Martyr's Courage Achievement in Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • Martyr's Courage



    Triggered a Last Stand 15 times.

    How to unlock Martyr's Courage

    Last Stand can occur randomly when a unit is put into critical condition and will offer them one final action before they drop to the ground. While this is completely random normally, you can control it as any unit who has the Fighting Spirit buff will always go into Last Stand. You can give this buff manually with the "Inspire" command (learned in the Mess Hall after Chapter 11), then simply run the character in front of a tank to die. One of the commands they can do when they go into Last Stand is to Inspire someone else, so pass the Fighting Spirit buff on to another unit and let that person die as well. Continue a chain of Last Stands and Inspiration buffing to unlock the achievement in a single mission. I used the first Challenge Skirmish.

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