- Estimated achievement difficulty:3/10 [1/10 with Vision Camera]
- Offline: 48 [970]
- Online: 2 [30]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 30-40 Hours (10-15 Hours with Vision Camera)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No Difficulty Settings
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: Xbox LIVE Vision Camera and Two Controllers

Welcome to Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise. This game has you raise and send piñatas to parties while protecting them from Professor Pester. This game requires the Xbox Live Vision Camera to obtain the full 1000 and using the vision camera will greatly decrease the amount of time that it will take to complete the game.

Most achievements in the game will come naturally while getting different piñatas to reside in your garden and sending them to parties for the different challenges. To cause a piñata to reside in your garden you must meet its appear, visit, and resident requirements. These are usually to have a certain amount of a specific item, plant, or piñata in your garden. Higher level piñatas will also require to eat certain piñatas and items.

The challenges require that you send a specific piñata, sometimes with additional requirements like knowing tricks or wearing specific clothing, to a party. You will need to complete all the challenges for "Master Challenger". You will also need to send some piñata to parties that are not required for the challenges for "Expert Records Keeper".

Romancing your piñatas requires that the romance requirements be met for two piñatas of the same species. When this occurs there will be a pink heart above the heads of the piñatas. You will need to direct the two piñatas toward each other. This will cause the romance minigame to begin. In this minigame, you need to collect enough hearts for the piñatas to successfully romance. If you finish fast enough you will receive twin piñatas as a result. When you romance with 6 pinatas of the same type in the garden and collect all the hearts in the minigame you will receive a wildcard piñata. You will need 10 sets of twins and 10 wildcard piñatas from different species for "Twin Birth Master" and "Wildcard Variant Master".

For "Yakity Yak", you will need a Flapyak that is ready to be sent to a party and a Milking Shed. You will then need to direct the Flapyak to the Milking Shed.

"Master Speedfreak" and "Master Exhibitor" are earned by winning contests with your piñatas. Pinatas with high values do well in the Show contest and faster piñatas in the Race Contests.

For "Come And Have A Go" one of your piñatas will need to win 17 fights against a different piñata. You can use the trick stick to anger a piñata so that it will go and find another piñata to fight.

"Master Couch Socialite" requires that you play 3 hours of co-op on one xbox.

"Candied Camera" and "Master Candied Camera" use the in game camera. You will need to take 10 photos total and one special photo. The special photo will unlock concept art for the game.
List of Concept Art

Xbox LIVE Vision Camera:
You will need to use the Vision Camera to scan 10 cards for "Master Card Sharp".

You can, however, use the camera to make the game significantly easier by scanning cards that will give you necessary piñatas and items for the challenges. This will save you the time to get the necessary piñata yourself and in if you use the correct cards you will not need to do anything to the piñata besides send it off to the party. You can also scan cards of evolved piñatas to gain the achievement for evolving the piñata immediately or cards of wildcard or twin piñata eggs for the "Twin Birth Master" and "Wildcard Variant Master".

Note: The vision camera does not always like to accept the card that you are trying to scan. Some ways to fix this are to print out the card in color or to move it to a paint program with an all white background.

You must play for one hour in 4-player co-op online for "Full House". This amount is cumulative, so you do not have to do it all in one sitting.

For "Famous Piñata" you will need to visit the garden of someone who has a famous piñata and watch the piñata be unpacked. Alternatively you could have someone send you a famous piñata and unpack it in your garden. Use this thread to find help for "Famous Pinata".

Note: The method to gain your own famous piñata was to be sent one by Rare for either completing all 841 awards in the game or for some other reason that Rare deemed worthy. Rare can no longer send out famous piñatas, so this method will no longer work.

Useful Links:
Pinata Island
Piñata Vision Cards

With a little bit of time and patience, you should easily complete this game and have some fun while doing so. Using the vision camera will make this an even easier completion.

[XBA would like to thank exit9500 for this roadmap]

Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Achievement Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed achievements
Show secret achievements

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Use a Piñata Card


    See "Master Card Sharp".

  • Obtain a special Piñata from the website (or trade one with someone who has)


    You have to be sent a 'famous' Piñata from someone who already has it, or you can join someone's garden who already has it and when they unpack the famous pinata, the achievement will unlock for you. Use this thread to try and attempt to find someone with a famous pinata.

  • Restore 10 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records


    See "Expert Records Keeper".

  • Win 10 Piñata shows


    To submit a piñata for a piñata show, just highlight the piñata and bring up the menu. Then select the Contests option and select Show. Submitting piñatas with a larger value should give a good chance of winning.

  • Make 3 Desert species resident


    See "Master Desert Collector".

