title Mode, also go for 'Veteran Champion', where you unlock most of the credits for the shop, which is needed to go for the 'Gotta Catch Em All' achievement.

Part 4: Online:

When going online, you can grab 'Coming Up Next...' and 'Warriors Come Out And Play' in just a few seconds. After that you have the choice to become really good online, or to grab a buddy or sign up in the Achievement Trading Thread to boost the achievements. See the achievements for details on boosting.

Invite a buddy into your camp and do a training session for 'Under Your Wing' and proceed on playing a lot of online matches for the 'White Belt', 'Baby Steps', 'Hot Hands' and the 'Yellow-, Purple-, Brown- and Black Belt' achievements and be sure to meet the requirements for 'Olympic Mixed Martial Artist'.

It might have unlocked a lot earlier, but by now you should have had the 'Testing The Waters' achievement by the time you played your first Xbox LIVE match.


A couple of the achievements are way too easy, most of the achievements require some work, but aren't hard at all and only a few offline achievements can be considered hard, but with some practice and dedication, everyone should get even the hardest achievements in the game.

It can be tricky to get all the online achievements on your own, but with some boosting it still requires time, but no skill.

UFC 2010 Undisputed Achievement Guide

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There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Create a fighter in Create A Fighter

    Simply choose 'Create A Fighter' from the Main Menu and create your fighter. You can spend some extra time if you want to customize the character, but it will also unlock when you save the default settings. The achievement unlocks when you press 'finished.'

  • Win a fight against the CPU with a fighter you've created in Create A Fighter

    After you've created a CAF for the 'Puppeteer' achievement, take it to the test against the CPU. The quick and easy was is to choose 'Exhibition' from the Main Menu, select the weightclass you put your CAF in and to make it as easy as possible, select 'Beginner' as your difficulty. Just fight how you want to fight and it should not take long to defeat your opponent, unlocking this achievement.

  • Experience an entire 8 fight event card in Event Mode.

    From Main Menu, select 'Game Mode' and then 'Event Mode' > 'Create Event', choose difficulty, 'Beginner' being the easiest, name the event, choose the type and make sure you set the number of fights to 8, then press 'Continue'. You can edit the fight cards, but you can also press (Finished) to accept the preselected card and proceed.

    When the event starts, you can choose the side you want to play with or let the CPU battle it out for you, but don't choose 'Skip Fight' ever, view or play all 8 fights and it should unock when the event is over. 

    The fastest way for getting this is selecting the 'beginner' difficulty and go for the knockout. It only takes 2-3 minutes per fight to complete a fight.

  • Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition matches in total

    Play and win a total of 10 matches in the Xbox Live Exhibition mode, either Ranked or Player Match. It's a lot easier to boost this one in Player Matches.

  • Win an Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked match


    You cannot directly invite a boosting partner in a Ranked Match, but KACG Penguin mentioned a way that works most of the time for boosting the Ranked Matches:

    First get the person your boosting with in a party. Then Have one person change the settings to prefered hoster. Then have the otehr person put the same settings i.e. Same weightclass same # of rounds same dlc fighters same caf/UFc and so on. Easily boosted due to lack of users playing online.

  • Win 10 Xbox LIVE Exhibition Ranked matches consecutively

    See 'Baby Steps' but for this one you need to win 10 of them in a row, which requires quite some online skill, so all the advice I can give is to practice and play a lot.

  • Xbox LIVE Exhibition - Obtain all types of gold medals

    Fulfill certain objectives through your fights on Xbox LIVE to get medals. the Gold Medals in each category have the harder objectives, but they are boostable by the way described at the 'Baby Steps' achievement. It is possible to get more then 1 gold medal from 1 single fight if you boost it properly.

