What Remains of Edith Finch Review

Richard Walker

What Remains of Edith Finch is utterly unique. I can't recall a game in recent memory that's had such capacity to surprise and show me something completely new at almost every turn, while at the same time delivering a compelling story and an all-pervading emotional resonance. Telling the story of the eponymous Edith Finch and her extended family, What Remains tugs at the heart strings with moments that are at once unusual, intriguing and sometimes macabre.

Developer Giant Sparrow clearly has fun playing with the conventions of the 'walking simulator' genre, as the game opens with 17-year old Edith slowly strolling towards the gargantuan house that hides a secret history in concealed crawl spaces and hidden corners. The moment you step through the door of the long abandoned Finch residence, you immediately realise that there's an untold magical quality to the house, ensconced within its four walls.

Every photograph, incidental detail, and seemingly mundane household item has a story to tell, but it's the episodes in the Finch saga that lie behind the sealed doors and peepholes that have the most to reveal about the family and the fate of each member. Every one of these chapters is an individual, completely original fragment that makes up a bigger picture, some utterly surreal, some heartbreakingly grounded in reality, others totally unexpected. And there isn't a bum note throughout Edith Finch's three or so hours: every bit of it is lovingly crafted and a joy to play.

All of What Remains of Edith Finch's segments reveal a tragic yarn, and while they're undeniably dark, some are executed with such a deft, sometimes lighthearted touch, that it's hard not to smile, even when the eventual outcome can be upsetting. Whether it's watching Edith's brother Lewis gradually slipping away into a fantasy land, baby Gregory enjoying a playful bathtime, or Calvin attempting to fly, every chapter is delivered with panache. It's glorious.

It's not just the multitude of different activities that each story brings to the table, but it's the sense of invention and playfulness that makes the game consistently enjoyable. One section is told entirely through pulpy comic book panels, a few springing to life and sucking you right into its colourful printed pages. It's moments like these that are a stroke of genius. There's really nothing not to like in Edith Finch, other than the rare stutters and pauses to load in an area that crop up on occasion.

The game's small number of achievements also do nothing to detract from the core of Edith Finch. We'd actually suggest playing through once without even looking at the list, as you can always return to replay any level you like and work through the achievements once you've finished the game. It's certainly better to do it this way, allowing yourself to be swept up in the game's superlative interactive storytelling.

Unlike anything you'll have played before, What Remains of Edith Finch stands out as a real one-off, doing something completely fresh within the walking sim/narrative drama genre. Uplifting, melancholic, surprising, light, dark, strange and entirely unique; Giant Sparrow's game is an eclectic selection of unfortunate tales, all of which will be indelibly etched onto your brain forever. What Remains of Edith Finch is genuinely magnificent, and something that you simply need to play.

What Remains of Edith Finch

A singular work of brilliance, What Remains of Edith Finch is one-of-a-kind; a real breath of fresh air that serves as a welcome reminder of video games' capacity to surprise and tell incredible stories. Stunning.

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Subtle audio, fantastic voice acting; Edith Finch's soundtrack complements the game's strange tales perfectly.


From its idyllic opening forest glades, to the inside of the dusty old Finch mansion and the fantastic stories throughout the ages, Edith Finch looks great.


There's a lot of walking, but there's also a lot of cool and crazy weirdness too that demands to be experienced. Ever wanted to be a shark rolling down a hill, live out a B-movie horror comic book fantasy or swing high into the clouds? This is the game for you.


Short, but oh so sweet. What Remains of Edith Finch is never anything less than a joy from beginning to end, the only weak link being the odd brief pause for loading that can be slightly jarring in the rare instances that it occurs.


The perfect achievement list for this kind of game. None are too obtrusive, ensuring that you're free to enjoy the experience without wondering whether you should be playing a certain way or carrying out a specific task.

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