Eternity Can Waits Achievement

  • Eternity Can Waits



    Spare Essex Mast at the end of the Oneirist Journey

    Essex Mast is a troublesome NPC. As with any NPC in the game, he can die. You could accidentally kill him yourself, or make the wrong story choice and he dies off-screen. Make sure during each chapter you make the following choices:
    • Bounty Hunter: release him from his cell in Quickbend
    • Pigman: you should get a side-quest from him to recruit Jane Bell while travelling
    • Protector: he should appear in Heronwall, get him the book he requests
    • Werewolf: he should be in Absolution Hall, do the Trapping Souls side-quest
    • Oneirist: he should show up in Broken Steppe Temple
    So long as you see Essex in all those locations, you are on the right track. If he does not show up in one of those, something has gone wrong. Assuming you've held your older save files, you may way to reload and see if you can figure out why he didn't show up. Once you reach the game's ending, one of the dialogue choices will ask what to do with Essex. Make sure you choose to spare him for this achievement.

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