- Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 53 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 30-35 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 [with save/reloads]
- Missable achievements: Many [28, see roadmap]
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
For questions, comments or feedback, please visit the Achievements and Guide Discussion thread.

Survive and unveil the mysteries of the Weird West through the intertwined destinies of its unusual heroes in an immersive sim from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey. Discover a dark fantasy reimagining of the Wild West where lawmen and gunslingers share the frontier with fantastical creatures. Journey through the story of a group of atypical heroes, written into legend by the decisions you make in an unforgiving land. Each journey is unique and tailored to the actions taken - a series of high stakes adventures where everything counts and the world reacts to the choices you make. Form a posse or venture forth alone into an otherworldly confines of the Weird West and make each legend your own.

General Tips:
First and foremost, always keep a save at the beginning of each character's story. This will allow you to replay the entire story and get anything you missed if you make any mistakes with the saving/reloading. I'd also keep a second save right before finishing every chapter which will allow you to work on any miscellaneous achievements in the list.

Next, take great care in reading each chapter's road map overview fully before diving in. Many of the chapters are linked very closely and you must do one action in one chapter and complete it in another. At the same time, individual chapters will have branching options and you'll need to save/reload inside the same chapter to get both choices complete - but be wary of which final choice you go with so you can ensure the best outcome later on.

Lastly, if you recruit any of the characters from previous chapters (which you should, they are very powerful and will have their entire inventory available to you, including weapons, bandages, lockpicks, Nimp Relics, and Golden Aces) make sure they do not die. There is an achievement for making it to the end of the game with all of the story characters alive. Also be wary of the NPC Essex Mast who can also die and is needed for multiple achievements late in the game.

As for the game's difficulty, that's up to you - but feel free to play on Story difficulty as no achievements are tied to playing the game on any higher difficulties.

Step 1: The Bounty Hunter
Sometime during this chapter, you should have a random encounter called A Witch at the Crossroads when travelling from one location to the next where you will meet The Heathen. This character will give you a box and tell you not to open it. Make sure you obey! Do not interact with the box in your inventory and during Chapter 5 (The Oneirist) you'll see the payoff for this in What’s in the Box? (15G). If you reach the end of this chapter and still don't have the box, keep travelling until the encounter happens.

When you get to Quickbend in the story, make sure to release Essex Mast from his cell so he will be alive later in the game. There are two mutually exclusive achievements in this chapter. You will want to save when you get to your husband in the Quarry to rescue him and obtain Out on the Ebb Tide (15G) first by killing Shelby, then reload your save and get The Great Escape (15G) by ignoring Shelby and have this be your official choice.

This chapter is a great one to work on as many of the game's random miscellaneous achievements as possible, and start working on doing side-quests, reading books, etc. There are a lot of achievements where you'll want to save prior and then reload, such as going to jail, stealing, killing an entire town, etc. You should be able to knock out nearly all of them before moving on to the next character.

Step 2: The Pigman
This chapter is fairly short and straight-forward, but does have some missable achievements, and some setup to future achievements. Be sure to do Workers' Rights (15G), Turning the Tables (15G), and recruit Jane for Through Their Eyes (15G). You should get a side-quest from Essex Mast pointing you to Jane, which will confirm he survived Chapter 1. Since we did not kill Shelby last chapter, he should be available as a bounty for Elusive Prey (15G).

Before completing the chapter, ensure you have done the "Bard's Bargain" side-quest which is given automatically after during the story at the Pit. At the end of the chapter when speaking to the tree, choose to free all the Pigmen. Doing these two things will setup the ability to play poker against Pigman Joe for Hog Wild (15G) starting next chapter. Not doing either of those things will not allow Joe to show up.

Step 3: The Protector
This chapter has one of the more lengthy and complicated missable achievements for Dirt and Blame (15G). As suggested in the tips section above, you should keep a save right at the beginning of this chapter and ignore that achievement for now, coming back to it after completing the game's entire story.

When you arrive in Heronwall Summit for the story you should find Essex Mast here, once again confirming he is still alive, and ensure you get the book from the scholar for him. Make note of the achievements Fallen Star (15G), Healing Old Wounds (15G), and Hog Wild (15G). Since we turned Ruth into a pigwoman last chapter, she will be available as a bounty for Monster Hunter (15G).

