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    Start a fight against a bear while drunk… and win

    The description on this one is a little incorrect, as the achievement only unlocks if you land the killing blow on a bear while drunk. Sometimes you will get random encounters with bears when travelling the world map, or you can go to Quiet Hollow which is a location in the middle of the map which will always have bears available. Save prior to engaging, then whittle the bear's health down to one shot, then open your inventory and drink an alcoholic beverage of any king, so long as the description mentions you'll be drunk for seven seconds. Now finish off the bear while drunk to unlock the achievement.

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  • Reduce the bear's health first, preferably from on top of a rock out of reach. Just before they're killed, drink any alcohol on you and then finish them off. It's best to not have to move and instead just aim since the left stick direction gets reversed when drunk.

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