Tactical Achievement in Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team

  • Tactical



    Unlock all weapons & ability upgrades

  • How to unlock Tactical

    To unlock all weapons and ability upgrades you need to simply kill everything and blow everything up for points. Massive killing sprees give huge combo points to help you advance quicker. In general, you will have all of the weapons (one character can unlock all of the weapons in the game) by the end of your first playthrough and you should have all, or nearly all of the upgrades. Doing something similar to the upgrade seems to make it more likely that you will upgrade that first, such as increasing your melee damage always occurred when I killed a number of enemies at close range, even with my gun. Note that survival does not count toward this achievement.

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  • Occurs naturally playing the game. There are no specific actions required other than gaining score points(the blue numbers that pop up when things die or explode). Just keep playing and they will all unlock eventually.

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