    Here are the categories and the requirement to obtain a gold medal:

    • KO Of the Night: KO in first 60 sec of round 1
    • Submission Of The Night: Tapout in first 2m30s of round 1
    • Fight Of The Night: Both fighters land 50+ hits per round
    • Rocked: Win after bering rocked 3 times
    • Counter Strike Artist: Win after performing more then 20 counter hits
    • Counter Grapple Artist: Win after performing more than 20 counter grapples
    • Ground & Pound Artist: 90% of all damege you cause is by Ground and Pound
    • Reversal: Perform more than 10 transition reversals
    • Combo: Perform 20 or more striking combo's and win
    • Touch Gloves: Touch gloves up close
  • Join an Xbox LIVE Camp

    From the Main Menu, choose 'Xbox Live' and then 'Xbox Live Camp', give your camp the desired name, create a logo and press 'Accept' and the achievement unlocks.

  • Act as a trainer in Xbox LIVE Camp Training

    Stretchnutz shared the method with us on how he got this achievement: For the " Under the Wing" achievement you have to act as the trainer. At the start of making a camp only the team captian can be a trainer. You'll have to promote the other members to "trainer." Also you have to go into training session not free sparring. Xbox Live > Xbox Live Camp > Camp Gym > Press Y to bring up Gym Menu > Train > Training Session.

  • Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career Mode

    Compete in a Champion vs. Champion fight and also make the UFC Hall of Fame in Career Mode.

    Just play through the Career Mode, fulfill these requirements and you'll be inducted into the Hall Of Fame without much trouble (depending on the difficulty):

    • Win at least 25 fights
    • Win a title and defend it at least 5 times
    • Win a Champion vs Champion fight (This will come after 5 title defenses)
    • Have at least 50,000 in CRED
    • Have your status to at least Well Known
  • Complete the Career Mode

    From Main Menu, select 'Game Modes' and choose 'Career Mode' and progress through the career and this games biggest achievement should unlock at the end of the road. To make this one as easy as possible, select the 'Beginner' difficulty after your first practice fight. The Career Mode is about 60 fights.

  • Collect all ToppsĀ® UFC trading cards

    There is a total of 84 trading cards to collect. These cards can be purchased from the shop, which can be accessed from the Main Menu > Game Progression > Shop. It's the last item in the shop. The costs are 250 points for 5 of them.

    Points are earned by playing through the different modes and can be earned in abundance by meeting certain goals in the 'Title Defense Mode'. Like it is in real life, it is possible to buy cards you already have and the more cards you have, the bigger the chance is to get cards double, but just process through the modes to earn points and you will eventually complete your collection.

  • Win a fight with a Submission Transition

    There are a few different methods to gain this achievement, two of which are:

    Method One

    • Pick Demian Maia vs Drew McFedries (EXP CPU)
    • Run and clinch with him (->), now slam him (+ rotate from 10pm to 5pm)
    • Attempt a submission (click ) but dont spin at all and let his stamina drain
    • Once he reverses, put him in a butterfly guard ( +  rotate from 6pm to 9pm)
    • Attempt a triangle (click ), BUT immediately switch it ( +click ) to an armbar
    • Spin () and you should get the tap.

    Method Two

    If you don't want to get this simultaneously with the "It's the jits" achievement, simply set up an Exhibition match using two controllers, one controlling a fighter each. Don't use the second controller, soften your opponent up a little bit, take him on the ground, press  to perform a submission and right after that, press  + click  to perform a submission transition. It might not work the first time, but it shouldnt be too hard getting your opponent to tap out within the first two minutes and unlock this achievement.

  • Win a fight by Submission against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.

    See the 'Submission Technician' description, except you cannot use two controllers for this one, since you have to play against the highest difficulty CPU for this one.

  • Win a fight by KO/TKO against a non-CAF, Expert CPU in the first 60 seconds of Round 1.

    You have to KO/TKO a CPU opponent (that you didnt created yourself) on Expert difficulty. I didnt had much trouble on this one actually. It says you have to fight against a non-CAF, but you can use your CAF though. I created a dominant HW striker in Career Mode, did Exhibition mode with him against Shaquille O'Neil. Took a few tries, but I KO'd Shaq without much trouble with my CAF. Just press 'Rematch' whenever the clock passes the 4 minute border in the first round.

