Century Achievement in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

  • Century



    Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches

  • How to unlock Century

    This achievement can be obtained legitimately by winning 100 total games in Xbox Live Ranked matches. If you’re new to the game, be prepared to lose quite frequently because many of the players who still play online are very good. It is also possible to obtain this achievement by boosting with a friend. Simply have one person host the game and the second person keeps searching for a Ranked Match until they find the first person. At that point, load up the game and one person lets the other win. Repeat two hundred total times, alternating victories, and both of you will unlock the achievement.

    If that takes too much time, Link2430 reported that it also counts as a win if one person simply quits out once you both get to the character selection screen. Either way, the ease with which you can find each other depends entirely on how many people are online at a given time. If you’re on during peak hours, it can be frustrating, but if it’s a slow day, you can finish a match every couple of minutes.

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  • Hey I need HELP!!! With a question, if me & a friend activate the code 4 insta kill B4 beginning a round does it not count as a win? Or not towards the achievement? I mean after we pick our characters & we move our 3 separate emblems to activate the code 4 insta kill. PLZ RESPOND!!!
  • Never mind my last comment, kodes definitely work!!!! Me & my friend boosted & got this achievement with no problem. :D
  • what is the code? i'd love to boost to get this achievement, rather than spend the next 5 years trying for it.
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  • @ #21 You have to download it from xbox.com
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