Ghost Town Achievement

  • Ghost Town



    Turn a settlement into a ghost town

    For this achievement, you will need to kill every person in a settled town. Grackle is the earliest choice for this but it's a fairly large town with some tough enemies, including a few monstrous enemies in hiding. There are smaller towns such as Valford in the NW area of the map or Horton in the SE area that would be easier to clear out. Obviously save prior to doing this if you don't want the reputation hit that comes with murdering a bunch of people.

    Once you think you have killed everyone in the town, travel away and the achievement should unlock. If it doesn't, you missed someone. Head back into town and whoever is left alive (or possibly respawned) will still be hostile. Kill anyone else you find and travel away again until it works.

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  • Kill everyone in any map location labeled Town and then leave.

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