'Ma Barker Achievement

  • 'Ma Barker



    Steal $10,000 worth of goods in a single playthrough

    There is a lovely cheese for this achievement, but you can also get it legit by stealing everything you can possibly find. However, most items are only worth $2-3 so it would take forever. You need to be trespassing to be able to steal items, so you can for instance break into any business at night. From there, you can search any container or shelving unit, and press button-y.png to have your inventory show up. Transfer everything from your inventory into the storage, and then "steal" it all back. Repeat this process for 2-3 minutes to unlock the achievement with no fuss. Obviously this will go quicker if you have some expensive weapons, amulets, gold bars, etc.


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  • Easy cheese for this: Find a spot with a container you can safely "steal" from. Repeatedly fill the container with expensive items from your inventory and then "steal" them back. Do this for a couple minutes or so and the achievement will pop.

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