Beat the Noob! Achievement in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

  • Beat the Noob!



    Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.

  • How to unlock Beat the Noob!

    Noob Saibot is accessible after you’ve won a Mortal Kombat tournament. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your reward at the end of the final match. Choosing the fourth option from the left - it looks like a backwards "3" - will open the match with Noob Saibot. Be aware that, should you lose, you will not have the opportunity to continue the match and try again. Instead, you’ll have to beat another entire tournament to get to him again. Fortunately, a loophole and a glitch dramatically simplify this achievement.

    The loophole, discovered by mach II, is that you don’t have to beat the single-player tournament every time that you want to fight Noob Saibot. If you have a second controller, you can simply set up an eight-player tournament with the two controllers and proceed through the tournament fighting against yourself. After a few minutes, you’ll win the tournament and be able to select the fight with Noob Saibot as your reward.

    If you try to beat Noob Saibot using conventional strategies and techniques, you may find him to be quite frustrating. He’s difficult to see and has a series of very powerful moves and counters. Unfortunately for him, DisturbedDan discovered the following glitch. If you simply press as fast as you can, Noob will get stuck in an animation glitch, allowing you to kill him in a few seconds and preventing you from taking any damage. Many people have reported being able to get back-to-back Flawless victories using this technique. Below is a video demonstrating this strategy.

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  • The strategy of mashing A doesn't work. Noob Saibot just completely rapes that now. I think they patched it.
  • Smashing A didn't work for me either!!!!
  • noob saibot is on of the creators of MK, Tobias Boon, just spell it backwards
  • worked for me then they gave me another person and i died but no achievemet even though i beat him
  • @3 That's freaking hilarious I never caught that before.
  • @3 I looked it up & it's actually Ed Boon's last name Also John Tobias's last name, they are the original creators of the Mortal Kombat series.
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  • I just gave this a shot today with the latest title update while connected to live, and the "press A" exploit still works. You just gotta get him into the right position
  • Yeah definitely still works. I unplugged my ethernet chord as it started and put it back in right after I beat him though just in case. Was pretty hilarious seeing the noob do a little dance while i smacked him.
  • totally do-able. took me a few times but finally got the "mashing A" technique to win.
  • where is noob?
  • You can also beat noob using sindels scream as he doesnt block it and just do some follow-up combos after the scream.
  • I beat noob yesterday using the low punch method. It works, you just have to time it perfect and mash A as fast as you can so he doesn't move.
  • Noob Saibot has no specials but he is still hard to beat. The best way is to play the 8 player tournament mode and pick all sub zeros NOT classic then when you choose the treasure to fight him keep tapping A as default button and he will keep running into it, Its an animation glitch.

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