- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [easy w/guides], 7/10 [normal wo/guides] [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 36 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 50-55 hours [with cutscenes], 40-45 hours [without cutscenes] [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No

Valkyria Chronicles 4 takes place in the same timeframe as the original Valkyria Chronicles, but focuses on Squad E of the Federation. Commander Claude Wallace and his childhood friends set out to fight for freedom in this desperate war, but bone-chilling blizzards, waves of imperial soldiers, and the godlike powers of the Valkyria stand between them and victory.

Step 1: Complete the Story
Your first goal of the game should be to play and enjoy the story. There are no missable achievements and you can play on Easy if you'd like. That said, there is plenty you can do while going through the campaign to make your trip to 1000 the shortest possible. For starters, be sure to try and get A-Ranks on each mission whenever possible. While most missions are not terribly long, this will avoid some rework later on. Also be sure to upgrade weapons and tank parts, level up your units, and buy orders at the Mess Hall after each chapter. And when you notice that a unit has been promoted to Corporal, switch them out of your active party. While units do have some unique traits to them, they are all identical for the most part - one will rarely give you an advantage over another.

Step 2: True Ending and A-Ranks
After completing the game, the Infirmary and the Cenotaph (cemetery) will unlock at HQ. You will now earn "Renown" on top of ducats and experience when you complete any mission. See "Our War's End" for info on unlocking the game's True Ending. Check your Story Book and see what, if any, missions you need to replay to get an A-Rank. If you only focused on the main story so far (which is fine), you'll need to now play every Squad Story mission and Skirmish and get A-Ranks on those. Along the way you'll unlock the rest of your squad to get that achievement.

I'd suggest using playlists by DeadPixel, Kyorisu, or Minh Ho for all the missions. Remember, you can save at any time, so be sure to abuse that and make sure you get the best result from every turn.

Step 3: Corporal Grinding
Now comes the grind. This game is not so bad as others, but you will need to grind out plenty of missions to promote all your units to Corporal. This will be the last thing you do, and you'll max out unit levels, buy all weapons, and everything else along the way. One thing that still might elude you if you didn't die much during the story (which is likely if you followed video guides) is the decoration for having Ragnarok show up in battle for the "War Hero" achievement, and revives and Last Stands. Check those descriptions for more info.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Valkyria Chronicles 4 Achievement Guide

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There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Obtained all Achievements.

    Congrats on your Platinum Trophy!

  • Obtained all decorations.

    There are 20 decorations to unlock, and they are all directly tied to other achievements in the game except for two. As you work toward unlocking all the achievements, this should come along the way though. Here is the full list:

    • Complete Chapter 1 - Krest Service Medal
    • Complete Chapter 4 - Siegval Service Medal
    • Complete Chapter 13 - The Blue Rose
    • Complete Chapter 16 - Federate Medal of Honor
    • Complete Chapter 18 - Federation Star of Valor
    • Defeat 1 Ace - Honorary Medal of Valor
    • Defeat 250 Enemies - Bronze Medal of Honor
    • Defeat 500 Enemies - Silver Medal of Honor
    • Defeat 1000 Enemies - Gold Medal of Honor
    • Rescue an Ally - Combat Medic Medal
    • Ragnarok Appears! - Deckard Medal
    • Max All Classes - Order of the Golden Wings
    • Learn All Orders - Excellence in Leadership
    • Obtain All Weapons - Excellence in Armament
    • Obtain All Tank Parts - Excellence in Technology
    • All Units Promoted to Corporal - Excellence in Teamwork
    • Viewed All Events - Eastern Theater Service Medal
    • Get 1 A-Rank - Meritorious Service Medal
    • Complete All Missions - Distinguished Service Medal
    • Get All A-Ranks - Peerless Service Medal

    One unique decoration is earned randomly when working on the "Daring Rescuer" achievement. There is a small chance that when you revive a character who has lost all their HP, Ragnarok (the squad's dog) will show up and grant the unit a bonus. It's supposedly 5% or lower, and completely random, so you may need to grind for this and purposely let units get killed in a tough mission to try for it later on. I got it twice without resorting to grinding though.

    The other unique decoration is to promote all units to Corporal, and complete their personnel profiles. You only have to get one promotion for a different achievement, but this achievement requires every unit at that rank. Be sure to rotate your units out once someone hits Corporal. Aside from their unique traits, every unit will be the same level and have the same abilities. Once you get all the other achievements, see the video under "Upward Mobility" for a grinding method. In addition, you need to complete all of the Squad Story missions to get everyone's positive traits.

  • Defeated an enemy ace for the first time.

    See "Ace Killer" for more info.

  • Defeated 15 enemy aces.

