- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
- Offline: 20 [630]
- Online: 5 [370]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 100 hours exactly
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None!
- Glitched achievements: None!
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

This game is pretty straightforward but will take a lot of time, especially if you do not have a boosting partner for the online achievements. The single player is easy enough but one or two of the characters will require some skill due to the ludicrously hard final boss (even on easy).

Wartech: Senko no Ronde is basically a fighting game with mechs and most of the points can be acquired by blitzing your way through the single player story and score modes. The toughest aspect of this game is the online mode as literally NO ONE plays the game anymore. You will also be expected to rack up 100 hours of game time which can, thankfully, be done while sat on the menu and then saving your progress when you get bored.

NOTE: That none of the achievements will pop up until the game saves, this is pretty much automatic for the story achievements but for the online and time based ones you will have to manually save on the main menu.

Step #1: Play-through Story Mode
Go to the settings and change the difficulty to Very Easy and you will have very few problems with this. You have unlimited continues so just keep on going until you succeed. The last boss for Ernula and Cuilan is stupidly tough though, so refer to the forums if you are struggling.

Step #2: Play-through Score Mode
The same as story mode except you have to fight everyone with each character this time around. You also have to fight both bosses but you can just deliberately die on these levels as they are effectively bonus missions – once you die you will move on to the next fight.

Step #3: Online and 100 hours
I can not stress enough how important a boosting partner or second console is here. Without it I doubt you will ever rack up 1000 games as there are simply no opponents online. If you do have a partner then just let one player win constantly to get all the ranking achievements and then switch, this should get you to about 400-500 games. After this it doesn’t matter who wins so just keep playing until you hit 1000 games. Once you have done everything you should be still only halfway to 100 hours, so leave the game sat on the menus until you get it. Save periodically just in case you need to switch off or the power goes out.

This is a very attainable 1000 but the need for a boosting partner is paramount, other than that the game is fairly easy in single player and racking up the 100 hours is just a matter of leaving your console on. A bit of a slog overall but nothing too taxing.
[XBA would like to thank jackanape for this Roadmap]

Wartech: Senko No Ronde Achievement Guide

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There are 25 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Clear story mode by Changpo

    The story modes are all fairly short and consist of fighting through five of the other opponents before facing a boss battle in round six. The only differences for this formula are Fabian, who will fight the battleship in round 5 and then Mika in the final round, and Karel who will fight the battleship in round 5 and then Sakurako in the final round.

    If you are struggling then go to the options and change the difficulty to very easy and you should be able to breeze through the game. Also be aware that you can continue as many times as you want so there is no pressure.

    When fighting other rounder’s you can always get in the first attack by moving right next to the other player while the round count down is taking place and then unleashing a physical attack with either X or . Try to keep your distance after that and use your main attack () to whittle down their energy and also the homing attack when it is available (), just remember that each attack takes a while to recharge. When they have very little energy left then change to BOSS mode to finish them off – as sometimes they will change first and it will give them a big energy boost.

    For the battleship boss battle here is what you should do: in its first mode just keep firing continually and it should die very quickly, try to avoid taking much damage rather than attacking as energy is very important later on and this first part doesn’t take much effort to defeat.

    The second part involves a large laser beam on the right, with a couple of turrets in front of it and then some guns and missiles behind (you can’t destroy these). For this part just remember that time isn’t an issue as you get 99 seconds which is more than enough so don’t rush to kill this section as you need all the energy you can get for the final part. Strafe across the gap between the two walls, using your weapons to destroy the two turrets first off. Make sure you duck behind the walls when the laser in the middle starts to charge up as it can do a lot of damage if it catches you. Once the two turrets die, then just sit next to the wall until the laser fires and then pop out as the beam gets thinner (it can’t damage you as it is shrinking) and fire at the orange laser beam before it closes. Keep doing this until it is destroyed and you should get away with minimal damage.

    For the final section, you have to just shoot the core when it isn’t protected by the revolving wall. The shards that drop from it are caused by your shooting so try to avoid them and also duck out of the way of the turret that shoots down the left of the screen. Eventually that turret will stop and the core will spit out lots of bullets and shards so use  to shield yourself from the worst of it and just keep up the pressure.

    Once this is defeated you will have to sit through the credits and the achievement will pop after the game has automatically saved.

  • Clear story mode by Mika

    See "Story Clear Changpo".

  • Clear story mode by Cuilan

    Follow the same strategies as normal to defeat the rounder’s but then prepare for the hardest part of the game, as the boss that Cuilan faces is much harder than anything else in the game even on Very Easy mode. You aren’t helped by the fact Cuilan’s rounder is the worst in the game in terms of attacks and you can’t use BOSS mode.

    The enemy has two modes: firstly it will sit at the top of the screen and spit out tons of bullets in a circular pattern. Try to sit just to its left hand side and slightly below then use  to shield, this helps deflect damage and also makes your  attack a lot stronger. Keep attacking with  and  attacks and it should cause some of the turrets to fall off. Once this happens it will start to spin around the screen still firing out a stream of bullets – just keep up the pressure and follow it around the screen remaining as close as you can get as this should keep you away from its barrage. If you keep on pummelling the turrets they will eventually fall off and you should be able to do direct damage to the core so hit it hard as after a while it will start to fire a massive purple laser which is devastating if it catches you. You can’t damage it while this is happening so just try to avoid it, use the  to dash if it gets a bit too close. It should stop after a while and go back to its original position – this time however the turrets take hardly any damage and you should be able to finish it off in a few seconds. In theory its possible to destroy this first stage before you have to face the purple laser at all.

