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    Turn a Bounty Hunter into a Werewolf

    This is a rather unique and annoying achievement. You can do this first during the Werewolf chapter, or during the Oneirist chapter so long as you have recruited the Werewolf into your posse. Then, you will need to do the following things:

    First, get to the part in the Werewolf journey where you need to collect wolfsbane. Make sure you get more than needed for the story quest so we can do this optional thing as well. You will need to put wolfsbane in the inventory of the character you plan to turn. The person you're turning must either be the Bounty Hunter character from the first chapter of the game, or a hired posse member that has "Bounty Hunter" in their description.

    Next, get yourself a silver knife or silver machete and have that equipped. Lastly, find yourself a wolf to kill and make sure it is night time when you do so which will turn the posse member who has wolfsbane in their inventory into a werewolf. You can use the "loiter" feature from the pause screen to pass some time if needed. Some random encounters have wolves, while you should always find some at Yung's Lodge or you can use the tame wolf at Emilio's Stead.

    I'd suggest saving prior to doing this, especially if you choose to do it to the Bounty Hunter character from the first chapter. Doing this to her and moving forward with the story will void Getting the Gang Back Together (30G) later on.

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