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  • Training Devotee



    Perform a workout every day for 100 days.


    By the time you earn this achievement, you will (probably) have A) earned the achievements for working out 3 & 7 times in a week, 30 days running and finally the 100 days running and B) be lean, mean and ready to take on the UFC’s finest.. Ok maybe not but you’ll certainly have noticed a difference!

    Generally these with these achievements, the description is a good enough explanation but just to clarify, every day for 100 days you have to complete either a Dellagrotte, Mendez or a Jackson exercise routine.
    Within each category there are different routines depending on which area of the body or which type of workout you wish to undertake (strength, weight cut or cardio).

    Some people have mentioned this achievement being glitched/not popping either due to them failing an exercise or doing their own custom-made workouts at some point during the 100 days so my recommendation to you is to make sure you pass all the exercises on a readymade workout and fingers crossed after the 100 days you’ll have earned yourself 85g.

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  • cant go on holiday until you complete this achievement i'm guessing.
  • Horrible achievement, horrible.
  • Doesn't say online. So you can probably just go to time on Xbox change it and get it.
  • @3 still a lot of work :( Definately not a cool achievement at all. Imagine if it bugs out or something!
  • Does this have to be 100 in a row?
  • Every day for 100 days... Means 100 in a row... Lot of work!
  • NO LIFE?? screw this
  • Wow this achievement is bullshit. 100 days in a row..
  • @7 it is technically working out so its no different than what a lot of people do in the weightroom. But still 100 days in a row is bullshit because my family is constantly going on vacations.
  • I don't get why they would ever put this in? I could understand the week in a row but 100 days come on?
  • 100 days in a row for 50G....thats worth it.
  • Hmmm might get this now :P
  • C'mon people stop looking at this as a negative cheevo, they're trying to motivate us to get in shape =]
  • With working out properly you're supposed to let your muscles rest. Where is the time to rest in this achievement? Also, even if you're working out different muscle groups different days this is still stupid for an achievement. I'd rather just go outside or to the gym and not have to worry about getting on a game for 100 days straight.
  • Does doing the programs count? or is it strictly the workout option?
  • I got the 3 day one by doing programs.
  • @14 I doubt your going to be doing Heavy workouts EVERY one of those days. You could very easily do a heavy workout one day, and a very light workout the next and so on
  • There have been several days I've been busy as hell, and I still fit in time for one two minute "hit the mits" routine.
  • I dont have this game but wouldn't changing the time zones back and forth work it may take a few hrs but its better than 100 days any one confirm this??
  • You can change the date back and forth, no problem. i do my workouts Monday to Friday them I´m usually away on sat and sun... on monday (restday in my program) i just do the sat and sun workout.
  • I know right, it’s horrible! A work out/fitness game they actually want you to use every day to get into better shape! The nerve of those people.
  • @ #3 and everyone else. im getting this game within a couple days and i will see if going offline and advancing your calender will work, definitely worth the 50G's!!!
  • I registered just to make fun of you people!! Are you really complaining about a game that wants you to excersice 100 days in a row?! And dont give me this you need time to recover crap. Have you ever worked out in your life? These are 15-20 min programs, not hours in the gym. Get off your fat asses and do the achievement and enjoy it!
  • @23 LOL your so stupid, nobody is complaining because of that. This is an achievement website and this achievement is technically giving you 1/2 a point every day. Your a retard, and by the way Ive been working out for about 4 years now.
  • Not got a problem exercising 100 days in a row. But I can pretty much guarantee that for 100 consecutive days I will at some point be away from my xbox for at least 24 hours.
  • @23, unless you don't work and don't have a life, it's almost impossible to be home every day for over 3 months. Wouldn't mind 100 days cumulative, but I have to got to Virginia next month and Mexico in March, etc., so anyone who as to travel for work or relaxation is screwed! And I will workout on the road too, so it's not about the fitness aspect.
  • Pathetic achievement considering it could do damage to your body. You need rest.
  • why wouldnt they just do work out 100 tims or something or get to like 400 or something 100 in a row is just weird n dumb
  • can you skip exercises?
  • Really separates the men from the boys! But really, that's serious dedication. Some of the workouts are really easy, but when you can't leave your Xbox for more than 24 hours, that's just a pain. I've been trying for this and have broken my streak so many times already.
  • Can anyone confirm that activities such as Hit the Mitts counts towards this achievement?
  • This was probably the hardest achievement I have had to get. But I managed to do a 30 and a 60 programme while working towards the 100 day.
  • I can confirm that changing the clock works. If you accidentally miss a day, just disconnect and change the date to catch back up again.
  • This game got on my achievement score. Now I have to buy it and get this?!
  • Does this at least have a counter that tells u your still on track or do u just have to workout for 100 days an hope to god?
  • @31 Yes, hit the mitts works for this.

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