Behold, a pale horse Achievement in Western Press

  • Behold, a pale horse



    Win a 16 competitor tournament


    How to unlock Behold, a pale horse

    This can be unlocked with one human (you) player and 15 bots.

    At the main menu, select Custom Tournament and use these options:
    > Players: 1
    > Bots: 15
    > Combo Style: FASTEST TIME

    Press to enter Advanced Options:
    > Lives: 1
    > Combo Limits: TRIGGERS ONLY ( and only)
    > Allow Repeat Buttons: NO (this alternates and )
    > Wrong Button Penalty: 0 (this really doesn't matter)

    Press to return to the previous screen and press to start the tournament. You will need to select your profile and character then select a character for each bot. For the bots, make sure you select VERY EASY as the difficulty to make this as easy as possible.

    Once that is done, press to advance to the first duel. If two bots are selected to duel, press and it will skip the duel. When it's time for you to duel, select your side of the screen and all you would need to do is alternate and as fast as possible to win the duel.

    When the first round is over, the winners will duel each other. There are four rounds total. At the end of the final round, if you win the tournament and have never been shot (because if you were you would have been eliminated), you will unlock this achievement and "Child’s play."

    Stick around and watch the epilogue to unlock "A grave matter."

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