- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
- Offline: 10 [170]
- Online: 2 [30]
- Approximate amount of time to 200: 5-6 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements: No Cheats

The achievements for Undertow are fairly straightforward and most are easily obtainable. "Frenzy" will take some skill and/or teamwork, while "Lord Of The Deep" will require some time. Take some time in Training, the first level, to familiarize yourself with the controls. Remember to always keep shooting with since you have infinite ammo. Also practice boosting with while shooting at the same time; it will prevent you from taking damage later.

Step 1: Campaign Playthough [Co-Op & Ultra Settings]
It's possible to obtain nearly all the offline achievements by yourself in the first playthough; though it will be difficult if you have not played the game before. It's recommended that you find a partner to play co-op with, whether online or offline. If you choose not to play with another person, you can use another controller to play in co-op to work towards that achievement as well. When you're ready, start up a co-op campaign on the Ultra difficulty.

The campaign contains 3 acts with 5 chapters each. Every act features a different race. In each act, be sure to upgrade each unit type to level 3. The capture achievement and kill achievements should come naturally through the playthrough as well. Don't worry if they don't, you'll have plenty of opportunities to gain them later. If you have a decent partner, you should be able to get through the campaign fairly quickly.

Step 2: Multiplayer Achievements
At the time that this Road Map was written (Jan 09), there are very few people playing multiplayer. To get these two achievements, you will more than likely need a boosting partner. Set up a Conquest match with no time limit and AI Players set to none. This should set you and your partner up to get these achievements in no time.

Step 3: "Lord Of The Deep" Grinding and Mop-Up
You'll need 10,000 kills across all game modes to finish off Undertow. If you didn't receive "Dive Master", "Deep 6", or "Navy Of One" during the campaign, now is your opportunity to do get them. This will take some time, so be patient and do it in parts. If you want to check your stats in the current chapter, hold down . To see your overall kills, check the leaderboard and make sure to change the Game Type to Totals.

It took me 9 hours to get 200 through 3 playthroughs and some grinding. If you tackle Ultra and Co-op right from the start, it should save you lots of time. Good luck and happy grinding.

  [XBA would like to thank jukkakhan for this Roadmap]

Undertow Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Complete the Hope of Humanity campaign


    Finish all 5 chapters of Act 1: Hope of Humanity in the Campaign mode. Can be unlocked in Single or Co-op mode in any difficulty level.

  • Complete the Nemo’s Wrath campaign


    Finish all 5 chapters of Act 2: Nemo's Wrath in the Campaign mode. Can be unlocked in Single or Co-op mode in any difficulty level.

  • Complete the Atlantis Rising campaign


    Complete all 5 chapters of Act 3: Atlantis Rising in the Campaign mode. Can be unlocked in Single or Co-op play in any difficulty level. This is the final Act of the game.

  • Complete each chapter in co-op mode


    If you don't have a partner this also works on Split Screen Co-op Campaign with a second controller, just put it on Casual Difficulty. You do not have to do this in any particular order if you have already unlocked the solo campaign chapters. You may participate in a chapter online that you have not yet unlocked in solo campaign if the host has unlocked it. However, even if you complete it on-line in Co-op, you will not unlock that chapter for your solo campaign. You can check your progress on the level select menu with the metals - the Co-op badge at the bottom will be colored in if you have completed the level in Co-op.

  • Take over 100 control points


    Take total control of 100 of the control points. This counts for all game types (Single, Co-op or Online Multiplayer) across all difficulties. The round counter at the top of the screen must be your color to take over a point and you have to be the one or one of the ones at the control point when it is taken. You can retake a control point and it will count towards your total again. You can chose to attain this achievement normally through a few Campaign runs or exchange online.

