Emperor’s Champion Achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

  • Emperor’s Champion



    Earn a gold Aquila in every survival challenge

  • How to unlock Emperor’s Champion

    For this achievement you must survive for a certain length of time in each Survival mission (unlock 1 per campaign mission completion). In general, they require you to survive for 3-4 minutes, but once you get the hang of things that should be no problem. Each survival mission has a designated Space Marine that you must use, and all unlocked items are available to you to make things even easier. Some key things are to avoid using important powerups, primarily the heal and invincibility powerups, until after 3 min at the minimum. Once you hit around 3:30 in the missions they will begin to get pretty crazy (3:30-4:15). Before then, feel free to use the gun and sword powerups at your discretion, and use your special skill whenever you feel it's necessary. Ideally, having gained some experience from the campaign, you will be able to knock each one of these out in 1 go, but getting a feel for where and when enemies spawn, what powerups spawn, etc. the first time around will only make the second attempt that much easier as everything stays the same.

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  • I think you have to beat 3min 20secs on each level to get gold, currently checking that myself.
  • Yup, 3:20 on each survival level nets you the gold aquila.
  • For co-op its 3:45 for gold. Also you get the achievement for either getting gold in all solo or all co-op, you don't need to complete both sets.
  • I suggest doing these after the 2 full run throughs, by then you aught to be very good at staying alive.

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