  • Win a fight by Flash KO against a CPU opponent.

    This one has been reported it unlocks at very random moments for everyone. It doesn't have to be in the first 30 or 60 seconds or a KO at once. All we can say right now is keep going for the KO and it should unlock some time.

  • Complete the Title Defense Mode

    The Title Defense Mode is locked at first, but it will be unlocked after completing the 'Title Mode'. When it's unlocked, progress through this mode and this one unlocks after finishing the Title Defense Mode. You cannot select the length of this mode, it is always 12 fights long, but to ease things up, you can set the difficulty to 'Beginner.'

  • Complete the Title Mode

    From the Main Menu, select 'Game Modes' and then 'Title Mode'. If you want this as quick as possible, set the ladder length to eight and the difficulty to 'Beginner' and progress through eight easy fights and this achievement should unlock alongside with unlocking the 'Title Defense Mode.'

  • Go through all tutorials

    I recommend going for this achievement at first. It is essential for new users to get familiar with the fighting system and it also teaches new things to UFC 2009 Undisputed gamers. Select 'Tutorial' from the Main Menu and then 'Guide Mode'. Process through all categories within this mode, don't skip a single thing and it unlocks after you completed the last tutorial.

  • Win at least one championship in the Tournament Mode

    To enter the Tournament Mode, select 'Game Modes' from the Main Menu and then 'Tournament Mode'. To quicken things up, make it a 4-fighters tournament, which only requires 2 fights for this achievement. You can pick all the fighters yourself or let the CPU pick it for you. If you don't want to have trouble at all, select the 'Beginner' difficulty, fight the two fights and this achievement is pops up when returning to the tournament results.

  • Play all modes at least once, check the shop and all options

    This achievement requires you to play all the modes this game has to offer. You should play all game modes when going for the other achievements, so this achievement should come when going for the others. You also need to check the shop once and check all options in the menu. You also need to play both Tutorial modes. You don't have to complete all of the game modes.

    Game Modes:

    • Exhibition Mode
    • Title Mode
    • Title Defense Mode
    • Tournament Mode
    • Ultimate Fights Mode
    • Career Mode
    • Event Mode
    • Create A Fighter
    • Tutorial Practice Mode
    • Tutorial Guide Mode
    • Xbox LIVE Exhibition


    • Game Play Options
    • Sound Options
    • Credits?
  • Touch gloves at the beginning of 10 matches.

    In the beginning of each fight, walk towards your opponent and the d-pad towards your opponent. The CPU isn't very helpfull for this achievement, but it's doable. The easy way for this achievement is to use 2 controllers, start up an Exhibition Match with each controller controlling a side, walk towards eachother, not too close and press the d-pads on both controllers towards eachother simultaneously and both fighters touch gloves. After you did this, press start, then select rematch and repeat this process untill the achievement unlocks.

  • Complete all A, B, and C class challenges (Red and Blue Corner)in a fight in Ultimate Fights Mode.

    This achievement requires you to unlock all rewards for a single fight in the 'Ultimate Fights Mode'. Just pick a fight within the class you are most comfortable with (if you like striking, pick one from 'Ultimate Knockouts' and if you like grappling choose one from 'Ultimate Submissions'), check the requirements for a class-challenge and meet the requirements during a fight. Meet all the requirements for 3 challenges for both fighters, so 6 challenges in total for the same match and the achievement is yours.

    This doesn't have to be done in one or two fights. Once a challenge is unlocked, it is saved and you can fight the same fight as many times as you require to obtain all challenges.

  • Win a Champion vs. Champion fight in Career Mode

    At a certain point in your career, you will get a title shot, win the title and defend it at least 5 times. Then you will be given the option to switch to another weight class and fight a champion. Win the fight and this achievement is yours. This is one of the toughest fights in the career, but certainly not impossible. Just save before the fight and in case you lose, reload your last save and try it again.

  • Win 25 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


    See 'Baby Steps' description.

  • Win 50 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


    See 'Baby Steps' description.

