Getting the Gang Back Together Achievement

  • Getting the Gang Back Together



    Bring all the Journey Heroes back to the Broken Steppe Temple alive

    This achievement takes place during the final chapter with the Oneirist, though it takes some preparation during all the other chapters as well. First and foremost, all the characters need to be alive. There are a few story choices that could end up with them dying, and you could have accidentally let them die during combat after recruiting them to your posse as well. Obviously avoid all that!

    The Bounty Hunter and the Pigman have no special choices during their chapters. They will always survive the story, but again don't choose to recruit the Bounty Hunter when playing as the Pigman and let her die! That goes for every character and chapter moving forward so I won't mention it again.

    The Protector will die if you choose to do the Wiindigo achievement as canon. So let's not do that, and leave it for a separate save file. The Werewolf will only be available if you choose to destroy the Blood Moon at the end of his chapter. Choosing to activate it will cause everyone to be hostile toward him.

    Now, once we're finally playing as the Oneirist, we need to go back and recruit everyone that we can as part of the story (looking for the Text and Broken Steppe Temple). Speak to the Bounty Hunter at her farm and the Werewolf in Absolution Hall. Nothing special with them. Go to Cedar Flats to rescue the Pigman, who is strung up and about to be left for dead. You either have to kill the entire town or free him and steal a horse to run away, then return and go to jail/pay a fine so the town stops attacking you. Speak to the Pigman at the jewelry store to recruit him.

    Finally, go to the Thriving Place to try and find the Protector but you'll learn he went to Fort Glenn. Go there and you will find him buried alive in the graveyard. Dig him up immediately! If you leave Fort Glenn without digging him up or take too long fighting the enemies there, he will suffocate in the grave, so just dig him up while you get shot at. Go back to the Thriving Place to recruit him again.

    Once all four characters have been sent to the temple, head there yourself to unlock the achievement.

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