- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: 45 (1000 )
- Online: 0 (0)
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 5-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: 1 (Total Perseverance, Part 8)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: Yes!

As with most children's movie themed games, WALL•E is a fairly easy 1000 . The toughest achievements in the game are the Total Perseverance ones which still shouldn't present too much of a challenge.

Welcome to Disney Pixar's WALL•E. This game has a total of 45 achievements and requires only one playthrough to get 1000 . Of the achievements 7 are unlocked simply by playing through the story while the remaining 38 achievements are unlocked by collecting certain items and performing certain tasks.

The game has one glitched achievement, Total Perseverance, Part 8. The reason this achievement is glitched is after you complete the first part of the level (the part with the sentries and "lava floors") the game can kill you automatically if you're not careful. The way this occurs is if after completing part one of the level you head towards the robots, the game sometimes will begin the next part of the level by promptly dropping you on a red floor and thus automatically killing you. To prevent this, after you complete the seven moving platform portion of the level head all the way to the right of the floor and make a line towards the Holo-detector. This should prevent the glitch from occurring and allow you to get the achievement.

As you playthrough the game, make sure to use the achievement guide to collect all of the items in each level. Also, you will notice a red circular item with a white "E" in it as you travel through each level. These collectibles are called "Wallops" and have no bearing on achievements. Collecting all 30 within a level will just unlock an additional multiplayer map.
If you accidentally miss a collectible in a level, do not worry. After you complete a level you can access it again at any time using the "level select" feature available in the main menu and pause menu. Also the game saves your collecting progress for each level so you don't have to get everything all over again, just the items you missed.

And there you have it! As I said before, not a hard game. If you are still missing achievements at this point just continue to use level select feature and play the level required.

x360a would like to thank Method for this Road Map 

WALL●E (Korea) Achievement Guide

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There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Turn on all Power Pylons to enter a secret location in the Welcome to Earth level.

    About midway through the level you will be faced with rotating two sections of platform (we’ll call them platform A and B) to sides 1, 2, or 3. In order to ‘clear’ each platform you need to charge up a Pylon with a Charge Cube on each of the platforms for each of the numbered sides (Line up platform A and platform B with the same number until you complete both platform A and B, then rotate both to new numbered sides and they must match). When you charge up the correct station you will see a cutscence of a light turning green or a gate opening (depending on which platform and side it is). If you are not sure that you have done a side, go back to the tower and check the section control station. Completed sections are green, uncompleted sections are red. Once you complete all 3 sections of both platforms the secret area will unlock.
  • Free all Reject Bots to enter a secret location in the Good Intentions level.

    This is basically the same as Power to the City, except instead of charging Pylons you are freeing robots. Most of them are freed by killing a Key Steward, others are just pushing buttons. Again, if you are unsure if you have finished a platform check the control room. Also, each bot that you free counts towards the 7 you need to save to get the achievement, so they will show up on your screen as 1/7, 2/7, 3/7, and so on.
  • Complete the activity in the Directive level.

    The challenges are denoted by the floating blue symbol in the main area of the map. Simply complete the challenge where you fly through 9 blue boosters and this will unlock.
  • Complete the activity in the Directive level.

    Same as Boosters Activity, but to get to this challenge you need to complete every other challenge in the area.
  • Complete the activity in the Directive level.

    Same as Boosters Activity; the challenge symbol will be near the first tunnel. You may need to do a few challenges before this one appears.
  • Complete the activity in the Time Together level.

    After you chase Wall-E and do the first tunnel challenge, you will automatically go into this activity. Fly through the rings within the time limit.
  • Complete the activity in the Time Together level.

    After the Ring Race Activity you will automatically go into the Taking out the Trash Activity. Blow up 50 pieces of space trash within the time limit.
  • Complete the activity in the Time Together level.

    Successfully chase Wall-E at the beginning of the level (this is part of the story) and this will unlock.
  • Collect the Special Object in the Welcome to Earth level.

    In order to get this you need to first unlock the secret area, see Power to the City, once you are in the secret area. Look to the immediate left. You will see a dirt ramp leading up to a rotating cylinder. Inside is the Special Object (Rex from Toy Story).
  • Collect the Special Object in the Directive level.

