- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
- Offline: 12 (200 )
- Online: 0 (0 )
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 6-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Number of missable achievements: 0
- Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements? None
- Glitchy achievements: None
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed? N/A

Welcome to Watchmen: The End is Nigh, released both on the Xbox Live Arcade and on a retail disc with its follow up: Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part 2, this is a fairly simply beat-em-up game based on the events prior to the Watchmen film. This game will require you to, in theory, play through it at least three times - once as Rorschach, once as Nite Owl, and once during local co-op, though you'll more than likely have to play through for a fourth time to obtain the 'Turbo' achievement.

Step 1: First playthrough as Rorschach/Nite Owl
Start the game as normal and choose whoever you want to play as, it doesn't matter as you'll play with both characters eventually. As you make your way though the game, follow this guide to obtain all the pick-ups in each level. There are times when you cannot backtrack in a level, so if you miss something then you can either replay the chapter from the beginning, or finish the game and then replay a chapter from the main menu.

Step 2: Second playthrough as Rorscach/Nite Owl
Again, start a game and play as the character you did not play as before. Run through the game again, making sure to get all the pick-ups, and keep an eye on the miscellaneous achievements as well in case you still need to unlock any of those. It's unlikely you'll unlock the Turbo achievement, though in theory you can, so take a look at this guide prior to playing if you're up for the challenge.

Step 3: Co-op playthrough
Now comes the co-op run, this is local co-op only as the game has no online play, so hopefully you have a friend to help you, if not you're on your own. Ensure you unlock the Untouchable achievement while on stage 1, hang back with your main controller and let the other character do all the fighting, and restart if you take any damage. Again just play through the game, you should be able to do it quite quickly with all the power-ups, though be careful to hang back with one character, because if either dies you have to restart from your last checkpoint, and it can be hard to fight well if you're playing by yourself. By the end of this playthrough you should have every achievement except, most likely, for Turbo.

Step 4: Mop-up
If you still don't have the Vigilante achievement at this point, go to the last level, and as you fight Underboss at the end there will be infinite spawning enemies who you can kill in two hits. They're meant to be thrown at Underboss, but if you keep killing them, they'll keep spawning, so you will get this achievement very quickly. You will most likely need to play the game again to unlock the Turbo achievement, so see above for a very good guide on that.

Three or four playthroughs may seem like a lot, but this game is very short, and one of the best looking games on the Xbox Live Arcade. You should be able to get the full 200 in one day, if you have the patience to play the game over and over. Have fun cleaning up the city!

x360a would like to thank Zorlace for this Road Map

Watchmen: The End is Nigh Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Psycho



    Complete the game in Rorschach mode.


    Complete the game as Rorschach in single player. You cannot get this achievement in co-op.


  • Hero



    Complete the game in Nite Owl mode.


    Complete game as Nite Owl in single player. You cannot get this achievement in co-op.


  • Complete the game in co-op mode.



    Complete the game in co-op. This has to be done locally with a second controller because there isn't online co-op.


  • Thief



    Find all abilities and pickups in Rorschach mode.



    Requires you to pick up all abilities and Rorschach cards as Rorschach. At the abilities screen it tells you how many Rorschach cards out of ten you have collected and which abilities you have. Use THIS guide to find the abilities or cards that you're missing, and THIS guide for video locations of the cards.


  • Find all abilities and pickups in Nite Owl mode.



    Requires you to pick up all abilities and Owl Suit batteries as Nite Owl. At the abilities screen it tells you how many Owl Suit batteries out of ten you have collected and which abilities you have. Use THIS guide to find the abilities/batteries you're missing, and THIS guide for video locations of the batteries.


  • Go unharmed for an entire level, without restarting from a checkpoint.


    The best way to get this is to have a friend use the second controller on the first chapter in co-op and have them do all the fighting while you run away from the enemies. When you get to one of the rooms with the two levers, stay in that room and have your friend clear the path to the next room with the last two levers. Move up and stay in that room and have your friend finish the chapter. If your friend dies or if you lose health, including touching flames even slightly or taking a hit, just select restart chapter and try again.

    If you don't have a friend to do it with, you can get the AI to fight them for you. On the first chapter, run up and get the enemies to run at you, run away and get them near the AI. Once the AI is fighting them, run far away. If one of them chases you keep running, and loop around back to your AI and run away from him again. If you're fast enough, the enemy will stop and turn around to fight your AI partner.


  • Turbo



    Complete the game in less than 80 minutes in one session, without restarting from a checkpoint.


    Play as Nite Owl because his charged owlsuit ability will help greatly. If you charge the suit in a group, any small enemy can be killed with 1-2 strong hits afterward, if it is not killed by the charge itself. Try to have a charge ready for each fight and it'll be over quickly. Collecting all the batteries first will help with this. Uncharged, his ---- combo will kill enemies in the first two levels in one combo.

    Try to run through and when you can't progress without killing the enemies (some ladders, some doors, etc.), kill them. If there's a "pit" nearby (over the railing in the prison, off rooftops etc.), throw the enemies off for a quick kill, if you can't pick them up, use the knock down/fast knock down ability when the enemie has his back to the "pit". You can also stomp them 3 times and the third stomp will be an instant kill on any enemy. You can only stomp them when they're down. Just play through as quickly as possible. If you die, exit to the main menu and start over, as the achievement states "without restarting from a checkpoint".


  • Eliminate 20 bad guys in 101 seconds.



    Save the electrify owlsuit for Nite Owl until there's a very large group. Some suggestions are the large sewer area with the pillars, the sewer area where the enemies drop from the catwalk, and the fight at the end of Chapter II before entering Rumrunner. When you get to the fight, run in the middle, (Fire charge), then beat them up as fast as you can. Other people had luck with it in the last level with Underboss, right at the end instead of throwing people at Underboss keep killing them, throwing them off the building is quicker.


  • Dodge or block 25 incoming attacks.



    As Rorschach, when you see an enemy winding up to attack you, and in a direction away from the enemy and you'll roll. As Nite Owl just and you'll block. Do it 25 times and you'll have the achievement.


  • Knock 100 people over, by throwing other people into them.



    When you get the throw move, will throw enemies. I find the prison level the easiest as you can pick almost all of them up without weakening them. Just and in the direction of the enemy you want to pick up, then flick the towards another enemy. The enemy has to fall down for it to count. Repeat 100 times.


  • Perform 200 counter attacks.


    As Rorschach, when you see an enemy winding up press and in the direction of the enemy to spin behind them, then + when prompted, the game gives you about 2 seconds. As Nite Owl, hold and when prompted +. When in Rage Mode as Rorschach, he auto counters when someone goes to attack him and you press . Do 200 and the achievement is yours.


  • Perform 250 finishing moves.



    Focus on finisher moves, where a certain button (either , , , or ) pops up above enemies heads after you've beaten them up a bit, press the button, short animation. Do 250. 


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