  • Play One Box Co-op for 1 hour


    See "Master Couch Socialite".

  • Play One Box Co-op for 3 Hours

    Any easy way to achieve this is to just use another controller. You can just mess around for the full 3 hours, or you can leave it and go watch a movie (or whatever). Wireless controllers will turn off and pause the game, so use a wired controller, play-n-charge kit or a guitar controller.

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 7


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Grow all Desert plants to maturity


    Seeds can be retrieved by talking with Seedos repeatedly when he shows up in your garden. The more you level up, the more new seeds you will get.

    List of all Desert plants:
    Orange Tree
    Prickly Pear (Weed)

  • Grow all Arctic plants to maturity


    Seeds can be retrieved by talking with Seedos repeatedly when he shows up in your garden. The more you level up, the more new seeds you will get.

    List of all Arctic plants:
    Fireweed (Weed)
    Holly Bush

  • Earn a Gold Combat Medal


    The quickest way to get this is to start a new garden with a Roario and a few Barkbarks. Poke the Roario with the trick stick a few times and it will turn red and attack the nearest pinata. If you equip the dogs with Halo of Hardness, the Pinata will immediately heal itself after going down, saving some time. You must win 2 fights for Bronze, 7 fights for Silver, 17 fights for Gold. Make sure you do this quickly, or have a few more expensive Pinatas in the garden. My first attempt, I got to 15 and had Professor Pestor come and blow up my Roario because I went to look something up on the computer.

    You can not earn this achievement by scanning a Pinata card.

  • Make all Arctic species resident


    Here is the list of species and what you need to make them resident:

    (Layout Key)
    Appear Requirements
    Visit Requirements
    Resident Requirements

    Level 15 Gardener
    Use Orange as bait
    10% Snow, eat 1 figgy pudding (tinker holly berry), and eat 4 fir cones.

    Level 31 Gardener
    Use Holly Berry as bait
    40% Snow, eat 3 Banana splits, and eat 2 orchid

    Moojoo: (Feed Doenut a Fir Tree Seed)

    Level 2 Gardener
    Use Chili as bait
    5% Snow, 5% water, and eat 1 Newtgat

    Polollybear: (Feed Fizzlybear 1 Blue Jem)

    Sour Lemmoning:
    Level 6 Gardener
    Level 9 Gardener, Use any bait
    3% Sand, eat 1 horseradish(tinker with radish), and eat 1 Stew(tinker with turnip)

    Or you can just take the easy route and scan all the pinatas using the Vision Camera. The achievement will still unlock if you do this. (Click their names for Cards).

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 2


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Packet contains all surface types


    There are four types of packets: Short grass, Long Grass, sand, and snow.
    Short grass: Unlocked at start
    Long grass: Buy at Costalot's Store at Level 11
    Sand: Simply trap your first desert species.
    Snow: Simply trap your first arctic species.

  • Complete all of Langston’s Destination Challenges in Region 1


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Play 4 Player Online Co-op for 1 hour

    Go online and either join a game or create one and wait until you have a full co-op party. One hour will pass in no-time while you're in the garden messing around.

    It's cumulative, so it doesn't all have to be in one sitting.

  • Use 10 different Piñata Cards


    The game comes with a free card inside the gamecase, or you can print off cards from here (Must print in color, not black and white). Pinata Vision unlocks at level 4 or when you've completed/skipped the first three challenges. You can use the camera whenever the green light on the camera is on. The camera is turned off when you are busy doing something else in the garden and use of the camera would be inappropriate. When the cursor is just idling in the garden, the light should be green.

    You can also scan scan pinatas from the main website.

    Note: Getting these to scan can be a pain, but if you have a laptop or your computer is near your Xbox it will help. Save the image and open it in a Paint-type program. Shrink it about 50% of the original size, then make sure there is a large white background behind it. Now just hold the camera up in front of the screen to scan. If it still doesn't work, adjust the focus a bit.

  • Win a Piñata race


    See "Master SpeedFreak".

  • Restore all of Piñata Central’s Computer Records

    To restore records back into the computer, simply complete the challenges given to you. Challenges can be viewed, accepted, and cancelled by talking with Langston in the village. Langston always has three challenges available, but you can only accept one at a time. There are no time limits on challenges, and you can always cancel a challenge and accept a different one without any penalty.

    That big box outside your garden is how you submit piñatas to complete the challenge. The piñatas must be at full candiosity to be submitted, so just feed them a joy candy which will fill it up automatically.

