Dirt and Blame Achievement

  • Dirt and Blame



    Become a Wiindigo

    This achievement takes place during the Protector's chapter. You will want to ensure you do this on its own save file, as it will void Getting the Gang Back Together (30G) later on if you move forward with it, so save right at the beginning of the chapter and do this separate from your main playthrough. To unlock this, you must do a few specific, greedy actions during this chapter. They are as follows:
    • Extort Noemi for her husband's gold star.
    • Sell off Sheriff del Bosque's gold star.
    • Extort the farm owners for their land titles, then kill them.
    • Sell off the farm owners' land titles to a bank.
    • Do not strike a truce with the Dagger and Bones.
    Finish the chapter to complete the transformation and unlock the achievement. Once again, you should either revert your save and redo the chapter properly after, or keep a save at the beginning of this chapter and come back to it after completing the game.

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