- Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Solo: 3 [75]
- Solo or Co-Op: 44 [1025]
- Versus: 3 [40]
- Co-Op Only: 5 [110]
- Approximate time to 1000: 55-65 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 + 2 partial
- Missable achievements: No
- Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes
- Unobtainable achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed?: No

"Let us take you beyond the veil of the gothic-noir world of the Van Helsing games, straight into the timeless depths of the twisted otherworld. There is a chain of strongholds in the mists that were once built to keep the horrors of the void at bay. And now these monsters are returning to conquer and kill: only you can stop them before they break through to the everyday world of Borgovia. Choose your hero and defend the Silent Forts: use, rebuild and improve those ancient traps and magical machines."

This game took the Tower Defense mini-game present in the existing Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing games, and created an entire full game out of it. It's a unique mix of ARPG and TD, using traps and your own personal skills to defend portals from attacking monsters.

Step 1: Choose a Main Character
You can choose from a Mercenary (warrior), Marksman (ranger), and Sorceress (mage). The Mercenary is by far the best character, IMO. You lose points on your portal if your character dies, so his increased health pool and survivability is important in that regard. He can also attack huge groups of enemies at once with his sweeping attacks, and has some of the best skills in the game. You'll be spending a LOT of time with one character, and only a couple hours with each of the other two, so choose something you'll enjoy, but do bear in mind how good the Mercenary is in terms of playing solo.

Step 2: Campaign up to Tier 4
I would suggest tackling the campaign in sequence up to Tier 4. There are 13 total levels, and four different tiers of difficulty to play them on. So this means you'll play all 13 levels three times in a row to beat Tier 1, 2, and 3. This will level you quite a bit and get you ready for the other game modes. You don't need to get three stars on any of these difficulties, so just complete them and move on. If you can manage to do any side-quests, that will help make your character and traps stronger, but don't worry too much about those either.

Step 3: Scenario Mode
Now I would go and try Scenario Mode. You'll need to complete all 13 levels in this mode as well, so do that first. There are some difficult challenges tied to this mode as well, most notably beating a level with all the modifiers on, without your character dying. You'll definitely need to come back to that one later, but for now get as much done in this mode as you can for some good experience and equipment.

Step 4: Endless Mode
Endless mode is exactly as it sounds: increasingly difficult waves of enemies on a map, until you fail. You will need to complete at least 20 waves consecutively on each level, which is where the bulk of your time with the game will be spent, as well as most of the experience toward level 100. There are a few specific requirements for this mode (don't use teleports, use only tower or ground traps, etc) so pay attention to those as you go through each level. Try to get them done on the first few levels so you don't restrict yourself later, or just replay the first level later.

Step 5: Campaign Tier 4
Now come back to the campaign since you'll be Level 100 now you'll easily be able to get three stars on each level. If you're somehow still struggling, find a co-op partner to help and split up to patrol the different sides of each map.

Step 6: Versus and Co-Op
There are a few achievements tied to each of the Versus and Co-op modes. The big one in co-op is finishing Wave 30 in Endless. You'll need at least one person at Level 100, and ideally the second person will be higher level as well to be useful. I was lucky enough to have someone help me with this when I was still low level and he rocked it, which not only got me the achievement but boosted me a good 40 levels. In Versus, they are all fairly straightforward, though winning 20 matches will be annoying unless you have a friend to dump games to you as few people will be playing that.

Step 7: Map Editor
For the 250 DLC Gamerscore, you simply need to create a map in the editor that has a strength of 25,000 with a custom monster, eight portals, and six waves. Test it, then save it, and play it in co-op. It take a few minutes at most so long as you have a co-op partner ready to go. Some of the easiest Gamerscore you can get, especially as an entire DLC pack.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap Achievement Guide

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There are 55 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Kill 50.000 monsters: every game mode counts!


    Refer to "Slayer of Slayers" for more information.

  • Build 15 different traps on a single map.


    There are a total of 25 traps in the game, throughout five different categories. You'll want to use a later level for this so there are a few different trap locations/types (at least three of each kind, or five of three kinds - depending on which traps you have unlocked). In each spot, simply build a different trap. It may take a round or two to get enough essence if you don't start with a lot.

