Life Aquatic Achievement

  • Life Aquatic



    Upgrade all units, all races to level 3


    Upgrade all of the units (Marine, Dragoon, Corsir, Destroyer) to level 3 across all of the races. This does not have to come in one play through, so you can go back to an Act if you missed one and level up again. In each Act you play as a different race: Act 1: Human, Act 2: Nemoidian, Act 3: Atlantian. This achievement can also be unlocked using the online modes as well (Yes, even Private matches work), just remember to change your race (Human, Nemoidian, Atlantian) after each round. You must rack up 5,000 points to fully upgrade one unit and you must do this 4 times for each race. Points come from kills, wounds, capture point neutralization and capture point captures.

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