    You must send off every single piñata in the game to get this achievement. To see what Pinatas you have sent off, look at your awards in your journal. You dont have to complete challenges, you just need to send your pinata to a party using that box, just get a pinata, give it a joy sweet and off it goes!
    To see what you are missing, view this list.
  • Restore 30 of Piñata Central’s Computer Records


    See "Expert Records Keeper".

  • Win a Piñata show


    See "Master Exhibitor".

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 3


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 4


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 5


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Win 10 Piñata races

    To start a piñata race, just highlight the piñata and bring up the menu. with X. Then select the Contests option (top left) and select Race. Winning shouldn't be too difficult. The achievement won't unlock until you return to your garden.

    A good tip is to use a Limeoceros as they are big and quite fast.

    Advantages: Runs Fast on Water, Sand & Grass
    Disadvantages: Slows Down on Soil & Snow.

  • Complete all Challenges in Region 6


    See "Master Challenger".

  • Make all Desert species resident


    Here is the list of species and what you need to make them resident:

    (Layout Key)
    Appear Requirements
    Visit Requirements
    Resident Requirements

    Level 15 Gardener
    Use Yam as bait
    20% Sand, eat 2 coffees, and eat 3 cactus flowers

    Chocstrich: (Feed Cluckles 2 Cactus Seeds)

    Level 1 Gardener
    Use Snowdrop as bait
    2% Sand and eat 1 Flutterscotch

    Pieena: (Feed Pretztail 1 Bone)

    Sour S'morepion:
    Level 20 Gardener
    Level 22 Gardener, Use any bait to trap
    5% Sand and eat 2 Buzzlegums

    Level 1 Gardener
    Have 1 Yam
    1% Sand

    Level 12 Gardener
    Use Chili as bait
    15% Sand, eat 1 Crowla, and eat 2 bones

    Or you can just take the easy route and scan all the pinatas using the Vision Camera. The achievement will still unlock if you do this. (Just click the names for Cards).

  • Make 3 Arctic species resident


    See "Master Arctic Collector".

  • Complete all Challenges in all Regions


    Visit this thread for all the info you need on Challenges.


Secret achievements

  • Evolve a Moojoo from a Doenut


    Simply feed a Doenut a Fir Tree Seed.

    6% Long Grass
    8% Long Grass, and have 10 Blueberries or 5 Bluebells
    10% Long Grass, and Eat 5 Blueberries or 2 Bluebells

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Create One Set of Twin Pinata's


    See "Twin Birth Master".

  • Evolve a Hoghurt from a Rashberry


    Simply feed a Rashberry a Cheesecake. (Tinker with Milk, then tinker with the cheese that it turns into)

    Have Gooseberry bush, and Chili Plant
    Have 3 Gooseberries, and have 2 chilis
    Eat 2 Rotten Gooseberries, and eat 2 Rotten chilis.

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Collect milk from a Flapyak


    You must have the Flapyak at max candiosity and have a milking shed in the garden. The milking shed should be unlocked very early in the game. Direct the Flapyak to the milking shed and when the milk jar appears in your garden, the achievement will unlock.

    Level 15 Gardener
    Use Orange as Bait in Arctic
    10%, eat 1 Figgy Pudding (tinker Holly Berry), and eat 4 Fir cones

    Or you could use your Vision Camera and scan this card if you want the Flapyak.

  • Obtain a Choclodocus


    This gets a little complicated, but here are the steps:

    Buy Red Bone, then Dig up Blue Bone and Green Bone. Drop 9,999 in well to get Amber Gem from Well (Buy well from Costalot's store after watching Credits). You can also just buy 3 red bones and this would still all work.

    Now tinker the three bones, depending on what order you tinker them will decide what type of dino you will get.

    1st bone is head
    red - Triceratops
    blue - Stegosaurus
    green -Brontosaurus

    2nd bone is ribs
    red - long tail
    blue - spikey tail
    green - stubby tail

    3rd bone is spine
    red - Horns
    blue - Turns it Blue
    green - Turns it Green

    Now place them with the gem into the storehouse. They will change to an egg. Place Jurassic Hair on Chuckles, and have it hatch the egg. Tada!

    Or you can use this method with the Vision Camera:
    First, scan in and buy the following cards:

    Red bone
    Blue bone
    Green bone
    Jurassic Cluckles
    Wishing Well

    Now you will need to drop 9,999 coins in the Wishing Well to get the Amber gem.Next call Bart to tinker the 3 bones. Once you have the Amber Gem, Skull, Spine, Ribs, build a storehouse and place them all inside. This will immediately combine them into your Choclodocus egg. Then direct the Jurassic Cluckles to the egg to hatch it.
  • Evolve a Polollybear from a Fizzlybear


    Simply feed a Fizzlybear a Blue Gem.

