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    Beat Pigman Joe at a Poker Game

    Pigman Joe can be found in any town saloon starting in Chapter 3 (The Protector) assuming you made a few correct choices during the Pigman's chapter. You will automatically receive a side-quest called "Bard's Bargain" during the story at the Pit and must complete this. You'll have the option to recruit him to your possee at this point, but I'd suggest not doing so as he obviously won't show up as an NPC if he's in your possee. Then at the end of the chapter when speaking with the tree, make the good choice and free all the Pigmen's souls.

    Now the hard part is dealing with the RNG of him actually showing up in a sloon. Grackle is your best bet, so just keep leaving and camping outside, then returning and hope for the best. Once he does show up, the "poker" game is basically a quick game of hi-low. I was given a Queen and bet $5 that I'd win, he only had a Five which is obviously lower so I got the win and the achievement.

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