Step 4: The Werewolf
There is one achievement here that you'll want to save prior and reload after, and that is Moon Hunter (15G) so you don't permanently transform one of your posse into a werewolf, especially if you use the character from Chapter 1. Other than that, be sure to get Loyalty to the Pack (15G)Power Behind the Pulpit (10G), and Moondrunk (20G) at some point before finishing this chapter.

During the story when you return to Absolution Hall, you should find Essex Mast talking to Franciscus, once again confirming he is still alive. It is at this point you should get the Trapping Souls side-quest to unlock The Philosopher’s Stone (15G). At the end of the chapter, make sure you choose to destroy the blood moon so you can recruit the werewolf in the last chapter.

Step 5: The Oneirist
Inside this chapter, you will want to first prioritize speaking to all the previous story characters so you can properly unlock Getting the Gang Back Together (30G). Also check the Knuckle Sandwich (30G) achievement so you can loot the Amulet of the Open Palm and unlock that the next time you meet The Heathen. You'll also unlock What’s in the Box? (15G) when you meet her again, assuming you didn't open the box from Step 1 like I suggested!

You'll also need to unlock Mystery Machine (15G) (make sure you don't decline this encounter!), Explorer (15G), Winter Has Come (15G), Who You Gonna Call? (10G), and Eternity Can Waits (10G) during this chapter - this should be the final confirmation that Essex Mast has survived the entire game.

Once you reach the end of this chapter, there are two separate achievements for the ending. An auto-save happens right before the choice, so you can answer with feelings for There is Hope (90G) and then reload and answer without feelings for It All Dies (90G).

Step 6: Dirt and Blame / Clean Up
At this point, you *should* only have one achievement left to become a Wiindigo, and you *should* have a save right at the beginning of Chapter 3: The Protector. Load that up and follow the steps in the guide to unlock that now. If you have any other achievements left, you should also have saves at the start and end of every chapter, so you can access any part of the game to help with them now.

Weird West is quite the game. It blends a lot of different genres and has a really cool aesthetic, though the isometric view and the aiming of ranged weapons is a little finnicky. The achievements are also quite complicated in some portions, though good use of saves and reloads will be your friend. This launches on Game Pass and is quite worth a try if you like the western theme, RPG elements, and lots of choice - you can sneak and knock people out or go on killing rampages, there are multiple ways to complete quests, and even if you kill story NPCs you can still complete the story in other ways.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Weird West Achievement Guide

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There are 53 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Save the world

    This achievement is for the "good" ending to the game. During the last scene after completing the Oneirist's chapter, you will be asked a number of questions about your decisions throughout the game. You want to make sure you answer these with as much feeling as possible - pick choices that show remorse, show you were thinking hard about your choices, doing the right thing, etc. You'll also want to spare Essex for the Eternity Can Waits (10G) achievement. Examples of which dialogue options to choose can be found in the video below.

  • Complete the Bounty Hunter Journey

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the Pigman Journey

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the Protector Journey

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the Werewolf Journey

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Complete the Oneirist Journey

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Dig up your Bounty Hunter cache and suit up

    Story related and can not be missed.
  • Take down Shelby Cross in Copper Mountain Quarry

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with The Great Escape (15G). At the end of the Bounty Hunter chapter, you will be tasked with saving your husband. Save when you reach him so you can reload and get the other option, which is the one you will want to carry forward as your "true" choice.
    For this achievement, you'll need to access three levers to open the unbreakable door and confront Shelby Cross. The first one is across a gap from the broken railroad tracks, jump across to reach it. The second is hidden inside the red curtain behind where your husband was imprisoned, you'll need to jump over to the ledge on the right to get there. The last one is on top of a high ledge, so carry a barrel to it and jump up. Once you have hit all three levers you can go through the door, kill Shelby, and escape to unlock the achievement.