    Have Honey Hive, have 3 Buzzlegums, and have Buzzlegum house
    Clear fallen tree by having 5 sweetooths, have 3 jars of honey, have prickly pear.
    Eat 2 Jars of Honey, eat 2 Prickly pears, eat 2 raisants

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Wear a complete Piñata "costume" of accessories


    Conkerific Helmet, Combat Boots, and a Gasmask on any piñata will work for this achievement.

  • Create a Wildcard Pinata


    See "Wildcard Varient Master".

  • Evolve a Chocstrich from a Cluckles


    Simply feed a Cluckles 2 Cactus seeds.

    Have 1 Corn Plant
    Have no Pretztails, have 3 corn plants
    Have no Pretztails, and eat 3 corns

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Take 10 Photographs (Normal)


    Just bring up the menu and select camera. Take a picture of anything you want and when the picture comes up, hit B and take another picture.

    You do not need to upload any pictures for this.

  • Take a Special Photograph


    This is easily achieved by taking a picture of the blimp that flies over your garden. When the picture loads up, it should have a different background. The achievement should unlock right when it pops up.

  • Have a Woo Woo Train in the Garden


    Buy the Woo Woo Train from Costalot's store (Garden Items) and place it in your garden. Easy enough.

  • Evolve a Pieena from a Pretztail


    Simply feed a Pretztail a bone.

    Have 1 Bunnycomb or have 1 Tartridge
    Eat 1 Bunnycomb or eat 1 Tartridge

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Evolve a Parmadillo from a Fudgehog


    Simply feed a Fudgehog a coconut.

    Have Holly Bush
    Have Holly Bush, and have Thistle
    Eat 1 Holly Berry, Eat 1 Thistle, and have leaf pile

    Or you could just use your Vision Camera and scan this card.

  • Create 10 Wildcard Piñatas


    This must be 10 different species of piñatas.

    There is an easy way of getting both Wildcard Variant Master and Twin Birth Master at the same time. You must have 6 of the same species in the garden, then have 2 of the Piñatas romance so that you are going to be the Master Romancer of that Piñata. When the minigame loads up, you will notice all the hearts are flashing, which means if you collect all of them, you will get a Wildcard Piñata. But to get Twin Wildcard Piñatas, you must collect all hearts, and finish in the fastest time possible. You will know if you got Twin Wildcards in the results screen. It should say, 'Twin Bonus!' and 'Wilcard Bonus!'.

    Once the egg is delivered and hatches, you will have Twin Wildcards! Now repeat with 9 different Piñatas and the achievement will unlock once the last egg has hatched.

    The Twin Wildcard Piñatas do not all have to be in your garden at the same time for the achievement to unlock.

  • Create 10 sets of twin Piñatas


    See "Wildcard Variant Master".

  • Teach 10 Piñatas both of its tricks


    Simply feed a piñata a certain something and while it's performing it's trick (after little green halo effect), hit it with the trick stick. Here are the easiest piñatas to teach both tricks:

    Bispotti: Hollybush seed, Bluebell flower
    Bunnycomb: Dandelion seed, Dandelion flower
    Buzzlegum: Honey, sandwich
    Mothdrop: Pumpkin seed, Pumpkin
    Pretztail: Carrot seed, Carrot
    Sparrowmint: Daisy seed, Daisy flower
    Sweetle: Apple seed, Carrot
    Syrupent: Turnip seed, Turnip
    Taffly: Bluebell Seed, Bluebell flower
    Whirlm: Buttercup seed, Buttercup Flower

  • Knock 1 Sweet into a seed hole from a long distance

    Dig a bunch of holes on both sides of your garden. Now get 1 sweet somehow (buy, break pinata, etc), and highlight it with your shovel out. You can 'putt' it across your garden. Adjust your camera any which way you can so that you hit it harder. Zoom all the way out and use your Right Stick to aim upward so you can get a longer shot. Make a path of ice from one one side of your garden to the other with holes at each end. The ice makes the candy slide much farther making this achievement quite easy.
  • Teach a Piñata both of its tricks


    See "Master Instructor".

  • Have a Spectral Locomotive in the Garden


    You must complete all the Kenya challenges and it will unlock from Costalot's Store. Just buy it and place it in your garden.

    Or you can simply use this card with the Vision Camera.

  • Knock 5 Sweets into seed holes using the Shovel


    Just dig 5 holes near each other in your garden. Now get 1 sweet somehow (buy, break pinata, etc), and highlight it with your shovel out. You can 'putt' it across your garden. Just hit it into each of the 5 holes and this will unlock.

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