    There are 51 total aces in the game, and only one per map if one is present at all. You may need to go out of your way to find some of them, as they won't always be in the direct path of the mission. Check the PSNProfiles guide to find their locations (he provides maps of every mission and they are marked by the same stylized "A" you get when you A-Rank a mission). You only need 15 for this achievement, but all of them drop unique weapons or tank parts which are needed for other achievements, so be sure to kill them all eventually. It may be a smart idea to write down which ones you've killed as you go.

  • Defeated 1000 enemy units.

    This should come on your way to the completion. You don't kill too many enemies per mission, but you'll need to grind a lot post-game for other stuff, especially promotions, so you should get it eventually without forcing it.

  • Rescued 10 allies in critical condition.

    When a character runs out of HP, they go into critical condition. You then have a certain number of turns (which fluctuates based on the weather) to rescue them by moving another unit near them or using the "Medic Request" order, which is the first one you learn in the Mess Hall. See "That's an order, soldier!" for how to issue orders.

  • Watched all event scenes.

    Event scenes are actually just the game's cutscenes, and watched just means started. If you don't care about the story, you can technically just start them and hit to skip them. This achievement includes all main story cutscenes, squad story scenes, and all the ones unlocked in the True Ending path or via skirmish completions as well (these get added to the main story book). See "Our War's End" for info on the True Ending. There are a number of scenes that can be skipped in the Story Book, so be sure to view everything as you go so you're not hunting for the missing scene later on. Unwatched scenes are marked with an icon in the upper-right corner if you do need to search though.

  • Completed a squad story for the first time.

    Squad stories are side-missions that will provide backstory and extra flavor to the units in your squad. Completing them will add new traits to those units, so they are beneficial to do as the story progresses, but not required in any way. To unlock a squad story, at least one person involved in the story needs to be at Corporal rank (see "Upward Mobility" for info on promotions), but it doesn't matter who. You need to get all of them to Corporal for "War Hero" though. Here is a complete list of the stories and the soldiers involved:

    1. Like Old Times - Curtis, Laurent, Eileen
    2. A Prayer for the Broken - Godwin, Rosetta, Nico
    3. The Price of Skill - Aladdin, Leonhart, Neige
    4. Mischief Makers - Simon, Viola, Emma
    5. *Reluctant Solitude - Louffe, Stahlschrott*
    6. Honor, Pride, and Regret - Fleuret, Rebecca, Mabel
    7. Worlds Apart - Zaiga, Gertrude, Vancey
    8. All the Single Ladies - Milenia, Britney, Rita
    9. To Live Unbound - Azusa, Scott, Nord
    10. Treading New Ground - Dan, Aulard
    11. Legacies Left - Roland, Ryan, Keigel
    12. Girl in the Iron Mask - Stanley, Fairy, Jenny
    13. Love and Logic - Hanna, Jascha, Aoife
    14. Unfortunate Souls - Odin, Lily, Jimmy
    15. Gambler's Ruin - Jester, Teresa, Connor
    16. *Soul of the Navy - Brian, Sergio, Andre*
    17. *A Chivalrous Heart - Minerva, Crystal*

    Note: The ones marked with an *asterisk* will not unlock until after the main story is complete, even if you've hit the appropriate rank with a unit during the story.

    Note 2: Some characters have fixed ranks because they are already officers when they join your squad during the story. You still need to use one of the units involved in the Squad Story 40 times (or less with extra kills) as if you were ranking them up unlock stories 16 and 17. Again, see "Upward Mobility" for more info on ranking up units.

  • Recruited all squad members.

    Most squad members will join automatically throughout the story, but there are eight that have unique requirements to meet before they show up. These are:

    • Gertrude - Have 1,000,000 ducats at one time
    • Ben - Complete a Hard skirmish
    • Mabel - Complete 3 Squad stories
    • Eileen - Complete a mission in which Curtis was put into critical condition
    • Brian, Sergio, Andre, Ruf - Complete 5 Hard skirmishes

    This achievement may require that all the soldiers are alive at the same time as well. If anyone dies during the story, they can be resurrected after the campaign is over. The Cenotaph will unlock and you can purchase their zombie corpse there.

  • Used R&D Facility for the first time.

    After the second mission of the game, the HQ opens up and you'll be able to visit the R&D Facility where you can develop tank parts and new weapon upgrades. Simply purchase anything to unlock this achievement.

  • Obtained all infantry weapons.

    Weapons for the most part will unlock as upgrades in the R&D Facility as you progress the story and level up your classes. Simply purchase them with money. You'll be getting all classes to Level 30 for another achievement, so this will unlock all the basic upgrades available here. In addition to the Facility, you will obtain many weapons by killing enemy aces. See "Ace Killer" for a link to their locations. Kill all 51 aces in the game to ensure you capture all the enemy weapon types.