    The second stage is even more annoying (if that’s possible) and you really need to take about three quarters health into this stage. It is just a small robot that starts off sat in the centre of the screen and spits out masses of bullets. Use your  attack to disrupt its attacks and  to shield. Also remember that you can use  to send out a circular beam that will destroy bullets (remember you need the charge bar to be at least 50% full to use this attack) so use that if things get too hectic. Once it has taken some damage it will start to move around the screen and fire out bursts of smaller bullets which can be hard to dodge but you should be able to slip through gaps. Finally, when it gets down to about ¼ health if will fly across the screen and drop a lot of bigger bullets. Believe it or not this is the easiest part of the fight as the bullets leave big gaps between them the you should be able to fit through, keep on using the  attack as this can destroy the bullets while still inflicting damage and remain shielded as much as possible. This will probably take a few attempts but try to be patient and if you are struggling there is a video on youtube that may help.

  • Clear story mode by Fabian

    See "Story Clear Changpo".

  • Clear story mode by Lili

    See "Story Clear Changpo".

  • Clear story mode by Sakurako

    See "Story Clear Changpo".

  • Clear story mode by Ernula

    See Story Clear Cuilan. Ernula faces the same annoying boss but has a much easier time of it thanks to her superior weapons. The first stage can be killed in about ten seconds if you are lucky – just sit in the same spot I recommended for Cuilan and use the  shield and the  attack at the same time. This shoots two big lasers in a straight line and does massive damage to the boss, so coupled with the  attack while you are recharging means that the first stage should be over quite rapidly.

    For the second stage sit at the bottom and use the same tactic,  and  to use the lasers on the boss and then  if the bullets get too much. Once it has taken enough damage and starts to move around the screen then concentrate on avoiding its bullets and just keep firing, when it stops briefly use the RT and Y combo to rapidly drain its health. You should manage to polish it off a lot faster than you did with Cuilan.

  • Clear story mode by Karel

    See Story Clear Changpo.

  • Clear score attack mode by Changpo

    This is a series of battles against each of the other rounder’s along with both bosses from the story modes. You fight the other competitors in a random order and they get harder as you go along, you will then fight the battleship boss in round 5 and the spinning laser boss (as I like to call him) in the final round.

    However, a couple of factors are in your favour. Firstly, you can continue as many times as you like and still get the achievement, though continuing means your score will not get on the online leaderboards. So just keep plugging away and you should complete it. Secondly, both of the boss battles are only bonus stages for more points so you can happily just let yourself die and you will be moved onto the next stage without having to replay the level.

    Other than that just play to each rounder’s strengths as some do very good damage up close (Lili, Sakurako and Karel) while others have great distance attacks (Ernula, Changpo and Mika). The key to beating a lot of the fighters is to try and get their health as low as possible and then transform into your BOSS form to finish them off. This ensures that they can’t transform themselves and regain a lot of energy. Be aware that you only get two chances to transform to BOSS mode per continue (though this can increase if you beat the bonus bosses), so if you run out and die then you will get these two transforms back when you restart.

  • Clear score attack mode by Mika

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Cuilan

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Fabian

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Lili

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Sakurako

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Ernula

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Clear score attack mode by Karel

    See "score attack Changpo".

  • Get `NOVICE' grade in ranked match

    Very simple – just complete your first online match (win or lose) and you will be awarded this rank.

  • Get `ROUNDER' grade in ranked match

    This takes 1,000 online points to achieve and, assuming you are playing someone at the lowest rank, you should be able to get with about 50 wins. Just remember that when you lose a match your points can go down as well, so you will have to take this into account if you are playing with a friend.

  • Get `HI-ROUNDER' grade in ranked match

    This requires 3,500 points which seems a lot but shouldn’t be too bad if you are going for the 1,000 matches played achievement. If you play against someone of the lowest level and win every match it will take exactly 229 wins before you get this so aim for that. If you a playing with a friend and both want this achievement then it would be best for you to let one person get this first by winning every match and then the other can get it be beating the higher ranked player. This will take less time as you get more points the higher ranked your opponent is. If you are planning to do this legit then practise, practise, practise as the only regular people online tend to be exceptionally good Japanese players and it takes a lot of skill to beat them.


Secret achievements

  • Fought 100 ranked matches

    See "1000 Ranked Matches".

  • Fought 1000 ranked matches

    Prepare yourself for the long haul for these achievements. The best you can expect if you are playing an opponent that doesn’t fight back is about 36 matches an hour (assuming you do nothing but play this game) so you could get the 100 games one in about 3 three hours and the 1000 one in about 28-30 hours. If you don’t have a boosting partner then remember that you don’t have to win the games just participate in them. The best time of day for there to be plenty of players is between 3-6pm GMT as a lot of the Japanese regulars are on then.

  • 1 hour



    Played over 1 hour


    See "100 hours played".

  • Played over 10 hours

    See "100 hours played".

  • Played over 30 hours


    See "100 hours played".

  • Played over 100 hours

    This is fairly straightforward actually as long as you are going for all of the other achievements. If you do all of the other online and offline achievements then you should rack up about 40 hours, which doesn’t seem a lot until you realise you don’t have to play the game to build up time. Basically just leave the game on in the menus and make sure to save it every now and then. You can check your time in the Options menu and also save your game here under the Play Data option – make sure you save before you turn the machine off as otherwise time will only be registered from when you last saved. Also the achievements don’t pop automatically, they will appear when you save the game for the first time when you are past the required time. Easy.

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