  • Win 75 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches


    See 'Baby Steps' description.


  • Win 100 Xbox LIVE Ranked Matches

    See 'Baby Steps' description.

  • Download an Event for Event Mode

    Another very simple achievement, but it requires Xbox Live. From the Main Menu select 'Xbox Live' > 'Event Card Download' and just download an event card available. It only takes seconds and the achievement pops up.

  • Win by all methods of stoppage against the CPU. (KO, TKO, Submission, Doctor Stoppage)

    Can be achieved in all game modes and most people will get a KO and TKO anyways by playing through the game modes. If you are having trouble, just create a fighter and don't fill up his stats at all, then go to Exhibition and select a match with a good fighter against your 'empty' CAF.

    KO - Knock someone out at once. I'd suggest picking some of the best strikers in the game in the higher weight classes. When you rock someone, simply let him recover. That way you increase the chance of getting a knockout.

    TKO - Basically the same as going for the KO, only now continue with striking when your opponent is rocked and the referee stops the fight. You definately score some TKO's when competing in the game modes.

    Submission - Pick a good grappler to go for a submission, first wear your opponent down, but don't knock him out. Takedowns, throwdowns and slams are good ways for a grappler to wear the opponent down without risking (T)KO. Eventually do what you have learned in the tutorials or just by practicing and force your opponent to tap out due to your submission.

    Doctor Stoppage - See 'It Slices, It Dices' achievement description.

  • Dodge 3 consecutive strikes via sway (Outside of Tutorial Mode)

    Learn sway in the 'Tutorial Mode' and then select Exhibition (or any other mode if you prefer). This achievement requires some good timing and to make it harder, you have to use sway three times in a row to dodge, but never forget that practice makes perfect.

    You can also use two controllers to go for this achievement.

  • Complete a post-fight interview in Career Mode

    At a certian point in your Career you will be given an interview after you win a fight. For me the first opportunity came, while being undefeated, after my 9th fight, the 3rd within the UFC. Simply don't skip anything and select a few answers of your choice and this unlocks when the brief interview is over.

  • Reach "World Class" (Level 3) status with a technique or move.

    Can be done through the 'Camp Invites' in Career Mode. Select a fight camp that has moves you want to focus on and perform certain moves in the practice fight to earn progression points towards a new level within the certain move.


Secret achievements

  • Now you're dirty boxing with Pride!

    Can be achieved in any mode, gain a clinch ( + ->) and make sure you are both punching. A higher difficulty or stronger opponent should be usefull for this one.

  • No respect for your opponent.

    Perform 5 taunts (taunts are done by using the directional pad)in a single fight. A very easy one. Just set up any match you prefer and press the directional pad, watch your fighter make a move and then repeat it untill this achievement pops up.

  • Is there a doctor in the stadium!?

    Win a fight by doctor stoppage due to cuts. This achievement also contributes to the 'Cessation Sensation' achievement. It sounds harder then it is once you get the hang of it.

    Create a fighter and don't fill up his stats at all. Then go to Exhibition Mode, pick up any fighter you want to play with, though it's recommended to use a Muay Thai fighter, such as Jon Jones (LHW), Quintin Rampage Jackson (LHW) or Kenny Florian (LW) and put the difficulty on beginner. There is no need at all to set the fight for more then 3 rounds, cause using this method, the doctor stoppage comes in the first or second round.

    The key here is to use weak strikes to the head, in English: Use  and , but don't use in in combination with the  or pressing the  towards your opponent, or use headkicks, since that will KO your opponent at a certain point before the doctor stops the fight.

    There are two positions you can work out those cuts nicely. The Muay Thai clinch, which can be accessed by pressing  and the  towards your opponent. From here you can work nicely with either the or , or you can throw him on the ground from the clinch position by pressing  and doing a major transition from the clinch and work on the cut further on the ground. If you don't use strong attacks, the fight is stopped at some point, the doctor will look at it, but the fight continues. That's normal, but just keep following the description here and the doc will stop the fight for the second time, leaving you with the win and this achievement.

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