- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 8 [123]
- Online: 4 [77 ]
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 4-6 Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No

Welcome to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. This game is part of one of the most famous fighting game series in video game history. Unlike other fighting games available on the marketplace, UMK3’s achievements are very obtainable. There are some cheap methods, besides a glitch, to attain most of the achievements.

Offline Achievements:
The single player achievements are probably the hardest to gain. Please take a look into the respective achievement guide descriptions to get to know what to do.

We’ll start the game on Novice difficulty with the character Scorpion. You should attain two achievements after the first round. Try to perform a flawless victory against the CPU to gain "Flawless" [11]. When doing this, you also might try to finish the enemy with a Babality, which gives you "Soother" [20]. On the second round you want to do the Back, Back, , , , , combo. This unlocks two achievements worth 23 ["Double Time", "Combo Number 5"]. When you get hit, you can always try to get the above achievements in following matches, but I’d suggest to start a new game since the enemies on the first round are always the easiest.

Now fight your way to match number five to achieve "Match Tree" [10] and "Match Five" [12]. An easy method here is to combine the Spear Attack (Back, Back, ) with a simple uppercut (, ). As soon as you finish the second round, the respective achievement will unlock.

Now we have six of the eight offline achievements – and the easiest by far as well. One of the two remaining requires you to complete the game, which unlocks "Ultimate" [22]. Please see the achievement description in the guide for further info and tactics. Right after you finished the game, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose a reward. Choose the “backwards 3” to gain access to a match against Noob Saibot. Please note that when you lose this match, you either have to play through the whole thing again or you simply use a simpler method HERE. Once you’ve beaten him, "Beat the Noob!" [25] will pop up.

Online Achievements:
When you’ve finished the single player achievements, you may breathe out because the online achievements aren’t hard at all. Just create a boosting session with a friend or find somebody in the Achievement Trading Thread HERE and do the following:

On the first match you may want to do a Friendship on the first round and a Fatality on the second one. This nets you 35.

The last two achievements are "Competitor" (Win a total of 10 games online, ranked) and "Century" (Win a total of 100 games online, ranked). If you want to get these as fast as possible, just open up a lobby and let a friend join. Once the character selection screen appears, your friend quits. This will count as one win for you. Do this until "Competitor" [12] and "Century" [30] unlock.

The only achievements you’ll get problems with are probably "Ultimate" and "Beat the Noob" unless you’re a real MK-veteran. Apart from that, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 isn’t that hard and a great fighting game.
[XBA would like to thank T0b3 for this Roadmap]

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete a Flawless victory against the CPU (1 round).

    A Flawless victory simply means that you take no damage over the course of the round. Keep in mind that you do take a small amount of damage when you block, so your strategy should be to avoid getting hit at all. While you can do this with whatever character you’re most comfortable with, I recommend Smoke, Scorpion, or Sub-Zero. All three of these characters have moves that will allow you to immobilize your opponent repeatedly, letting you deal them damage without any risk of being hit.

    Smoke: Trident Spear – Back, Back,
    Scorpion: Spear – Back, Back,
    Sub-Zero: Freeze - , Forward,

    Follow up any of these moves with a simple uppercut (, ) or the combo of your choice. As soon as your opponent recovers, use the move to immobilize them again and repeat.

  • Complete a Fatality during an Xbox Live Versus game.

    Once you’ve beaten your opponent, there will be a short period of time where they just stand there swaying before they fall over and die. You have these few seconds to complete the combination of moves necessary to perform a fatality maneuver. Each character has their own unique set of fatalities and you’ll know you’ve performed it properly when you see the animation of your foe’s grisly demise.

    This achievement must be accomplished in an Xbox Live game, but if you’re boosting your online wins, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get it. Here is a link to a list of all the moves for each character. Since you have to beat your opponent first, its best to use someone that you’re comfortable fighting with, but I found Kitana’s to be fairly straightforward:

    Back, , Forward, Forward, .

  • Complete a Babality against the CPU.

    A Babality is similar to the Fatality in the sense that it’s a unique finishing move for each character. It is a little bit more difficult because you can’t use the block function during the match in which you wish to use the Babality. You also have to accomplish this particular achievement against a computer opponent, not an online foe. Here is a link to a list of all the moves for each character. I found Scorpion to be an excellent choice:

    , Back, Back, Forward, .

  • Complete a Friendship during an Xbox Live Versus game.

    Friendship is another finishing move – you can’t use block during the round if you want to pull one off. This achievement requires you to perform one on an online opponent. Here is a link to a list of all the moves for each character. Jade’s combination is relatively simple:

    Back, , Back, Back, .

  • Complete a 5 hit combo against the CPU.

    This is similar to “Double Time”, but longer. I found this easiest to accomplish with Scorpion:

    Back, Back, , , , , .

    The first three moves activate the spear, so you have to pause for moment to let the enemy get pulled in close to you before you rapidly press the last four buttons to complete the combo.

  • Win a total of 10 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches.

    See “Century”.

  • Complete a 2 hit combo against the CPU.

