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    Achieve a "Bloodbath" Kill streak

  • How to unlock Bloodbath

    To get this achievement, you must do a "Bloodbath" kill spree by killing 25 or more enemies in very quick succession (nearly all at once). This can be accomplish a number of times during the campaign by killing the Gretchin (smallest Orks) as they spawn in massive swarms in several locations where you can get this using whatever fast kill method you have (special, grenade, just shooting/cutting). If you have poor luck in the campaign, however, you can get Bloodbath in every one of the Survival missions at various parts and you are nearly guaranteed to get it on at least one of them, even on accident. 

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  • Not sure if this is to achieve 20+ or 25+ kills really quickly. I got this during the second level, but it easier to get it in the first survival mode level. Around the 1:22:00 mark there will be a large group of grekins if you kite around a bit till you get both the ones from the left and the right side of the screen, all around you. Then activate your special ability [LB] and you get easy get +25. I've gotten +28 and +33 kills is this mode at that point before so easy pickings.
  • #1 Thanks for the tip. Looks like I know what I'm working on tonight!
  • Got this streak during the Hive Tyrant fight twice, playing as whatever an assault marine is called in this game (the guy with the jetpack). Basically, just use your special move while things are coming out of the portal.
  • i got it on the 2nd survival level. LB when the 2 big groups of gretchin drop in and mow them down
  • Captured this today, pretty good method I feel.
  • It's 25+. What I did when I started level two, I just ran through with techmarine and kited three groups of the grekins dropped. When the turret started shooting, so did I. Pretty easy method.

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