    Once you finish the first tunnel, you will be able to explore the area at your leisure. On top of one of the towers is a GIANT metal ball. Shoot it off the tower, look under where it was, and there-in lies your object (Pig from Toy Story).
  • Collect the Special Object in the Sandstorm level.

    In the area with the big robots coming towards you down a big road of sorts (the beginning basically), there are 3 possible directions to travel. The left holds a puzzle for a costume, straight on is the main plot route, and to the right are stationary cylinders that can be rotated with charge cubes. Make it to the end of the puzzle route on the right and you’ll have your collectable (Woody from Toy Story).
  • Collect the Special Object in the Life on the Axiom level.

    Toward the end of the level there is a long curving road littered with red explosive barrels. The middle of the road holds the ramp you extend to get to the train station. If you keep following this road, you will notice a large electric spark running down a wire into a red node. Below this node the wire continues into 2 more nodes. Throw 3 charge cubes at each of the nodes to allow the spark to finish it’s route. Do this and the Special Object will appear (Buzz from Toy Story).
  • Collect the Special Object in the Good Intentions level.

    After you finish the area with the 39 Stewards, use the elevator. Cross the several long skinny platforms covered in baddies. On the last platform (the one flanked by 3 turrets) there are two blue lift platforms. It will be in plain view on the other end of the blue platforms (Cockroach)
  • Collect the Special Object in the Time Together level.

    In the asteroid section of space. The asteroids appear to be in 2 different sections; one being higher up than the other. On the LOWER section, there is a satellite on the far right side (if you are facing the asteroid field from the ship's thrusters). The bulb is hovering in front of it! (Light Bulb from Pixar advertisements)
  • Collect the Special Object in the 100% Unsanitary level.

    Head for the end of the level to the part where you are on the conveyor belt with the purple damage spots. At the end of the conveyor belt on the right is the Special Object. (Cockroach)
  • Collect the Special Object in the Captain's Orders level.

    About half way through the level there will be a large Red Zone. On the left and right side are raised platforms with Stewards on them. The left one holds a collectable item. The right one holds the Special Object (Ball from Pixar Studios advertisements)
  • Collect the Special Object in the EVE Loves WALL•E level.

    There are 3 very small tunnels right in a row in the lower area of the main area. In the first tunnel, lies an EVE radio, in the second, lies the Special Object (Alien from Toy Story)
  • Get all Sketchbooks in the game.

    There are 20 in all. 10 Sketchbooks can be found in “Welcome to Earth” and 10 more can be found in Axiom Secret Area.
    Welcome to Earth (10 Sketchbooks)
    1.) At the start of the level go left up a ramp.. it's behind some trash
    2.) After you grab the Goggles off the broken WALL-E unit look to the right. There is an easily missed ramp up to the sketchbook
    3.) After the first vending station it can be seen on a piece of equipment to the right.. Hop across the sludge and over to it
    4.) In the secret area. To your left right as you start (note, 4-10 are in the secret area)
    5.) Above the fountain, use a charge cube to start the fountain and hop in the water to blast yourself to it
    6.) To the right of the fountain, jump on the boosting platform to shoot into it.
    7.) To the left of the fountain is a giant ramp that you can lower if you stand on it.. book is at the top
    8.) Straight from that where the tires start to roll is a platform like #6. Do the same thing
    9.) At the end of the tire section is number 9 next to a vial for the vending machine.
    10.) Go up the big ramps that lead up to the bouncing platform that has a bunch of safety cones on it. The book is there

    Axiom Secret Area (10 Sketchbooks)
    1.) Right at the beginning on a floating platform to your right
    2.) Fall off the flipping platforms right at the beginning. It's down there.
    3.) In the middle of the first spinning platform
    4.) On the second spinning platform, jump onto the bumper thing that shoots you to the yellow gravity field.. follow it around to the book.
    5.) When you start the fans up it will be at the bottom of the path with the 3 fans that go downward
    6.) Grab a magnet near the newly activated fans.. walk towards the book closest to you.. a metal path will appear
    7.) Carefully jump off the moving fans onto the center platform with the book
    8.) On the switch for the claw
    9.) Across the moving hexagons on the platform
    10.) At the end of the level, right after you do the puzzle for completing the circuit.       
  • Find all EVE Radios.