  • Frenzy



    Complete each chapter on the Ultra difficulty setting


    To beat the game on the Hardest setting, you cannot rely on your AI teammates to help you much. While it is possible to attain on Single Player, it is ideal to work with a offline or online Co-op Partner or partners to achieve it. It is recommended to go through the Campaign on Casual first to familiarize yourself with the levels and then take on the Ultra difficulty. Remember to upgrade your units when you can, continue to fire since you don't run out of ammo and keep moving and evading by pressing "Boost" (). Take advantage of all the boosters as well. The red Frenzy Pack doubles your damage for 30 sec, the gray Shield Pack protects you for some damage and the blue cross Health Packs restore your health. You do not have to do the campaign in any order, so if you are limited on time with someone else, the following levels are easier to take on by yourself:
    Act 1 - Training, The Line, Payment
    Act 2 - Kanly
    Act 3 - Subversion, End Game

  • Upgrade all units to level 3 in a single online match

    You can do it legit, but it will be much easier with a boosting partner. You must have at least 20,000 points total to upgrade all of the units in one match. Each unit takes a total of 5,000 (Level 2 - 2,000, Level 3 - 3,000). Kills give you points for damage but it may be easier to exchange taking over control points. You receive 125 pts for each control point you fully neutralize by yourself (make dark) and 250 for each control point you take control of by yourself (make your color). Host a Multiplayer Versus Ranked game and set it for 2 players and "No Limit" for the Round Duration and a map you and your friend agree on so your friend can find your game. If you wish you can set the match to Conquest so at the end you can take over all the control points and receive the "Hydropwnage" achievement as well.

  • Get 100 kills


    Simply kill 100 opponents. This works in any mode (Campaign, Mulitplayer, Co-Op). You should get this in the first few rounds in Casual Campaign mode. Note that your kills still add to the total even if you lose the match. You can check your total kills on the game's Leaderboard, after playing a round or from the "My Games" selection screen (formally Xbox Live Arcade) in your "Games Library" section of the dashboard.

  • Win an online Conquest match by taking all of the control points (get a shutout)

    If you can't get this legit, find a boosting friend. Determine a map and host a Multiplayer Verses Ranked game. Set it for 2 players and the map you both agreed on so your friend can find your game. Capture all of the control points. You can also tie this one in with the "Arsenal" achievement if you set the Round Duration to "No Limit."

  • Deep 6



    Get 200 depth charge kills


    You must kill 200 opponents with depth charges. Your blue depth charge releases with . You begin each new life with 3 and can hold 5 at a time by refreshing your stock with the red spiky power-ups. In the Casual difficulty it is much easier to kill with the depth charges as it takes more than one to kill a Destroyer in the Ultra difficulty. Your kills count across all game modes and difficulties.

  • Upgrade all units, all races to level 3


    Upgrade all of the units (Marine, Dragoon, Corsir, Destroyer) to level 3 across all of the races. This does not have to come in one play through, so you can go back to an Act if you missed one and level up again. In each Act you play as a different race: Act 1: Human, Act 2: Nemoidian, Act 3: Atlantian. This achievement can also be unlocked using the online modes as well (Yes, even Private matches work), just remember to change your race (Human, Nemoidian, Atlantian) after each round. You must rack up 5,000 points to fully upgrade one unit and you must do this 4 times for each race. Points come from kills, wounds, capture point neutralization and capture point captures.

  • Get 10,000 kills


    Get 10,000 kills across all game modes. This includes all Single Player and Online modes (even Private Player matches) at all difficulties. Basically, if you kill anything in the game it counts. The best place to rack up long kills is in the mission Riptide (2nd mission) in Act 3: Atlantis Rising. You can average 170-190 kills per match on the Casual setting. The best place to rack up quick kills is in the first misson of Act 1 Training, where you can average 70 kills in just over 2 minutes or so on Casual. To check your total kills, you can find them in three places: On the game's Leaderboard, after playing a round or from the "My Games" selection screen (formally Xbox Live Arcade) on your Games Library section of the dashboard. Remember that even if you lose the match, your kills count towards your total.

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