What’s in the Box? Achievement

  • What’s in the Box?



    Return the Heathen’s Box unopened

    You will eventualy unlock this achievement in the Oneirist's chapter, but must first acquire the box in the Bounty Hunter chapter. When you travel from one location to the next, there is a chance for a random encounter called "A Witch at the Crossroads" in which you will meet The Heathen. You must agree to take a box from her, and she instructs you not to open it. It will be added to your inventory, and so long as you do not click on it at that screen, it stays closed. If you are at the end of the chapter and still don't have this encounter, keep travelling until it happens so you can get this box, it is not available in any other chapter.
    When you start each new chapter, it will automatically be in the new character's inventory. Just let it sit there and once you are in the final chapter, you will run into The Heathen on your way to Foxglove; however, this is another random encounter so you'll need to keep travelling around until she pops up. If you have the unopened box in your inventory at that time, you 

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  • It will be a random encounter on the map be sure to answer with "make her begging for pardon" she'll give you a box don't open it until you've encounter heathens a second time.

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