Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
Offline: 0/20 (0/200)
Online: 20/20 (200/200)
Approximate amount of time to 200100+ Hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: N/A
Missable achievements: None
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty Settings
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
Extra equipment needed?: Windows 8

*Note: If you have completed the Windows Phone 8 version of the game. When you start the game and it downloads your information from the server all the achievements will pop.

Welcome to Uno and Friends, the latest Freemium game made by Gameloft. It is the first Uno game to hit the Windows Phone platform with live Multiplayer. If you are familiar with Uno or even if you’re not you should have no trouble completing this game, it might just take a while. 

Each game takes 2 tokens to play. Winning a game nets you 2 tokens, losing nets you nothing. Each game depending on where you place, gains you points which are needed to level up. First Place nets you 80 points, Second Place nets you 30 points, Third Place nets you 20 points, and Fourth Place nets you 10 points. In addition, completing a Bonus Goal nets you 10 points, you get a level bonus, and if you use the 50% boost you get 50% more of all the points you earned for that match. If you have less than 10 tokens, you will get a Scratch Off ticket every hour to get more, ranging from 2-6 tokens. You can purchase tokens if you wish, but it is not necessary to complete the game it will just speed things up. 

This game is entirely multiplayer based. The game will play just like any other UNO game, but with 3 live opponents. There are some connectivity issues where players get disconnected and just Time Out all their plays or the bot players take over. Occasionally you’ll get disconnected and lose your two tokens for that match. If you want to try boosting this game with other members you can use the Achievement Trading Thread to find others wanting to boost.

The game starts you out with 10 gold tokens. The first thing you should do is play a few games to familiarize yourself with how the game works and to add as many people as friends as you can. Remember to purchase the 50% Point Boost whenever you have enough silver tokens. You should get “Bonus Complete!” and maybe “Back-to-Back!” during this step.

Once you have a few friends, from the main menu go to Create Game then you can either invite five different people to the game or just invite the same person five times. This will get you “An Inviting Friend!” Once the achievement pops you can go back to the menu without actually having to play a game. Note: You must have at least two gold tokens to be able to enter the Create Game menu.

The final step is to keep working your way to level 100. At some point you’ll want to send five gifts to other players to get “Keep on Giving!” The rest of the achievements should come from playing naturally as you work your way to level 100. 

The achievements in this game aren’t hard by any means. It will just take a while to get to level 100 and obtain the full 200. Luckily this game is fun enough that you will want to keep playing it for a while.

[x360a would like to thank TemporalWizard for this Roadmap]

UNO and Friends Achievement Guide

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • UNO Centennial!


    Simply play 100 cards. This will come naturally on your way to level 100.

  • Bonus Complete!


    Just complete one of the bonus goals. This will likely be the first achievement you get. The game tells you what your bonus goal is for that game at the bottom of the loading screen.

    See "The Finisher" for a complete list of Bonus Goals.

  • Feelin' Wild!


    Wild cards are the black cards with the four colors on them. Just play 50 of them across all your games. Wild Draw Four cards also count towards this achievement.

  • Wild Child!


    A Wild Draw Four card looks similar to a regular Wild card, but it has a +4 on it. Just play 50 of these across all your games.

  • A Challenger Approaches!

    When a player only has one card left and doesn't call Uno a yellow button that says, "Challenge Uno" will appear beside them. Press this to Challenge their uno this will force them to draw two cards. You have to be fast if the next player plays or they press uno the button will disappear. 

  • In It for the Long Haul!


    Simply play 500 cards. This will come naturally on your way to level 100.

  • Master of the Game!


    Just win 50 games of Uno.

  • Primo Player!

    Just play 10 games of Uno. It doesn't matter whether you win or lose.

  • Boom! Level 25!


    Reach level 25.

  • Be the UNO! Level 50!


    Reach level 50.

  • Boom! Level 100!

    Reach level 100. It takes 102,000 points to reach level 100. This will be the last achievement you get in the game by far. 

    Some tips to make this go faster:
    Always use the 50% point boost when you have enough silver coins to do so. Related to this, you are going to want to try and finish in the top 1000 in the weekly challenge since the silver coins you will get as a reward should be enough to let you keep purchasing the 50% point boost for the following week. The weekly challenge ends on Friday nights. You are also going to want to add as many friends as possible. There is no limit to the amount of friends you can add and once you add someone as a friend they can send you tokens as gifts, which will allow you to play more often.

  • Go Green!


    Just use a wild card to change the color to green five times. Both regular and Draw Four Wild Cards count for this achievement.

  • I See Cards of Blue!


    Use a wild card to change the color to Blue five times. Both regular and Draw Four Wild Cards count for this achievement.

  • Mellow Yellow!


    Use a wild card to change the color to yellow twenty times. Both regular and Draw Four Wild Cards count for this achievement.

  • Keep on Giving!

    During a game if you tap on another player there will be a little present icon, tap that to send a gift. Do this five times.

  • An Inviting Friend!


    You can either do this with Randoms or with Xbox Live friends. Your Xbox Live friends will already be on your friends list if they have played the game before. To add a Random as a friend, while you are in a game tap on them then tap the +Friend button. 

    Once you have at least one friend, from the main screen tap Create Game and then just invite that person to the game five times. Then you can back out without actually playing the game and get your two gold coins back.

  • Remarkable Red!


    Simply use a Wild Card to change the color to Red 20 times. Wild Draw Four Cards also count for this achievement.

  • Back-to-Back!


    Simply win two games in a row. Since this game largely relies on luck there's no real sure way to do this, but just keep playing and it will come eventually.

    Alternatively you can boost this with friends. Use the Achievement Trading Thread to find Friends.

  • The Finisher!

    You must complete 50 bonus goals for this one. The game tells you what your bonus goal is for that game at the bottom of the loading screen.

    Bonus Goals:

    • Add a Friend - Currently doesn't seem to be obtainable
    • Send a Gift to Another Player
    • Play a Wild Draw Four Last
    • Reverse a Reverse Card
    • Reverse two Reverse Cards
    • Play a Draw 2 on a Draw 2
    • Play 2 Draw 2 Cards in a Row
    • Play a Wild Draw Four on a Player with Uno
    • Play a Wild Draw Four instead of a playable card
    • Successfully Challenge a Wild Draw Four
    • Draw when you can play a card
    • Pass after drawing a playable card
    • Play a Skip on a player with Uno
    • Play a Reverse on a player with Uno
    • Call Uno with one card in your hand
    • Challenge a missed Uno
    • Play cards one through four
  • Power-Ups!


    Boosts are the items you can purchase with silver coins before the game starts. Simply purchase and use 5 of these. The only boost I would bother with is the 50% point boost to make getting to level 100 faster.

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