- Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 13 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 2-4+ hours (some luck involved) [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5 matches, but plan on more
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed: A second and third controller make this much easier

Welcome to Wheel of Fortune, the game based on the popular TV game show. This game plays identically to the show: three contestants takes turns over multiple rounds trying to solve a puzzle, and whoever has the most money at the end goes on to the bonus round. The game can either be played locally with up to three controllers or just against AI. Three controllers is highly recommended to make this completion as quick and easy as possible. Every achievement is either cumulative or miscellaneous, but there is a little luck involved for some of them. Even so, it still shouldn't take long to complete this game. Let's get started.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Assuming you have three controllers, play in Classic mode with all three. Your main account will be player 1 and will do everything. With the other two controllers, when it's their turn, press to solve and then to pass, effectively skipping their turns.

When it's your turn, always spin and always aim for the special tiles related to achievements. There is a general way to aim for certain tiles. If you just tap to spin and don't hold it at all, you'll end up pretty close to where you started, but either back or forward a couple tiles. So use that as a gauge. If your target tile is 5 tiles to the left, hold for only a split second on the spin. It takes some getting used to but after a game or two you'll get the hang of it. The tiles you're aiming for are:

  • The prize tag, which is the vacation trip in the first normal round.
  • The gift tag, which is the tile that says AmazingKit in the first normal round.
  • The wild card tag, which is obvious.
  • The half car tags. There are two on the board in later rounds.

Make those four tags your top priority, since you need to land on each 5 times cumulatively and that's the rate limiting step for this game. In Round 3 you should also be aiming for the Express Mode tile to get the related achievement. A breakdown of a normal game can be found below.

Each game will play the same way to work on all of the achievements:

  1. Toss-up #1 - if you can figure it out right away, try to solve it early for "New Baby Buggy" otherwise just wait until all but one letter is filled in, then solve and stick in the last letter. I found it quicker than manually entering all the letters.
  2. Toss-up #2 - same as #1
  3. Round #1 - in this round aim for the prize tag (the cruise vacation) and the gift tag (the one that says AmazingKit) with each spin. Once you've landed on both, finish up the puzzle with your profile.
  4. Round #2 - in this round aim for the wild tag. Once you've got it, go ahead and finish the puzzle with your profile
  5. Toss-up #3 - same as other two toss-ups
  6. Round #3 - aim for the 1/2 car tiles and the Express Mode tile. There are two car tiles so they should be pretty easy to land on. Don't aim for the Express Mode tile until you're sure what the answer is.
  7. Final Spin Round - aim for the wild or car tiles, if any are present here.
  8. Bonus Round - try to solve it using a solver if need be. This is where the big amount of money will come from.

Once you unlock any related cumulative achievements, you can skip aiming for those tiles in those rounds. To aid with solving, there are some resources available. One is www.wheeloffortuneanswer.com. I found this site to be entirely useless, however. Not a single answer I searched for was on that site, but you may have better luck than me so I included it. If I was really stuck I ended up just using a standard hangman solver for each individual word to narrow it down. You can always pause the game to stop the timer while you use a solver.

Other than the achievements listed above, the other longer term ones are winning a cumulative total of $500,000 and for unlocking 50 customization items, which happens around level 14 or so. These will almost assuredly happen naturally as you work toward landing on the tiles mentioned above, assuming you keep winning each game with your profile and also solve the final bonus round too. That final bonus round can be worth a huge amount of money, so make sure to solve it.

And that's really all there is to it. It's really just a matter of playing games to try to land on those tiles 5 times each, all the while banking money and leveling up when you win games.

Wheel of Fortune is a decently fun game and thankfully the achievements aren't difficult to obtain at all, despite being somewhat luck based. Once you get a little better at aiming your spins you shouldn't have much trouble in getting the tags you want.

[XBA would like to thank Necrophage33 for this Roadmap]

Wheel of Fortune Achievement Guide

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There are 13 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • First time to buzz in for a toss up round.

    Each game has 3 toss up rounds, two right in the beginning. The first time you press to buzz in, this achievement will unlock regardless if you correctly solve the puzzle.

  • Won $50,000 total.

    Refer to the "Rain of Gold" achievement solution for more information.

  • Solve 10 puzzles.

    Each regular game consists of 8 puzzles (three toss ups, three normal rounds, the final spin round, and the bonus round when you win), all of which can easily be solved by process of elimination as you spin and guess letters. This is especially easy with three controllers, because you can guess and solve with your main profile and then with the other two controllers you can press to solve and then again to pass, effectively skipping their turn.

    If you don't have three controllers, you can replay the tutorial over and over. The AI cannot win the tutorial, so you're guaranteed to win here, but the downside is you have to wait for the AI to take their turn each time.

    Once you solve a cumulative total of 10 puzzles, which should happen during your second match, this achievement will unlock.

  • Win 5 matches.

