Pathfinder Achievement in Unravel

  • Pathfinder



    Make it to the water wheel without using a log raft

    How to unlock Pathfinder

    This will be found in Chapter 5, "Off the Rails". After you have crossed the first bridge in the chapter you’ll come up to the area where this achievement will be unlocked. After reaching the yarn checkpoint you’ll see an area above you with a door flap and the log that can be used in this section. Underneath that will be a lasso point that you’ll want to jump to then swing over to the right where the wall comes out of the water. Climb up on top of it and lasso up to the point above you and to the left. Stand on the mini wooden ledge and jump over to the circular wheel to the right to drop down and hang there. Then swing on over to the wooden platform on the right. Hop on the wooden post, lasso up onto the wooden dock, jump over the opening then you’ll reach another point where you’ll need to swing. Drop down while holding to give yourself enough slack to swing over to the metal chain. Then just swing from the metal chain over to the rock and jump up to reach the yarn checkpoint and unlock the achievement!

    Maka has provided a 100% walkthrough for this level that will show you all the collectibles and how to unlock this achievement:

  • The achievement / trophy is located in the 5th chapter called "Off the rails". After you cross the first bridge in this chapter, you will come to the achievement / tropy section. Normally you use a log draft here but for the achievement / tropy you can not use a log draft. Follow the video and you will see how to solve this section without a log draft.
  • This guide includes all secrets / collectibles in chapter 5. The first collectible requires the use of the log raft, so immediately restart the checkpoint after collecting the first collectible. Then continue on without the log rafts. Here is a video guide with English commentary for this achievement! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!

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