    The final method of unlocking new weapons is via post-mission rewards, called Royal Weapons. These seem to be tied to mission performance (getting A-Ranks, killing leaders and aces, not dying) though even if you get all A's you may still be missing a few. Luckily, post-game you'll be able to spend Renown at the Infirmary to get a random weapon, hopefully one you don't have. Here is the list of Royal Weapons (in ascending order, Rank 1 to Rank 5):

    • Rifles: Lenfield R1, Gallian-X1R, Gallian-A10R, Gallian X20R, Renfield R11
    • Machine Guns: Robinson M91R, Majex M1R, Rising M9A1R, Majex M30R, Robinson M101R
    • Lances: Lancaar M1R, Lancaar M1R, M2EQ-5R, M2EQ-5R, SB9-7R
    • Sniper Rifles: LF Wasp No.1R, Brondel M101XR, LF-ASR No.1R, Gatt R, LF Wasp No.11R
    • Mortars: Hartmann MS1R, Sanders M3R, Elias MA4R, Sanders M8R, Hartmann MS10R

    After buying every upgrade at the R&D Facility and killing all the aces, you may get lucky and have all the weapons already depending on mission rewards. If not, start spending points at the Infirmary until you have the full list above and the achievement will unlock when you return to Book Mode and get the corresponding medal. Mark off which ones you've already collected so you know which rank to buy in the Infirmary.

    Note: For the Lance weapons, there are only actually three unique weapons. The Lancaar M1R can be found in Rank 1 or Rank 2 from the Infirmary, while the M2EQ-5R can be found in Rank 3 or Rank 4. This is only mentioned so you can make a choice of which rank to purchase, depending on which weapons you still need. For instance, if you need two different Rank 4 weapons, buy that and you'll have a chance at the M2 in addition to whatever else you're missing. If you only need specifically the M2, you'll want to buy Rank 3 drops to save some Renown.

    Note 2: You can "save scum" if this is the last achievement you need so you don't have to gather more Renown by replaying missions. Purchase drops in the Infirmary until you run out of Renown and if you don't get what you need just reload your save and try again.

  • Developed the Hafen into a heavy tank.

    See "Ultimate Tank Squad" for more info.

  • Obtained all tank parts.

    Tank parts are primarily purchased as upgrades at the R&D Facility. After you research every available upgrade unlocked during the story, a few extra upgrades will unlock post-game from Infirmary purchases. You will also get a few parts as rewards for killing Aces. Purchase all upgrades at the Facility, Infirmary, and kill all Aces to unlock this achievement.

  • Obtained all ship parts.

    Ship parts are all purchased as upgrades at the R&D Facility. After you research every available upgrade unlocked during the story, a few extra upgrades will unlock post-game from Infirmary purchases.

  • Learned an order at the Mess Hall for the first time.

    See "Military Exemplar" for more info.

  • Learned all orders.

    When you unlock the HQ, you'll also unlock the Mess Hall after going back to the Story Book. Visit the Mess Hall and a character will chat with you and offer to teach you an order for a set amount of experience. You'll unlock 11 orders this way at various points in the story. The rest of the orders unlock as you level up your troops, and we'll be maxing them out for another achievement anyway so all these will come along the way.

  • One of your squadmates was promoted to Corporal.

    For a unit to be promoted to Corporal, you need to use them in battle a maximum of 40 times. This means actually selecting the unit and moving them or doing some sort of action in real-time. It could actually just be selecting them and immediately terminating their turn. If you're on track for an A-Rank in a mission and have some CP left, feel free to use up all your CP but one so you can take the last action needed to complete the mission (such as capturing a base or reaching a specific location) but still using some turns on your other units for progress toward promotions.

    I say a "maximum of 40 times" as it appears other actions (such as killing enemies) can lower this, but using them 40 times will guarantee the promotion. You need to do this for every unit for the "War Hero" achievement, so be sure to rotate out squad members who hit this rank and begin working on others. The video below is the method I used to grind out ranks.

    You can get up to six kills in one turn depending on the unit type. Modify your method if you're using a sniper or lancer, but try to get a few kills with one unit and have a scout ready to rush and capture the point once one CP is left. Additionally, you could end the turn before capturing and use a second turn to get more actions, depending on how close your units are to ranking up. With someone you've never used before, two turns twice would be a good idea, then do one turn and you should have it.

  • One of your classes was promoted to Elite status.

    Elite status is obtained by reaching Level 11 with a class.

  • One of your classes was promoted to Paragon status.

    Paragon status is obtained by reaching Level 21 with a class. During the campaign, your units are capped at Level 20. Once you beat the story, purchase the upgrade in the Infirmary to raise the level cap to 30.