    You'll have to win a cumulative total of 5 matches for this achievement, which entails having the highest money total at the end of the Final Spin round. If using three controllers then this will come naturally since you should be doing all of the solving with your main controller. If you don't have three controllers, you can play the tutorial over and over. The AI cannot win the tutorial, so you're guaranteed to win the matches here.

  • Collect prize wedge 5 times.

    Refer to the "Auto Dealer" achievement solution for more information.

  • Collect gift tag 5 times.

    Refer to the "Auto Dealer" achievement solution for more information.

  • Collect wild card 5 times.

    Refer to the "Auto Dealer" achievement solution for more information.

  • Collect 1/2 car tag 5 times.

    To collect a special tag, you have to land on it and then guess a correct consonant. At that point you will collect the tag and it will immediately count as progress towards this achievement. You do not need to solve the puzzle for it to count, and it doesn't matter if you land on a bankrupt and lose it.

    Here is where to find each special tag:
    Gift Tag - Round 1 only
    Prize Tag - Round 1 only
    Wild Tag - Rounds 2 and 3
    1/2 Car Tags - Round 3

    The easiest way to try to land on these tags is to use three controllers. With player 1 you'll aim for the tags, and with players 2 and 3 just press to solve and again to pass. When you spin with player 1, you'll need to get used to it but in general you can learn to aim for tiles when you spin. Just tapping will land you approximately back at the same spot, plus or minus two spaces. So see how many spaces forward you need to go and hold a little bit to work your way towards the tile you want. Once you're within 2 spaces of your target, just tap and hope to get lucky.

    Unfortunately that's about all you can do to speed this up. Keep passing with second and third player, and keeping aiming for the target tiles until you land on them a cumulative total of 5 times.

  • Won $100,000 total.

    Refer to the "Rain of Gold" achievement solution for more information.

  • Unlock 50 customization items.

    Customization items are unlocked each time you level up, but it seems to be randomized as to what you unlock when you level up. You'll always get 4 items, but they may not always be customization items, which are indicated by the little purple icon in the corner of the item. You'll likely need to be around level 14 or so to unlock a total of 50 items.

    You level up based on how much money you win in each match. Based on how much money you win, you'll get a number of stars (typically 4 or 5 in my experience). Initially you only need one star per level, then around level 5 or 6 it switches to two stars per level, and then around level 14 or so it switches to three stars per level. So it'll probably take you around 6-8 matches to level up enough to reach level 14 and hopefully unlock 50 customization items. Keep in mind that the bonus round is really where you can get the bulk of your winnings, so make sure to use a solver if need be to solve the bonus round, which often gets you an extra $100,000.

  • Won $500,000 total.

    This is a cumulative total across all matches played. Naturally boosting this with three controllers is easiest and fastest, but if you don't have two extra controllers then you can just replay the tutorial over and over. The AI cannot win so you're guaranteed to win and solve each puzzle. The biggest amount of money comes from solving the bonus round at the end of each match though. So always make sure to solve this. I would typically guess B, C, D, and A, or maybe a P or M instead. Then just use a hangman solver to narrow down the potential answers. Pause the game to stop the timer while you use a solver. Often you can get $100,000 just from the bonus round.

    It'll definitely take a solid 5 matches to earn this much overall, but more likely 7-8 matches, which is good since you'll need around that many to level up far enough for 50 customization items anyway.

  • Hop on!



    Solve a puzzle under Express Mode.

    Express Mode is only available by playing in Classic Mode, and it's a tile that shows up on the wheel only during Round 3. If you land on Express Mode you have to guess a consonant correctly like any other tile. Once that's done, you can then choose to play Express Mode, which means you need to keep guessing letters until you can solve the puzzle. Guessing a wrong letter bankrupts you and ends Express Mode.

    The best way to get this is with three controllers, otherwise you're at the mercy of the AI since you must play Classic mode for this. Progress to Round 3 however you want. Once here, spin like normal and guess consonants until you know what the answer is. Only then should you start aiming for Express Mode, because you definitely don't want to land on it only to fail. To land on it, use your spin power as a gauge: pressing quickly without holding it lands you approximately where you started, plus or minus a couple spaces. So use that as a benchmark to work your way toward the Express Mode tile. If you have two other controllers you can just press twice to skip their turns. Once you know the answer, each unsuccessful spin can be spent guessing wrong letters so that you leave correct consonants on the board for when you eventually land on Express Mode.

    Once you do, simply solve the puzzle under Express Mode to unlock this achievement.

  • Solve a puzzle with less than 20% letters revealed.

    As the description says, you need to solve any puzzle before 20% of the letters are revealed. In general this is much easier to do than it sounds. You can try to do this naturally or you can simply play the tutorial. The tutorial has set answers that are the same every time you play it. My answers were:

    • Priceless Treasures
    • Private Secretary
    • Reading A Good Book
    • Chocolate Chips

    Other common answers are: Having A Good Time, Photo Shoot, I Miss You Too, Good Morning, Football Teams, and Lucky Numbers.

    You're guaranteed to get one of those answers during the tutorial, so just guess one or two letters and then the correct answer should be obvious.