Skullbagger 1 Achievement in Viking: Battle for Asgard

  • Skullbagger 1



    Collect the 6 skulls in Darkwater

  • How to unlock Skullbagger 1

    This skull list is made by Ageha:

    1. Enter Darkwater by jumping over the fence on the right side.
    Turn left and you find the first skull.

    2. Now run back where you jumped in and run right.
    Jump down a few steps. On the right side is a Legion. Stealth kill him.
    Then cross the street. Wait until the guards have their backs to you. Follow the way left up and you find the second skull guarded by some Legions. Just make a suicide run.

    3. Cross the street again but run right now. Stealth kill two Legion and run around the hut.
    You see the third skull by the well.

    4. Now turn around and jump over the red fence. There is a Legion group patrolling so time your jump.
    The skull is hidden behind the crates to your right.

    5. Follow the way and turn right as you see on the pictures.
    Kill the Legion and get the skull on the right side hidden behind crates.

    6. From number 5 go up the elevated walkway and follow it until you are almost at the red portal. Ignore the archers as your run until you see the crate which leads to the portal. The skull is lying by some barrels. Also here are many Legions guarding the skull. You might want to jump up to the red portal to power up the amulet first and then make a suicide run for the skull.

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  • this achevement gets on my nervs, you cant collect the skulls if you take over the base because it will take you to the next level. your best shot is to look around for the sukulls befor you assult the base but be carefull not to get cought.
  • Such a pain in the ass, better off just youtubing it. i know its not technically an achievement if you do that, but beats walking around getting beat on then throwing your pad through a window IMO
  • Oh. I didn't realise it'd take you to the next level straight after you take over the base. Rubbish! I take it there is no way to go back to the previous level, then...? I still had a load of crap to do. :(

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