  • Kill 100.000 monsters: every game mode counts!


    As the description states, you will get credit toward this achievement no matter if you're playing story, scenario, or endless - and the achievement will easily come as you work toward all the other achievements. You do not have to directly get the kill for them to count toward this total; trap kills count as well.

  • Summon 250 monsters with summoning traps.


    Summoning traps are ones that bring creatures into the level to fight for you. The basic trap only brings one creature, though this and all the others can be upgraded to spawn more at once. You'll get this very early on so long as you use summoning traps often, since each time a monster dies, it will respawn in a few seconds.

  • Build 250 tower traps!


    Tower traps are, obviously, ones that stick up into the air. You will be building thousands of traps in the game, so this will come early on.

  • Build 250 ground traps!


    Tower traps are, obviously, ones that are build into the ground. You will be building thousands of traps in the game, so this will come early on.

  • Find a Godlike item!


    A Godlike item is purple in color, and has a chance to drop when you are of a higher level and/or have a very high magic find chance due to your existing gear or mission bonuses if you're playing in Scenario mode. If you throw a few purple modifiers on in that mode, your magic find chance blows up and you'll get great gear.

  • Use the teleports 100 times!


    Teleports are on every map except the first level, and will pause the flow of monsters as you choose where to go. You can use these to quickly get somewhere to defend by pressing to activate and cycle through the options and then to choose a destination. You can get credit toward this by teleporting to the spot you're already at as well.

  • Fully upgrade a Godlike item!


    Godlike items have ten available upgrades which will add one random bonus stat to them. You will need to use gems to do this, and it can take a few hundred of one type to fully upgrade an item. So long as you are diligent in breaking down gear you don't need, you'll get this well before finishing the rest of the achievements. In fact, it's wise to upgrade a Godlike item in every slot if possible for some of the tougher challenges.

  • Sell 20 traps!


    When you are interacting with a built trap, you have the option of selling it with . You could start a level and build a bunch of traps then immediately sell each one to get this out of the way quickly, though you'll probably change your mind or make accidental clicks enough through normal play to get it as well.

  • Craft 20 items!


    To craft an item, you will need to finish the first few levels first. After that, the crafting menu is available, and you can create unique items with random bonuses with the gems you find in each level. You'll likely want to spend your gems upgrading Godlike items instead of creating weaker items this way, so just make 20 of the cheapest ones you can to get it out of the way.

  • Loot 500.000 gold!


    You'll get quite a lot of gold throughout the process of unlocking all the other achievements, but if you want to get this out of the way quickly or just horde a bunch of gold for other purposes, Level XII of the campaign is the best for this. Start Tier 1 on Hard to get the side-quest for killing all the neutral monsters on the map and do so to collect their Silver Keys. After the level ends, you'll get four chests and ~125k worth of gold each time.

  • Unlock the Tier 3 skills with any character!


    This will unlock when you hit Level 20. Refer to "It's lonely up here" for more information.

  • Reach Level 50!


    Refer to "It's lonely up here" for more information.

  • Reach level 100!


    The best way to level up in the game is to play Endless mode. Considering the achievement for getting to Wave 20 on every level, this will simply come along the way. As I suggested in the Road Map, I would consider doing Campaign up to Tier 4, then focus on Scenario mode, then tackle Endless. You'll probably gain 4-10 levels each map in Endless depending on what level you were when you started.

  • Complete a Tier 2 map without building a single trap as a Mercenary! (Single-player only)

    For this achievement, it is easiest to play on Level I, Tier 2, Medium difficulty. You can wait until you're leveled extremely high if this is your main character, or just be sure to know your skills well. The Mercenary will primarily use his main attack consistently, coupled with Chain Snare and Frost Ring for crowd control, and Bash for larger targets that require a bit extra to take down.

    You'll want to use the main choke point on this map and simply wait for enemies to come to you. If you try to move side to side you may let too many small enemies slip by and fail the level.

