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There are 33 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Reaper



    Kill your first Zombie in story mode.

  • Rid the world of twenty zombies in story mode.

  • Eradicate one hundred zombies in story mode.

  • Notch five hundred zombie kills in story mode.

  • Wipe out one thousand zombies in story mode.

  • Is it absurd to think you can kill five thousand zombies in story mode? No!

  • Aww, your first zombie kill in horde mode.

  • Take out twenty zombies in horde mode.

  • Destroy one hundred zombies in horde mode.

  • Reach five hundred zombie kills in horde mode.

  • One thousand confirmed zombie kills in horde mode.

  • Five thousand zombie kills in horde mode? Sweet!

  • Kill ten of the undead minions of the dread Baron Dumorte.

  • Eradicate ten of the twisted products of Dr. Toten's zombie serum.

  • Destroy ten of the infested hosts of Cicatrix's symbiote brood.

  • Take out a Witchdoctor, one of Baron Dumorte's evil, zombie-summoning priests.

  • Destroy a disgusting, bile-vomiting Spewer.

  • Shoot down a Magus.

  • Eww



    Burst a Bloater, Cicatrix's swollen, symbiote-infested behemoths.

  • Are they out there? Prove it with a corpse of a Little Grey Man.

  • Squish one of Cicatrix's slithery Symbiotes.

  • Kill a Spiker. Watch out for the pointy bits.

  • Rid the world of that poster child for PEDs, the serum-swollen Hulker.

  • Dispose of a zombie-infested sky rat, the hideous Seagull.

  • Turn a zombie Shark into chum.

  • Unlock the Agent, the Alien, the Scientist, and the Shaman player characters.

  • Reach level ten for the first time.

  • Make 100 shots without missing.

  • Sniper



    Make twenty critical shots in a row.

  • Hoarder



    Kill one hundred enemies in a single horde mode game.

  • Finish story mode.

  • Finish story mode in under one hour, thirty minutes.

  • Kill every type of zombie in the game at least once.

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    There are 33 achievements to unlock in Voyage of the Dead worth a total of 1000 gamerscore.

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