    There are 3 in total; one in each of the EVE levels.
    Level 2: There is a giant BNG ball being held up by steel on the second highest ground level portion of the level.. The Radio is under the ball. Shoot it!
    Level 6: Found near the 7th ring during the timed ring directive.
    Level 9: In the lower part of the main area are 3 small tunnels in a row. The first one on the left holds the EVE Radio. The next one holds the Special Object for the level.   
  • Find all WALL•E Radios.

    There are 6 in total; one in each of the WALL-E levels.
    Level 1: On platform 2 of the rotating platform section.. Set both platforms to '2.' The radio is at the very end on top of a giant yellow platform.
    Level 3: After killing the big robot head to the right and stay right at the fork. As long as you stay right, you can't miss the radio on the path.
    Level 4: At the start of the level on the right is a red hazard. Above it is the radio, be careful!
    Level 5: From where you get the suitcase continue along the balcony you go to with the lift. At the end of the platform on the left is a blue gravity field. Jump down and the radio is at the bottom.
    Level 7: On the platforms above the big spinning fire device thing. Part of the story path; can't miss it!
    Level 8: From the 1st EVE Suitcase, jump down to the Solar Generator. Near it is the radio.      
  • Find all of WALL•E's costumes in the game.

    There are 6 in total; one in every WALL-E story level.
    Level 1: In the secret area. Immediately at the start of it on a dumpster
    Level 3: After throwing the cubes in the bucket to lower the platform (and crossing the new platform) shoot the trash to your left, grab the vial in the trash, use it on the vending machine next to that, take 3 cubes up the ramp to your left, throw the cubes in the bucket, follow the platform down
    Level 4: On the long curved path littered with red explosive barrels (same one Special Object 4 is on) there is a Pylon that can be charged to activate a 'yellow wall' right next to said Pylon. Suitcase is at the top!
    Level 5: After you open the first door, go into it and go to your left. In the back of the next room is a lift. At the top of the lift a little to the right is the suitcase.
    Level 7: After seeing a big robot off to the right of the level, being chased by bomb Stewards, and sliding down a hill of muck, there will be a fork in the road. On the right side of this fork (the right side is made completely of muck and has a yellow booster at the start of it) will be the collectable. Even if you go left, you can still see it off to your right.
    Level 8: When the humans are falling, power up the Vending Station and use charge cubes to activate the two power Pylons.. the radio is off to the right .. path is a newly raised up 'ceiling' made of red floor.      
  • Find all of EVE's costumes in the game.

    There are 4 in total; one in levels 2, 3, 6, and 8.
    Level 2: Just do the two things where you stop on the pad(the activities) then go back to the starting point and there it is.
    Level 3: After you open the garage door by throwing cubes into the bucket pay careful attention to every corner you turn in the building. The case is in an easily missed corner in there.
    Level 6: It's floating on a satellite directly behind you once you start the trash collecting mission
    Level 8: Opposite Special Object 8.    
  • Crush down 100 Basic Cubes.

    If you do not have this by the time you beat the game: Go to the first level, Welcome to Earth, and make your way to the basic cube generator. Just pull out 3 basic cubes, throw them, rinse and repeat.
  • Crush down 100 Heavy Cubes.

    If you do not have this by the time you beat the game: Go to the first level, Welcome to Earth, and make your way to the heavy cube generator. Just pull out 3 heavy cubes, throw them, rinse and repeat. 
  • Crush down 100 Charge Cubes.

    This should unlock in the normal course of the game. If it does not, go to level 4, Life on the Axiom, and farm the charge cube generator toward the beginning of the level. Just pull out 3 cubes, throw them, rinse and repeat.
  • Crush down 500 Cubes in the entire game.

    Same as any of the Crushing Achievements; pick a spot and eventually this will unlock. 
  • Watch the credits.

    Self explanatory. If you accidentally skip the credits you will have to beat the last level, EVE loves WALL-E, over again. It only takes about 60 seconds to beat so it’s no biggie if you miss this achievement the first time.
  • Beat the Welcome to Earth level without losing all health!

    If you do not unlock this on your first play through don’t sweat it! If you bothered to unlock the secret area by unlocking the tumblers, see “Power to the City”, you can take the first blue recycle chute you see at the beginning of the level to get to the secret area. In the secret area, take the blue recycle shoot on the right, which will take you to the end of the level! Hop in the sandstorm and achievement unlocked!
  • Beat the Directive level without losing all health!