  • Get your spouse out of the quarry without ever alerting Shelby Cross

    This achievement is mutually exclusive with Out on the Ebb Tide (15G). You should get the other achievement first, then reload your save and have this be your "true" choice moving forward in the story. Once you have your husband in tow, simply walk out of the quarry and don't bother with any of the levers that will unlock the door to Shelby Cross. The achievement will unlock once you leave the area.
  • Turn Ruth into a Pigwoman

    At the end of the Pigman chapter after burning the third root, you will face Ruth in battle. Once you defeat her, The Heathen will appear and offer to turn Ruth into a Pigwoman. There is no negative aspect to this choice as far as other achievements or endings are concerned, so accept the offer and get your achievement. In fact, this will make Monster Hunter (15G) available in the next chapter, so it's a great choice.
  • Recruit a previous Journey Hero to your posse

    When you start the Pigman chapter, travel to the farm near Grackle where you started the Bounty Hunter chapter and recruit Jane to unlock this achievement.
  • Kill Maximo and free the Lantern room’s workers

    This achievement is tied to a side-quest during the Pigman chapter. You will do this at Quigley's Lantern Rooms on the map. You have a story quest there, but are offered a secondary side-quest as well. Your goal is to kill the owner of the brothel, specifically by throwing him off a balcony, so you'll need to knock him out first and carry him to a nearby room to do so. This is a complete stealth mission, and if you are seen or knock someone unconscious it fails immediately and you can't get the achievement. Save often, use cover, and then escape after the murder to unlock the achievement.

  • Become a Wiindigo

    This achievement takes place during the Protector's chapter. You will want to ensure you do this on its own save file, as it will void Getting the Gang Back Together (30G) later on if you move forward with it, so save right at the beginning of the chapter and do this separate from your main playthrough. To unlock this, you must do a few specific, greedy actions during this chapter. They are as follows:
    • Extort Noemi for her husband's gold star.
    • Sell off Sheriff del Bosque's gold star.
    • Extort the farm owners for their land titles, then kill them.
    • Sell off the farm owners' land titles to a bank.
    • Do not strike a truce with the Dagger and Bones.
    Finish the chapter to complete the transformation and unlock the achievement. Once again, you should either revert your save and redo the chapter properly after, or keep a save at the beginning of this chapter and come back to it after completing the game.
  • Return Glenn Mills’s rifle to Maryann

    During the Protector's chapter, you will go to Galen's Crossing as part of the story. In the room behind the Mayor, you can steal Glenn Mills' rifle off the wall. The best way to get it is go around back and climb up through the window. With it in hand, return to Fort Glenn and give it to Maryann to unlock the achievement.
  • Retrieve the fallen Sheriff’s star from the ruins of Boulder Creek mine

    During the Protector's chapter, you will clear out enemies in Boulder Creek and speak with one of the nuns as part of the story and she will mention the sheriff is missing. A blue diamond will then show up over the sheriff's wife Naomi. Agree to look for him to start the "Badge of Honor" side-quest, and you'll find his body at Boulder Creek Mine in the first building you see with "HELP" written on the side. Loot his star to unlock the achievement, but be sure to bring the star back to his wife to complete the quest.
  • Read Sybil’s journal

    During the Werewolf's chapter, follow the story until you meet with Essex and Cleric Franciscus in Absolution Hall. After this conversation, you will be able to find the journal (it doesn't seem to spawn until this point). Move the curtain in this office and press the button on the wall to move a statue and gain access to the basement. Then, use a Lightning in a Bottle to electrify the door into opening. Read the journal to unlock the achievement. Sybil and everyone else here will become hostil, so if you want to avoid a fight you can save prior and just reload and leave it alone, though it doesn't hurt any achievements to kill everyone either.

  • Rescue the missing Werewolf

    During the Werewolf's chapter, you will eventually get a main quest to visit Grackle. Do so immediately, and do not follow the side-quest "Trapping Souls" from Essex you get at the same time. Completing Essex's side-question will make it so the side-quest we need for this achievement doesn't show up. Once you are in Grackle, you'll see a dead body in the street and side-quest marker nearby. Start the "Lone Wolf" side-quest, head to the marked location, kill the guy in the basement to get the key (tell him to "get flooded"), and release the person from the cell to unlock the achievement.

  • Kill 3 enemies in less than 5 seconds in Wolf form

    To transform into wolf form during the Werewolf's chapter, double tap rb.png. You need to kill three enemies (or anyone, really) within five seconds to unlock this achievement. A quick way to do this is to sneak and knock out three regular villagers, carry them and pile them up, then transform and murder them all at the same time. See the video below for this method. This is a crime, so save prior if you don't want the reputation hit.

