Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
Offline: 21/29 (780/1000)
Online: 8/29 (220/1000)
Approximate amount of time to 100010-25 Hours (depending on skill).
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: No

  • DLC: Alien Invasion
    • Difficulty: 3/10
    • Time to 250: 2-5 Hours
    • Unobtainable: No

Worms Battlegrounds is an artillery strategy game, and is the first Worms game to make an appearance on the Xbox One. Landscapes are 30% larger, there are 10 new items compliment a total of 65 weapons and utilities and over 200 individual customization items help set your worms apart from the crowd. You can create and manage your own multiplayer clan to compete online, create your own landscapes for use in both online multiplayer and local play and even experience a humorous and engaging Story Mode that adds strategy with the introduction of physics based contraptions. Distinct worm classes, five new environments, 10 timed Worm Ops challenges and much more can be found in this extremely robust offering.

As of December, 2014, you can download the Alien Invasion DLC that will grant you access to 10 new levels in an all new story mode, new alien designed weapons, and bodycount mode, which allows you to fight wave after wave of enemy worms.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Story Mode & Worm Ops:
The story mode walks you through the basic techniques and strategies that are required to be a successful competitor. While offering little challenge to those familiar with the Worms franchise, story mode is quite entertaining. Puzzles and specialized circumstances keep things fresh while testing your critical thinking skills. There is a total of 25 levels in story mode that must be completed in order. Make sure to avoid taking any damage on level 11 in order to unlock “Untouchable.” You could replay levels as many times as you wish, so do not worry if you miss this achievement on your first attempt.

Worm Ops is an extra feature in which you must conquer ten puzzling objectives in a timely fashion. Although there is no specific time limit in which you must complete these missions, it is meant as a “beat your best time” type game mode. In order to obtain the “Sergeant Swift” achievement, you are required to complete all 10 Worm Ops missions in a combination of eight minutes. This being the most difficult achievement in the game may seem more intimidating than it actually is. You can replay any Worm Ops mission as many times as you want in order to beat your best time, which means that every time you beat your time in one mission, your overall time goes down as well. If you follow the video guide down below properly, then you should have no trouble with this achievement.

For local play multiplayer have your friends turn on their controllers to join the action. Create your own landscapes, game styles, and even teams if you want, and enjoy.

Worms: Battlegrounds offers many online options including competitive ranked matches, friendly player matches and even clan leagues. The best method to unlocking the online achievements is obviously boosting with a friend or a member of the community. The boosting thread can be found HERE. It is not at all difficult to find your way into your partner’s lobby in ranked or clan matches, but if you happen to end up in someone else’s lobby just back out and search again. There are a total of eight online achievements for an overall score of 220.

The rest of the achievements can be (but don't have to be) earned in Local multiplayer. These matches can be played against A.I. teams or simply boosted by yourself since you can control multiple teams with one single controller. The remaining achievements generally involve killing worms and utilizing the various utilities, weapons and equipment to deal damage for your final 290.

DLC: Alien Invasion

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
Alien Invasion features an all-new Story Mode consisting of 10 levels that must be completed in order. Each mission requires you to kill all enemy worms while protecting your spacecraft. If the spacecraft is destroyed, or all of your worms are defeated then you will have to try again. Be sure to not let the spacecraft take any damage in level 6 to unlock “Not a Scratch.” For advice on how to do this refer to the achievement guide below.

Worms: Battlegrounds is the newest addition to the Worms franchise, and the first of the franchise to be featured on the next gen consoles. This game is a must buy for all veteran Worms fans, simply for the new features and weapons that are bundled into its traditional gameplay style and appearance. For those of you new to the franchise, this is a great game for first timers to learn and adapt to every aspect of Worms. Though it may not have a tutorial mode, the campaign will provide you with any information necessary to get through the game and become comfortable with the controls and familiar with the weapons. There is also a how to play guide in the help & options menu.

[XBA would like to thank Bare Bum Cheeks & Rogue Echo for this RoadMap]

Worms Battlegrounds Achievement Guide

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There are 34 achievements with a total of 1250 points

  • Kill a total of 10 enemy worms


    See “Man v. Worms.

  • Kill a total of 100 enemy worms


    See “Man v. Worms.

  • Kill a total of 300 enemy worms


    All game modes count toward this achievement. 

    The quickest method is to start up a local deathmatch, and add a player by selecting the "guest of your account" option. This will allow you to control both teams with one single controller. Select the Full Wormage scheme and make sure that the "Set Teleport In" option in checked. Scroll through the various game options with  . These steps will ensure that you have unlimited access to all weapons/utilities and the ability to place each worm exactly where you would like them.