  • Complete a Tier 2 map without directly receiving any damage as a Sorceress! (Single-player only)

    The best map for this achievement is Level II, Tier 2, Medium difficulty. This maps has a ton of whirl-blade towers, which will do all the work for you. Place ice traps to slow the mobs so they spend more time getting cut to pieces, and a few essence traps at the main cross-sections. Then get summon traps to help slow them further. I would get the other towers purchased last, if at all.

    There are a few types of enemies with ranged attacks, so be careful how involved you get as they can get a quick shot on you and ruin the achievement. If you notice any red numbers pop up over your head you'll need to restart.

  • Complete a Tier 2 map without directly damaging a single monster as a Marksman! (Single-player only)

    For this achievement, you'll use the same strategy as we did for "Can't touch this" except you want to make sure you never use a direct attack on an enemy, and you CAN take damage. There are two very helpful skills the Marksman has to make use of. Trap Boost will make a trap do more damage for a short time, while Essence Trap Sigil will grant more essence for kills done by traps in a small radius for a short time. Use those together in one of the high traffic areas to get a ton of essence quickly which will allow you to build up the traps and easily handle all the mobs without needing to get involved yourself.

  • Reach level 10 with a Sorceress, Mercenary and Marksman!


    Nothing too difficult about this. Since you need to get to Tier 2 for each of the class-specific challenges listed above, this will come along the way.

  • Earn at least 2 stars on any Campaign map!


    This will be the first achievement you get most likely. You can technically play all of Tier 1 on Easy (one star) but you probably won't. Once you get to Tier 2, you can't choose Easy anymore, so you'll get it here for sure. However, if the lowest difficulty you can choose is Medium, you do need to finish the level without letting any monsters through. If you do, you'll drop to one star. Once the lowest difficulty you can pick it Hard (three stars) you can let a few in and still get two stars overall.

  • Complete every map in the Campaign!


    There are 13 total levels in the game, and you'll complete them all multiple times in the course of getting the achievements.

  • Finish all Campaign maps on Tier 2!


    Refer to "Mission impossible" for more information.

  • Finish all Campaign maps on Tier 3!


    Refer to "Mission impossible" for more information.

  • Finish all Campaign maps on Tier 4!


    Each of the Tiers in the game offer an increasing challenge. During Tier 1, you can select Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties, which will reward you with one, two, or three stars respectively for a clean run. During Tier 2, you can no longer select Easy. During Tiers 3 and 4, you can only select Hard. For this achievement, you simply need to complete the levels, though a separate achievement does require you to get three stars on all Tier 4 maps, so to avoid redoing any work later, attempt to finish Tier 4 when you're a higher level so you only have to do the levels one time at this difficulty.

    For the majority of the levels, you should be able to stick to your favorite traps types and use the same strategy. However, the last few levels have a limited number of trap types, so you'll have to respec your traps accordingly. The last level seems extremely difficult, but can be cheesed very easily. During the first wave, purchase all the essence collectors, then kill all the enemies except the last giant type, and let him attack you for about ten minutes. At Level 100, he won't actually hurt you, and you can max your essence to upgrade every trap on the map. Have your Monster Cage and Winter Queen maxed out, and place a line of monster cages up front followed by a line of Queens, then another line of Monster Cages at the top of the stairs and more Winter Queens. The AEO of the Queens is imperative to beating this level.

  • Earn 50 Stars on the Campaign maps!


    Refer to "It's full of stars!" for more information.

  • Earn 100 Stars on the Campaign maps!


    Considering you have to get three stars on all Tier 4 maps, which will be 39 stars on its own, and you have to play the preceding three Tiers to even get to that point, I doubt you'll need to do much in the way of playing older levels to get up to 100 stars in all. If after getting all Tier 4 maps maxed out you still don't have it, the Tier 1 maps will be an absolute breeze and you can easily get three stars on them with minimal effort.

  • Earn 3 stars in every Campaign map on Tier 4.


    In Tier 4, you can only select Hard difficulty, which will award three stars for a clean run. This means you must complete the level without letting a single monster through, and making sure your character doesn't die either. You will need both high-level traps and a high-level character to accomplish this. You'll want to pay attention to the types of enemies and lay your traps accordingly. If there are a lot of armored enemies, aim to use spikes and acid when possible. If there are a lot of horde type enemies, use the cannon sentry, etc.