  • Spare Essex Mast at the end of the Oneirist Journey

    Essex Mast is a troublesome NPC. As with any NPC in the game, he can die. You could accidentally kill him yourself, or make the wrong story choice and he dies off-screen. Make sure during each chapter you make the following choices:
    • Bounty Hunter: release him from his cell in Quickbend
    • Pigman: you should get a side-quest from him to recruit Jane Bell while travelling
    • Protector: he should appear in Heronwall, get him the book he requests
    • Werewolf: he should be in Absolution Hall, do the Trapping Souls side-quest
    • Oneirist: he should show up in Broken Steppe Temple
    So long as you see Essex in all those locations, you are on the right track. If he does not show up in one of those, something has gone wrong. Assuming you've held your older save files, you may way to reload and see if you can figure out why he didn't show up. Once you reach the game's ending, one of the dialogue choices will ask what to do with Essex. Make sure you choose to spare him for this achievement.
  • Bring all the Journey Heroes back to the Broken Steppe Temple alive

    This achievement takes place during the final chapter with the Oneirist, though it takes some preparation during all the other chapters as well. First and foremost, all the characters need to be alive. There are a few story choices that could end up with them dying, and you could have accidentally let them die during combat after recruiting them to your posse as well. Obviously avoid all that!

    The Bounty Hunter and the Pigman have no special choices during their chapters. They will always survive the story, but again don't choose to recruit the Bounty Hunter when playing as the Pigman and let her die! That goes for every character and chapter moving forward so I won't mention it again.

    The Protector will die if you choose to do the Wiindigo achievement as canon. So let's not do that, and leave it for a separate save file. The Werewolf will only be available if you choose to destroy the Blood Moon at the end of his chapter. Choosing to activate it will cause everyone to be hostile toward him.

    Now, once we're finally playing as the Oneirist, we need to go back and recruit everyone that we can as part of the story (looking for the Text and Broken Steppe Temple). Speak to the Bounty Hunter at her farm and the Werewolf in Absolution Hall. Nothing special with them. Go to Cedar Flats to rescue the Pigman, who is strung up and about to be left for dead. You either have to kill the entire town or free him and steal a horse to run away, then return and go to jail/pay a fine so the town stops attacking you. Speak to the Pigman at the jewelry store to recruit him.

    Finally, go to the Thriving Place to try and find the Protector but you'll learn he went to Fort Glenn. Go there and you will find him buried alive in the graveyard. Dig him up immediately! If you leave Fort Glenn without digging him up or take too long fighting the enemies there, he will suffocate in the grave, so just dig him up while you get shot at. Go back to the Thriving Place to recruit him again.

    Once all four characters have been sent to the temple, head there yourself to unlock the achievement.

  • Complete a quest given by a Ghost

    As part of the story during the Protector's chapter, you will learn to speak with ghosts. This ability persists through the following characters, and it is during the Oneirist's chapter where you can find a ghost with a side-quest. While doing Mystery Machine (15G) and visiting the town of Murphy, go to the graveyard at night to find a ghost who will give you the "Last Request" side-quest. Go to Emilio's Stead to get some proof on what happened, then to "Festering Pond" to find the murder weapon. Bring those items to the sheriff in Murphy to finish the quest and unlock the achievement.

  • Complete 10 side quests

    This is cumulative across all five playable characters, so it shouldn't be any issue to complete. I personally got it just during the Bounty Hunter chapter, then you can ignore most side-quests later on unless they are tied to an achievement. Any quest that shows up in blue on your HUD will count toward this.
  • Aid Essex Mast on his quest

    During the Werewolf's chapter, you will automatically be given a side-quest called "Trapping Souls" that will unlock this achievement. Make sure when you get this, you ignore it for a moment and head to Grackle first to complete the Loyalty to the Pack (15G) achievement. Doing this achievement first will void the other one.

    To complete this quest, go to Oleander Temple and you'll find a button on the wall behind a giant incense burner. Inside the next room you'll find the Ancient Soul Vessel. Grab that and head out of the temple to find Essex waiting. Hand over the item to finish the quest and unlock the achievement.

