Hidden Depths Achievement in Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • Hidden Depths



    Completed a squad story for the first time.

    How to unlock Hidden Depths

    Squad stories are side-missions that will provide backstory and extra flavor to the units in your squad. Completing them will add new traits to those units, so they are beneficial to do as the story progresses, but not required in any way. To unlock a squad story, at least one person involved in the story needs to be at Corporal rank (see "Upward Mobility" for info on promotions), but it doesn't matter who. You need to get all of them to Corporal for "War Hero" though. Here is a complete list of the stories and the soldiers involved:

    1. Like Old Times - Curtis, Laurent, Eileen
    2. A Prayer for the Broken - Godwin, Rosetta, Nico
    3. The Price of Skill - Aladdin, Leonhart, Neige
    4. Mischief Makers - Simon, Viola, Emma
    5. *Reluctant Solitude - Louffe, Stahlschrott*
    6. Honor, Pride, and Regret - Fleuret, Rebecca, Mabel
    7. Worlds Apart - Zaiga, Gertrude, Vancey
    8. All the Single Ladies - Milenia, Britney, Rita
    9. To Live Unbound - Azusa, Scott, Nord
    10. Treading New Ground - Dan, Aulard
    11. Legacies Left - Roland, Ryan, Keigel
    12. Girl in the Iron Mask - Stanley, Fairy, Jenny
    13. Love and Logic - Hanna, Jascha, Aoife
    14. Unfortunate Souls - Odin, Lily, Jimmy
    15. Gambler's Ruin - Jester, Teresa, Connor
    16. *Soul of the Navy - Brian, Sergio, Andre*
    17. *A Chivalrous Heart - Minerva, Crystal*

    Note: The ones marked with an *asterisk* will not unlock until after the main story is complete, even if you've hit the appropriate rank with a unit during the story.

    Note 2: Some characters have fixed ranks because they are already officers when they join your squad during the story. You still need to use one of the units involved in the Squad Story 40 times (or less with extra kills) as if you were ranking them up unlock stories 16 and 17. Again, see "Upward Mobility" for more info on ranking up units.

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