  • All of your classes were upgraded to max level.

    Inside the HQ, you can visit the Training Field. Here you can apply your earned experience toward leveling up your classes. When a class gains a level, all units in that class level up and gain any unlocked bonuses. You will get this on your way to ranking up all your units. See "Upward Mobility" for more info. This will have to wait until after the campaign is over and you unlock the level cap in the Infirmary. During the story you can only get to Level 20.

  • Earned 1,000,000 DCT cumulatively.

    As mentioned in the description, this achievement is cumulative and takes into account money spent. However, one character that joins your squad will only do so when you have a million on hand. This isn't so bad though. Many missions will reward thousands of ducats. See "Upward Mobility" for an easy mission to grind money.

  • Obtained an A rank on a mission for the first time.

    See "The Empire's Worst Nightmare" for more info.

  • Obtained A ranks on 20 missions.

    See "The Empire's Worst Nightmare" for more info.

  • Obtained A ranks on all missions.

    In the Western release of this game, "A" is the highest rank available. If you're watching any videos or reading guides based on the Japanese release, they'll mention "S" ranks, so be aware of that.

    Getting an "A" rank is completely dependent on how many turns it takes you to complete the mission. You do not have to get a certain number of kills, worry about the Ace on the map, have any CP left over, or keep your allies from dying. If a mission is for reaching a spot on the map, you could just bum rush with your fastest troops/tank if you want. Many will almost require that, though some of the harder missions will be more involved. However, Royal Weapons are rewarded post-mission based on kills and no deaths, so do try to have a thorough, clean run if possible.

    This achievement requires an "A" rank in all campaign missions, squad stories, and skirmishes. The PSNProfiles guide has a map of each level listed throughout the guide, and next to the name of the mission name the number of turns required for an "A" ranking is listed in the left column. For instance, "Prologue (3)" means you need to finish the mission on or before your third turn to get the "A" ranking. That guide provides some minor tips on how to complete them, and there are numerous videos on Youtube available if you need help. I linked a few playlists I used in the Road Map.

  • Completed 10 missions without anyone in critical condition.

    Ciritcal condition occurs when an ally gets reduced to 0HP. Be careful with where you move your units (especially around tanks) and use Ragnaid whenever someone is low to avoid this. You should easily get this without trying during the campaign though, especially if you're playing on Easy and/or following video guides.

  • Gave ship orders 15 times.

    Ship orders will unlock in Chapter 8 with the Centurion. As with any other order, they cost CP to use and can only be used so many times per mission. You'll start with Radar which is fairly useful and unlock three others throughout the game. Bombardment is especially great for harder skirmishes.

  • Gave direct commands 15 times.

    Direct Commands can only be used by your leaders (ones with a badge next to their name) and will allow them to bring up to two other units along with them for no extra cost to your CP. This is extremely helpful to get a group of soldiers somewhere quickly. You will use this ability often to manage your "A" ranks, so this will come along the way.

  • Gave orders 15 times.

    Orders are used when you are viewing the Command Map during a mission. From the menu (where you would save your game) you can view the list of available orders. These cost CP to use, but can be quite helpful, especially if a unit is off on their own and gets put into critical condition. Use any combination of these orders a total of 15 times throughout all missions to unlock the achievement.

  • Triggered a Last Stand 15 times.

    Last Stand can occur randomly when a unit is put into critical condition and will offer them one final action before they drop to the ground. While this is completely random normally, you can control it as any unit who has the Fighting Spirit buff will always go into Last Stand. You can give this buff manually with the "Inspire" command (learned in the Mess Hall after Chapter 11), then simply run the character in front of a tank to die. One of the commands they can do when they go into Last Stand is to Inspire someone else, so pass the Fighting Spirit buff on to another unit and let that person die as well. Continue a chain of Last Stands and Inspiration buffing to unlock the achievement in a single mission. I used the first Challenge Skirmish.


Secret achievements

  • Completed Chapter 4, and won the battle of Siegval.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Completed Chapter 7, and rendezvoused with the Centurion.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Completed Chapter 11, and made it past the Sea Fortress.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Completed Chapter 15, and defeated both Walz and Crymaria.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Completed Chapter 17, and witnessed the end of the war.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Completed Chapter 18, and ended Belgar's dark ambitions.

    Story related and can not be missed.

  • Kept your promise with Riley Miller.

    This achievement unlocks when you view the "True Ending" for the game. After beating the normal story, you'll unlock the Infirmary at HQ. Go there and purchase "Armistice of Steam" for 20k Renown and view all the episodes, which will unlock a new story scene in Chapter 13. View this, then replay the final mission of the game again and choose the "Hard" version when the prompt comes up. Complete the mission under new, stricter parameters (less turns) to unlock this achievement.

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