  • Complete a map with the maximum x2 speed (counts from the first wave start phase)!

    For this achievement, as soon as you load into a map, press right on the right thumbstick to move the movement speed up to x2. Make sure you don't ever move the stick left at all to slow it down. You'll be using this speed for most maps and rarely turning it down unless you're in trouble or want to upgrade traps mid-wave.

  • Complete a maximum difficulty Scenario without dying!


    To set a scenario at maximum difficulty, you need to put three stars into all nine of the challenges. This will set the difficulty to 27, and basically mean an instant fail if even one monster gets through. You'll get less essence and rage, enemies have a chance to come back to life, traps do less damage and cost more to upgrade, and enemies move faster. Essentially, it's just harder overall.

    The best way to get this by far is in co-op on the first level. If you have a high level friend or two, they can patrol the lanes or just wait at the choke point, while you sit back and earn a free achievement. If you're going for this solo, you'll want to focus your skills points on survivability. Anything dealing with health or resistances is important. Don't be afraid to retreat if you're taking damage and let your health regen and skills cool down, then wade back into the action.

  • Complete a Scenario with the 3 red challenges!


    You will need at least one star active in all three red challenges during a scenario. You will get this at the same time as "Invincible" if you don't do it separately.

  • Complete a Scenario with the 3 blue challenges!


    You will need at least one star active in all three blue challenges during a scenario. You will get this at the same time as "Invincible" if you don't do it separately.

  • Complete a Scenario with the 3 purple challenges!


    You will need at least one star active in all three purple challenges during a scenario. You will get this at the same time as "Invincible" if you don't do it separately.

  • Complete a Scenario!


    This can be any level, any difficulty, with no challenges active. Just do any scenario at all.

  • Complete every map in Scenario mode.


    You will need to complete all 13 story levels in scenario mode to unlock this achievement. If for some reason it doesn't unlock, you can play the actual scenario levels (marked by the golden cups on the map) to get the tracker to continue going up. I only had to play one extra.

  • Complete a Scenario map on difficulty 10!


    Refer to "Invincible" for more information.

  • Complete a Scenario map on difficulty 20!


    Refer to "Invincible" for more information.

  • Reach wave 20 in Endless without using any teleport!


    On any of the 13 levels that you must do in Endless mode up to wave 20, make sure you never use the teleport system to pause the action and move across the map to a different glyph. Most of the earlier levels have good choke points that you'll stay close to, so you won't need to quickly move around on those.

    Note: This does not count on the first level since it doesn't have any teleports.

  • Reach wave 20 in Endless building only tower traps!


    On any of the 13 levels that you must do in Endless mode up to wave 20, make sure you do not build any ground traps. Most of the earlier levels have good choke points that you'll stay close to where you can do most of the fighting yourself, and you'll be able to make use of the Ice towers to freeze and slow enemies for you if you need to move around at all.

    Note: The "enhance" type towers are not allowed for this achievement, only the tower types that you actually unlock and can upgrade.

  • Reach wave 20 in Endless building only ground traps!


    On any of the 13 levels that you must do in Endless mode up to wave 20, make sure you do not build any tower traps. Most of the earlier levels have good choke points that you'll stay close to where you can do most of the fighting yourself, and you'll be able to make use of the Ice traps to freeze and slow enemies for you if you need to move around at all.

    Note: Summon traps are not allowed for this for some reason. Any other ground trap is fine.

  • Reach wave 30 in Endless!


    You can do this one any of the 13 story maps in Endless mode, with the first being the easiest. It is also much easier in co-op (and has a separate achievement tied to doing it in co-op, "Heroes of the storm"), but doable solo if you've already got near or to Level 100. The big thing in this is making sure you have good trap upgrades to slow enemies (whether it be Ice traps, slow bullet upgrade for the gun turret, or stasis ground traps), and keep moving around to take out groups as early as possible. If you kill a group right near their spawn, you can kill the next lane halfway down, then meet the third toward the choke point. If you simply wait for all three lanes to get to the choke point, you can get overwhelmed.