    See ​​​​Eternity Can Waits (10G) for info on keeping Essex Mast alive throughout the game.
  • Beat Pigman Joe at a Poker Game

    Pigman Joe can be found in any town saloon starting in Chapter 3 (The Protector) assuming you made a few correct choices during the Pigman's chapter. You will automatically receive a side-quest called "Bard's Bargain" during the story at the Pit and must complete this. You'll have the option to recruit him to your possee at this point, but I'd suggest not doing so as he obviously won't show up as an NPC if he's in your possee. Then at the end of the chapter when speaking with the tree, make the good choice and free all the Pigmen's souls.

    Now the hard part is dealing with the RNG of him actually showing up in a sloon. Grackle is your best bet, so just keep leaving and camping outside, then returning and hope for the best. Once he does show up, the "poker" game is basically a quick game of hi-low. I was given a Queen and bet $5 that I'd win, he only had a Five which is obviously lower so I got the win and the achievement.
  • Return the Heathen’s Box unopened

    You will eventualy unlock this achievement in the Oneirist's chapter, but must first acquire the box in the Bounty Hunter chapter. When you travel from one location to the next, there is a chance for a random encounter called "A Witch at the Crossroads" in which you will meet The Heathen. You must agree to take a box from her, and she instructs you not to open it. It will be added to your inventory, and so long as you do not click on it at that screen, it stays closed. If you are at the end of the chapter and still don't have this encounter, keep travelling until it happens so you can get this box, it is not available in any other chapter.
    When you start each new chapter, it will automatically be in the new character's inventory. Just let it sit there and once you are in the final chapter, you will run into The Heathen on your way to Foxglove; however, this is another random encounter so you'll need to keep travelling around until she pops up. If you have the unopened box in your inventory at that time, you 
  • Turn a Tornado into an Elemental Tornado

    This is easily done with the Protector. One of his special abilities (unlocked with Nimp Relics) is called Western Wind and summons a tornado. If there is a fire or poison on the ground when you summon it, the tornado will become elemental. You could also throw a Lightning in a Bottle at it while it is summoned. Some enemies use this ability against you as well, and you can get it by transforming their tornados as well.
  • Beat the Heathen at her Slap Game

    You can get this achievement in either the Werewolf or Oneirist chapters. Once you are playing as one of those characters, you will want to make your way to Somnolence, a temple in the SE section of the map. In the final area here you can find the Amulet of the Open Palm, an equippable item.

    During your travels, you may get a random encounter (as always called A Witch at the Crossroads) where you will be challenged by The Heathen to a slap game. The only way to win this game is to have that amulet equipped prior to speaking to her. This will give you a new option during the game to use the amulet, allowing you to win the slap game and unlock the achievement.

    Don't worry if you get this event prior to finding the amulet and lose, you can trigger it again and win later.

  • Turn a Bounty Hunter into a Werewolf

    This is a rather unique and annoying achievement. You can do this first during the Werewolf chapter, or during the Oneirist chapter so long as you have recruited the Werewolf into your posse. Then, you will need to do the following things:

    First, get to the part in the Werewolf journey where you need to collect wolfsbane. Make sure you get more than needed for the story quest so we can do this optional thing as well. You will need to put wolfsbane in the inventory of the character you plan to turn. The person you're turning must either be the Bounty Hunter character from the first chapter of the game, or a hired posse member that has "Bounty Hunter" in their description.

    Next, get yourself a silver knife or silver machete and have that equipped. Lastly, find yourself a wolf to kill and make sure it is night time when you do so which will turn the posse member who has wolfsbane in their inventory into a werewolf. You can use the "loiter" feature from the pause screen to pass some time if needed. Some random encounters have wolves, while you should always find some at Yung's Lodge or you can use the tame wolf at Emilio's Stead.

    I'd suggest saving prior to doing this, especially if you choose to do it to the Bounty Hunter character from the first chapter. Doing this to her and moving forward with the story will void Getting the Gang Back Together (30G) later on.

  • Knock someone out by dropping onto them from above

    This is much easier than you'd think. You need to land on top of any human or animal character that is non-hostile. You could even jump onto a pig to get it done. The "proper" way is probably to land on someone from the roof of a building, but anything really will work. See the video below for one such opportunity. Doing this is a crime, so save prior if you don't want the reputation hit.