    If you have trouble with this on the first play through, replay the level and go straight to the hole in the hull of the ship (3rd tunnel) and do not die! Just doing this 3rd tunnel will complete the level.
  • Complete all tunnels in the Directive level without running out of time.

    Just don’t dawdle or run into things. Completing the three tunnels without running out of time should be no problem. 
  • Beat the Sandstorm level without losing all health!

    This is really not that hard to do. Just make sure you do not Stork Jump straight into a group of robots, flying cars, or jump off the edge.
  • Complete the Sandstorm level in 30 stork jumps or less.

    I got this without even trying. Just make you are not Stork Jumping stuff you could easily make with a normal jump. Also, make sure you only bother with the main path. The main path will be the ones with big robots sliding down the road.
  • Beat the Life on the Axiom level without losing all health!

    This is pretty straight forward and easy. The only part I had trouble with the part with the moving platforms midlevel. The only thing I can think to suggest is do NOT let the camera get the better of you. It’s pesky! Other than that just be careful.
  • M-O will clean what is dropped on the floor in the Life on the Axiom level.

    M-O is the little robot your tutorial box tells you will clean whatever you drop on the floor. There are 3 in the level and I believe you need to drop something for all 3 M-Os for this to unlock. (If someone could confirm this, I got it after dropping a cube for the M-O in the train station; it could just be for dropping one for this M-O, but I dropped one for all three, so I’m not sure.)
  • It's possible that knocking over humans could be advantageous.

    Knock over 25 humans in the Life on the Axiom level. When you get to the part with all the humans in their chairs, head over to the solar generator across the ‘road.’ Knock over humans (jump on them until they fall over) until your life bar gets low; refill your health, rinse and repeat. 
  • Beat the Good Intentions level without losing all health!

    This level is an extreme pain to not die in. Not only do I find the tumbler section glitchy, there is a pretty relentless part of the level where you are faced with fighting 39 Stewards in a row with limited health. Just be sure to pick up the Super Laser in the 39 Stewards room and don’t forget that you only have to complete one side of the tumblers (side = 2 same numbered sections)
  • Clear out the Stewards in the Good Intentions level.

    Defeat 100 Stewards in the Good Intentions level. This is very simple. Blow up every Steward you see and you should get this about half-way through the level. If you do not have it by the end of the level (the pseudo boss fight) just leave the Stewards generators active (don’t blow them up) and farm kills until it unlocks. 
  • Beat the Time Together level without losing all health!

    Tunnel portions are very easy; just make sure not to run into walls. In the section towards the end where you have to activate the charge stations and there is about 30 turrets shooting at you, be a little more careful. Also, when you shoot out the orbs in the spinning platforms make sure you aren’t in the way when it rises up.
  • Complete all tunnels in the Time Together level without running out of time.

    The game gives you SO MUCH TIME! If you are having trouble with the two tunnels required for this try spamming the laser the whole time you are flying and of course, try not to run into things.
  • Beat the 100% Unsanitary level without losing all health!

    After the first play through you should be well versed in the tricks of this level. Make sure you do not boost off the edge into the sludge or into a Bomb Steward. Also, be sure you are paying attention to how the magnet moves over the lava pit (the ones that create a little pathway as they move). Oh, and be very careful on the conveyer belt! Purple is BAD!
  • Beat the Captain's Orders level without losing all health!

    This can go hand in hand with the Panicking Protection Procedures achievement if you are careful. The most difficult part of this level is timing. DO NOT attempt to jump on the moving platforms until you are absolutely sure you can make it to the next one! This level is horribly frustrating if you do not take your time.
  • Avoid taking damage from any humans in the Captain's Orders level.

    All the humans have a set path. Just look ahead of yourself before you move and only move into the path of a human if you absolutely have to. You can die to the red tiles and still get this achievement in a do-over. Just make sure you never get hit by a human.
  • Scan all WALL•E parts in less than 2 minutes in the EVE Loves WALL•E level.

    You only have 2 minutes to do this level in the first place. So if you complete the level, you should get the achievement.
  • Find the cockroach.

    This does not have anything to do with the cockroach collectable. When you start level 1, walk forward slightly and this achievement will unlock. 
  • Beat the entire game.

    No tricks to this one. Just beat level 9 and you will have your achievement.

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