    This sounds much harder than it is, though do not take the later waves lightly either - especially the bigger giant enemies. You'll want to have a mercenary use Bash on these to do huge amounts of damage. After doing all the levels in story mode, scenario mode, and a few tries of Endless, you'll have the hang of how to tackle this.

  • Reach wave 20 on every map in Endless!


    The description here is slightly misleading, as you actually need to finish wave 20 on all 13 story maps in Endless mode. I would suggest starting wave 21 and letting the monsters by to kill you and finish the level to get proper credit. See "Invincible" and "Nearing perfection" for tips.

  • Reach wave 10 in Endless without dying.


    Refer to "Invincible" for more information.

  • Kill 25 bosses!


    Bosses are larger enemies marked by a skull on the map. You will kill hundreds of these working toward all the other achievements.

  • Earn a star in the co-op mode.

    Refer to "Follow my lead" for more information.

  • Host a party and complete a map.

    To play in co-op, you'll select "Multiplayer" from the main menu, then you'll want to invite someone. You can do the first map on Easy just to get this out of the way. Simply finish the map and earn one star for this and "Hand in hand" to unlock.

  • Reach wave 30 in Endless in a party.


    Refer to "Nearing perfection" for more information.

  • Win 20 matches in Versus mode.

    Versus mode is accessible from the Multiplayer option on the main menu. Make sure you change the option from Cooperative to Versus, then either invite a friend or wait for someone to join. As a host, you will be the defending player. You can also win these matches as an attacker if you join someone else.

    The matches play out similar to a single player game, though the attacking player can influence the monsters with flags that will buff them or debuff the defender's traps. They can also directly possess monsters and move them at will, allowing them to circumvent where traps are laid and avoid the defending player.

    Attackers win if they get enough monsters into the portal, while defenders win if they survive all the waves with any.

  • Complete a difficulty 20 Scenario in a party!


    See "Invincible" for tips on this, but make sure you're with a partner for this achievement specifically. You don't necessarily have to have the difficulty all the way to 27, but if you can combine both achievements it will shave some time off your completion.

  • Defeat the attacker player with an intact base in Versus mode.

    Make sure you host a game to get placed as the defender for this achievement. You will need to win the game without letting a single monster into your portal. If you're playing with a friend helping, he can possess monsters and move them backward if they're getting too close, otherwise you'll need to hope for the best and make sure you place traps at checkpoints and use your player character to kill larger groups quickly.

  • Possess 50 monsters as the Attacker in Versus mode!

    Make sure you join someone else's game to get placed as the attacker. To possess a monster, use the when your spirit ball is hovering over them, then you can press to immediately leave their body and go possess someone else. You can easily get this in one legit game, or if you're boosting and your partner is purposefully losing, you'll be able to get 6-10 each game depending on how quickly you press the buttons.

DLC: Title Update

There are 5 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Create a custom map with a minimum Strength of 10.000.

    When creating a map, the "strength" is based on how many monsters you add to each wave, and how powerful those monsters are. You'll see this number increase as you go, so just keep adding stuff until you get high enough. You don't even have to play the map to unlock this achievement, though shoot for 25,000 instead so you can do "Guardians of the Ink" right after.

  • Create a custom monster with extra abilities.

    When you select a monster to add to a wave, you also have the option to add extra abilities to it. Add at least two abilities and then it will ask you to save/name the monster. Do so to unlock the achievement.

  • Finish a Strength 25.000 (or stronger) custom map in coop with a friend.


    Once you have created a strong map, load it up and invite a friend. To get this achievement, you simply need to finish it in any way, which includes both failing and surrendering. You can simply wait to load into the map, then pause and surrender to be done in seconds.

  • Create a custom map that includes six valid waves and eight Chaos Portals.

    When creating your custom map for "Guardians of the Ink" make sure you also set up 8 Chaos Portals with valid routes to the base, and six waves of enemies. You can simply use the same group of enemies six times, just make sure you stagger them time-wise so they count separately.

  • Test a custom map for the first time.

    Once you have all the parameters of your 25,000 strength map setup, run the test before actually saving/finalizing it to exit the map creator. It unlocks as soon as the test starts, so just let the monsters run into the portal to end the test and then go do "Guardians of the Ink" to finish off the DLC achievements.

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