    If you connect with several strikes in a row, it will count as a combo and you’ll see a small message pop up telling you how many hits you landed and how much damage you did. Pulling off a longer combo will also unlock “Double Time” at the same time. Use the moves list here and you can get this with any character.

  • Reach the third MATCH in any single player tournament.

    Simply start up a single player tournament against the CPU and beat the first two opponents.

  • Reach the fifth MATCH in any single player tournament.

    Simply start up a single player tournament against the CPU and beat the first four opponents.

  • Win a total of 100 Xbox Live Ranked Versus matches

    This achievement can be obtained legitimately by winning 100 total games in Xbox Live Ranked matches. If you’re new to the game, be prepared to lose quite frequently because many of the players who still play online are very good. It is also possible to obtain this achievement by boosting with a friend. Simply have one person host the game and the second person keeps searching for a Ranked Match until they find the first person. At that point, load up the game and one person lets the other win. Repeat two hundred total times, alternating victories, and both of you will unlock the achievement.

    If that takes too much time, Link2430 reported that it also counts as a win if one person simply quits out once you both get to the character selection screen. Either way, the ease with which you can find each other depends entirely on how many people are online at a given time. If you’re on during peak hours, it can be frustrating, but if it’s a slow day, you can finish a match every couple of minutes.

  • Beat the hidden character, Noob Saibot while playing the CPU.

    Noob Saibot is accessible after you’ve won a Mortal Kombat tournament. You’ll have the opportunity to choose your reward at the end of the final match. Choosing the fourth option from the left - it looks like a backwards "3" - will open the match with Noob Saibot. Be aware that, should you lose, you will not have the opportunity to continue the match and try again. Instead, you’ll have to beat another entire tournament to get to him again. Fortunately, a loophole and a glitch dramatically simplify this achievement.

    The loophole, discovered by mach II, is that you don’t have to beat the single-player tournament every time that you want to fight Noob Saibot. If you have a second controller, you can simply set up an eight-player tournament with the two controllers and proceed through the tournament fighting against yourself. After a few minutes, you’ll win the tournament and be able to select the fight with Noob Saibot as your reward.

    If you try to beat Noob Saibot using conventional strategies and techniques, you may find him to be quite frustrating. He’s difficult to see and has a series of very powerful moves and counters. Unfortunately for him, DisturbedDan discovered the following glitch. If you simply press as fast as you can, Noob will get stuck in an animation glitch, allowing you to kill him in a few seconds and preventing you from taking any damage. Many people have reported being able to get back-to-back Flawless victories using this technique. Below is a video demonstrating this strategy.

  • Become the champion in any single player tournament.

    This achievement requires you to play through a single player tournament against the CPU. There are three difficulty levels, which differ in terms of the total number of enemies that you’ll have to beat. Clearly, the Novice difficulty level will be the fastest because it has the fewest levels. You’ll first have to face five random opponents, then comes the Survival Round, which requires you to beat two opponents back-to-back in every round. The last two levels of the tournament will always be Motaro and Shao Kahn. For the first six matches, simply use whichever character you’re most comfortable with. The better you are at special moves and pulling off combos, the faster you’ll deal damage. Blocking can also help you survive long enough to pull off another set of moves. Keep in mind that the computer will adjust to your playing style and begin to counter a move if you use it over and over again, so change up your attacks rather than spamming a single move repeatedly.

    Motaro can be incredibly frustrating because projectile weapons - fire bolts, ice, spears, nets, etc. - don’t affect him. You’ll have to actually beat him hand-to-hand. If he gets close to you, he can use a tail swipe that breaks through your blocking. Additionally, he has a fireball projectile and a grab attack that can both take off huge amounts of health. There are a number of different tricks that people have suggested to take him down. One strategy, suggested by Ninegauger, is to use Sheeva and simply jump and use the , , combo over and over again. This seems to interrupt his attacks and knock him back for a second. aPerfektFIaw also suggests jumping () and using high kick () while mixing in combos when he’s stunned. J2 Da R recommends staying ducked down () and uppercutting () him as soon as he gets close to you. The timing is critical because staying down too long will let him tail swipe you and uppercutting too quickly will miss him and just set you up to get hit with his grab attack. Finally, if you’re skilled, you could also just run in after one of his attacks and lay down a quick combo.

    Once you’ve beaten Motaro, you finally meet Shao Kahn. He has a variety of powerful attacks – a shoulder charge that knocks you back, a sledgehammer blow when he gets in close, a green energy projectile, a simple kick, and a rising uppercut. There are two common strategies that multiple people have suggested. The first is to simply wait for his rising uppercut. If you’re ducked down, he’ll rise over you, allowing you to uppercut him instead. This is risky because it depends entirely on the frequency of this particular attack. If he doesn’t use it very often, then you’re out of luck. Heeby suggested the approach that I used and it works brilliantly. Just use Smoke or Scorpion and hit Shao Kahn with the trident or the spear (Back, Back, ) then hit him with an uppercut (, ). Use the trident or spear again before he can get up and repeat. I was able to get one flawless victory and he only hit me once on the second one. This is an especially nice strategy because the spear will interrupt his shoulder charge, so the only attack that you need to worry about initially is the projectile. The achievement unlocks as soon as he blows up.

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