  • Turn one of your arrows into an elemental arrow

    To get this achievement you'll obviously need a bow and at least one arrow. You can get these at any gun shop, or wait until the Protector chapter and he begins the journey equipped with one. Next, find any fire source (throw an oil lap on the ground to create one easily or find a camp fire, brazier, etc), then fire an arrow through the blaze to unlock the achievement.

  • Turn in your first bounty from the board

    You will get this automatically when doing Elusive Prey (15G) and Monster Hunter (15G) if you don't do any other random bounties first. 
  • Collect all 3 of Pigman Joe’s Tour du Weird West souvenir snow globes.

    To get this achievement, you must first ensure that you have spared the Pigmen souls at the end of Chapter 2. This is required for other achievements and mentioned in the Road Map, so there should be no problem there.

    At Joe's Hideaway, you will find one snowglobe each show up in his house during chapters 3, 4, and 5. You can either collect one in each chapter and ensure you carry it forward by placing it in your horse's saddlebag inventory, or just wait until you are playing the Oneirist and grab all three at once. All three have to be in your inventory to unlock it, so if you go for the first option, make sure to transfer the globes from your horse to your own inventory. Also, be wary that these are classified as Junk so you could easily sell them by accident if you are in the habit of dumping all your junk at once at the General Stores.

  • Start a fight against a bear while drunk… and win

    The description on this one is a little incorrect, as the achievement only unlocks if you land the killing blow on a bear while drunk. Sometimes you will get random encounters with bears when travelling the world map, or you can go to Quiet Hollow which is a location in the middle of the map which will always have bears available. Save prior to engaging, then whittle the bear's health down to one shot, then open your inventory and drink an alcoholic beverage of any king, so long as the description mentions you'll be drunk for seven seconds. Now finish off the bear while drunk to unlock the achievement.
  • Dig up 10 mound caches

    Mound Caches are small discolored patches of land that you can dig up to look for treasure. Obviously you will need a shovel in your inventory to do so. Normally a single mound cache will have a few dig spots depending on its size. There is one in Grackle near a turned over wagon that has three spots on it. If you dig it up but do not loot it, then fill the holes back in, leave town, and repeat this process you *should* be able to get the achievement right at the beginning of the game with no trouble. This doesn't seem to work for everyone though, so dig up the spots here and continue to look for these mounds in other towns and map areas. Below is what they look like.

  • Collect the bounty on a Pigman or Ravenous

    After getting the Turning the Tables (15G) achievement in Chapter 2, Ruth will be available as a bounty starting in Chapter 3. Accept the bounty, kill her, and turn it in to unlock this achievement.
  • Steal $10,000 worth of goods in a single playthrough

    There is a lovely cheese for this achievement, but you can also get it legit by stealing everything you can possibly find. However, most items are only worth $2-3 so it would take forever. You need to be trespassing to be able to steal items, so you can for instance break into any business at night. From there, you can search any container or shelving unit, and press button-y.png to have your inventory show up. Transfer everything from your inventory into the storage, and then "steal" it all back. Repeat this process for 2-3 minutes to unlock the achievement with no fuss. Obviously this will go quicker if you have some expensive weapons, amulets, gold bars, etc.

  • Serve time in jail

    This can be done right when you get to Grackle. Walk in to a store, steal something in full view of the shopkeeper, and choose to go to jail when the fuzz shows up.
  • Locate every Temple of the Ancients

    During the Oneirist's chapter, you can unlock this achievement by reading three stone tablets found in Cedar Flats, Horsetail Grotto, and Blood Moon Temple. These are always present, but only the Oneirist can actually read them. Interact with all three to unlock the achievement.

  • Kill your first monstrous enemy

    This achievement will unlock after killing a siren, wraith, etc. Basically unmissable. 
  • Kick a flying Vulture

    This achievement is a little odd, but you should be able to unlock it by kicking a vulture that is sitting on a fence. Even if it isn't in flight, it appears to unlock if the bird is simply not on the ground. Otherwise, vultures swoop in to eat dead bodies often, so just run at one and press button-y.png to try and boot it in the face.

