Reckless Achievement in Unravel

  • Reckless



    Find the secret in the engine room

    How to unlock Reckless

    You’ll find this achievement in Chapter 10, "Rust". Around the middle of the chapter you’ll find a garage/workshop with a car inside it and a magnet you’ll need to control. When you enter the room, drop down to the floor where you’ll find the magnet power switch and the control with four directional levers. Each lever controls a certain direction. From left to right: (1) left (2) right (3) down (4) up. Jump on the power switch to turn on the magnet. Step on the down lever (3) until the magnet picks up it picks a metal block. Raise the magnet with lever (4) and bring it over the wooden box on the left with lever (1). Once it’s over the wooden box turn off the magnet and let the metal block crush the wooden box. Turn the magnet back on, lower the magnet with lever (3) till you pick up the metal block. Then climb up to where the wooden box was to collect the secret and unlock the achievement!

    Maka has provided a 100% walkthrough for this level that will show you all the collectibles and how to unlock this achievement:

  • The achievement is located in the 10th chapter called "Rust". In the middle of chapter 10 you will come to the engine room. Here you find a car, a magnet and on the ground a control unit for the magnet. Basically you have to do the following steps: 1) Turn on the magnet 2) let the magnet down into the car (a steel cube will attach) 3) drive the magnet and the cube to the left side over the wooden crate 4) turn off the magnet 5) turn on the magnet and get again the steel cube 6) turn away (other side) the magnet and collect your secret (it is number 4 in this chapter)
  • This includes all collectible / secret locations in chapter 10. The achievement is specific to the fourth collectible in the chapter, which is found in a garage area. This puzzle requires you to use a magnetic winch to pull out an engine part and use it to climb out of the room; however, you can also use it to break a box and uncover the collectible. Here is a video guide with English commentary for this achievement! Here is a playlist of guides for this game!
  • Or you can just crush the crate with the magnet. I did it before I read the achievement because I thought that's what I needed to do.

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