  • Break into a building through the chimney

    You will need a rope in your inventory to unlock this, and obviously the building in question will need a chimney. There is one in Grackle as seen in the video below. Interact with the chimney to attach the rope, then climb down to unlock the achievement.

  • Roast a live chicken

    This can be done quickly right at the beginning of the Bounty Hunter chapter. Grab an oil lamp from the house and throw it at one of the many chickens walking around the farm.

  • Collect a bounty for turning in either Leila, Shelby Cross or Galen Weeks

    Assuming you followed my advice and had The Great Escape (15G) as your story choice in Chapter 1, Shelby Cross will be on the bounty board starting in Chapter 2. Accept the bounty, kill Shelby, and turn the bounty in to unlock the achievement.
  • Catch 2 or more enemies in Chain Lightning

    You will often find the "Lightning in a Bottle" item when exploring or can purchase it from a store. With this in hand, throw it at a group of enemies or even NPCs in a town. It has a large area of effect, so as long as two people take damage from the same throw, you will unlock this.

  • Recruit your first follower

    See Full House (15G) for more info.
  • Recruit a full posse

    You can get this by purchasing the services of outlaws at any of the game's saloons, or waiting until a story option presents itself to have someone join you. Each time you complete a character story, they will be available to recruit in the following chapter, assuming they survived. You can have up to two followers, so recruit any two you'd like in any way you'd like to get this achievement.
  • Kick someone off of a rooftop or cliff

    This achievement is pretty simple. Most locations with enemies will have someone patrolling a rooftop, so you can either sneak up and boot them off when they are unaware, or if you are in combat you can try to make them retreat toward an edge and do it then. I personally got it kicking someone off a set of stairs that ran along the outside of a building, so that apparently works as well. You can even get it with your own posse member if you have friendly fire turned on as seen in the video below.

  • Read 50 books

    Any book, newspaper, or pamphlet of any kind will count toward this, and it is cumulative over all five character stories. Keep reading anything you find laying about or on bookshelves to eventually unlock it.
  • Perky



    Use a Golden Ace of Spades to gain a perk for the first time

    Golden Aces are found fairly regularly, and will give your characters a boost to one of a number of perks. These persist throughout the game, so each perk you unlock will be present in each successive character story as well. You can find these in chests, on dead enemies, as quest rewards, etc.
  • Use a Nimp Relic to gain an ability for the first time

    Nimp Relics are found fairly regularly, and will give your characters a boost to one of a number of active abilities unique to their character or tied to the game's various weapons. Unlike Golden Ace perks, these do not persist throughout the game, and are specific to the character story you are currently playing. You can find these in chests, on dead enemies, as quest rewards, etc.
  • Turn a settlement into a ghost town

    For this achievement, you will need to kill every person in a settled town. Grackle is the earliest choice for this but it's a fairly large town with some tough enemies, including a few monstrous enemies in hiding. There are smaller towns such as Valford in the NW area of the map or Horton in the SE area that would be easier to clear out. Obviously save prior to doing this if you don't want the reputation hit that comes with murdering a bunch of people.

    Once you think you have killed everyone in the town, travel away and the achievement should unlock. If it doesn't, you missed someone. Head back into town and whoever is left alive (or possibly respawned) will still be hostile. Kill anyone else you find and travel away again until it works.


Secret achievements

  • End the world

    This achievement is for the "bad" ending to the game. During the last scene after completing the Oneirist's chapter, you will be asked a number of questions about your decisions throughout the game. You want to make sure you answer these with as little feeling as possible - pick choices that show no emotion, show you didn't care what happened to anyone, nobody's life has any meaning, etc. You'll also want to kill Essex. Examples of which dialogue options to choose can be found in the video below.

  • Save both innocents in The Strangeness

    During the Oneirist's chapter, you can come across a random encounter when travelling called "Far From Home" at some point after getting the story quest to find the dagger and book. Make sure you don't avoid this encounter or you'll miss the quest "The Strangeness" for this achievement. Meet the children in Murphy, and you can then immediately head to the abandoned house, grab the key inside, and head into the basement to kill the Wraith and complete the quest (or go through all the steps of speaking to the other NPCs, your choice).


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