    Choose any Single Island landscape to make things less complicated and guarantee that you have access to the whole catalog of weapons.

    Once the match begins, spawn all of the enemy worms into one small clump for maximum carnage.

    * If you have the Alien Invasion DLC, bodycount is a good method as well, since there is no time or kill limit.

  • Accumulate 300 or more health on a single worm.


    The most efficient way to increase a worm's health is collecting Heath drops. To speed up the process, you can choose to Edit Game Settings. Within Game Options, increase Worm Health to [200]. Within Object Options, increase Health Drop to 90%, Health Value to [100] and max crates per turn to three.

  • Fore!



    Kill 4 worms in a single turn.


    See “Overkill.

    If you use the methos used in “Overkill” with the dynamite or banana bomb, you can ensure the death of enemy worms by setting their health to [50] in game options.

  • Deal 500 damage in a single turn


    Start up a local deathmatch. Add a guest, and make sure the game type is Full Wormage. A banana bomb near a cluster of enemy worms should do the trick. If not, you could always place enemy worms near the edge of the map and place a stick of dynamite in front of them.

  • Parachute for 30 seconds and successfully land in a single turn


    You can easily earn this achievement in a Local Deathmatch. Make sure that you are using the Scout class for this method. With a Scout selected, activate your Jetpack. Before blasting off, go into your inventory and select the Parachute. Now jetpack straight up and allow the fuel to expire. The Parachute will automatically deploy. Simply watch the indicator at the top of the screen and steer you worm to safety.

  • Create your own clan, Complete with emblem


    At the main menu enter Battlegrounds. Choose the Customization tab in order to edit your Clan Name and Clan Emblem.

  • Fully customize your worms

    The Customization tab is located in the Main Menu. Simply customize your worms by changing their Outfit, Trinket, Gravestone, Victory Dance, or Soundbank.

  • Achieve a win streak of 5 online ranked games

    You can attempt to join online ranked matches and dominate five consecutive games or simply boost this achievement with a partner. If you decide to boost, choose the Create Ranked Match option from the Xbox Live tab. Have your boosting partner attempt to join your match or vice versa. Purposefully lose once the game begins (the Surrender option is extremely convenient). If you are matched with a random opponent, just back out and create a new match.

  • Complete “The Mission Before Time”.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the first mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in "The Mission Before Time" to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete “Meat In The Middle”.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the fifth mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in “Meat In The Middle” to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete “Worm On Trap”.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the tenth mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in “Worm On Trap” to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete “The Class Act”.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the fifteenth mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in “The Class Act” to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete “Fugu Fountain”.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the twentieth mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in “Fugu Fountain” to unlock this achievement.

  • Kill 5 worms with the Prod weapon.


    While placing worms, make sure you place the enemy worms at the edge of the map. Use Prod to eliminate five different worms by poking them off the edge and into the water. This does not have to be completed in one game.

  • Purchase a Concrete Donkey from the in-game shop

    The Concrete Donkey costs 100 Coins. Your team will need to collect 10 Coin drops (10 Coins x 10 Crates = 100 Coins) to purchase this legendary weapon. Bring up the inventory and press  with the Concrete Donkey selected to purchase it.

    To speed up the process, you can choose to Edit Game Settings. Within Object Options, increase Coin Drop to 90% and increase Max Crates per Turn to 3.

  • Deploy a legendary weapon that you received from a weapons crate or gravestone.


    Legendary weapons are those that are on the bottom row, away from the rest. You can acquire them through weapon crates or buy them with coins from coin drops. You can also use the gravedigger utility while standing on a fallen worm’s gravestone to get a legendary weapon.

    This achievement requires you to use a legendary weapon from a weapon crate or gravestone, so buying it with coins is not an option. Before starting a game, under object options increase weapon drops to 90% and increase max crates per turn to 3.

  • Win a multiplayer match


    You must win a match over Xbox Live; this cannot be completed in Local Play. If you want to boost, choose the Create Player Match option from the Xbox Live tab. Have your boosting partner join your match and then purposefully lose once the game begins (the Surrender utility is extremely convenient).

  • Play a multiplayer match using your personally created landscape

    Create and save any custom map using the Landscape Editor. When selecting a landscape, make sure to load your custom map for the game. This must be completed in a Player Match with friends. Create a Player Match and invite friends into the lobby.

  • Win a ranked multiplayer match.

    See “Steamroller.

  • Win a league Clan Match

    Create a clan, and then enter Battlegrounds. You must win a League match, so make sure you search for a League match. For boosting advice, have a partner create a clan of their own and create a lobby. Now search for a game and hope to end up in their lobby. If you don’t, just back out and try again. Once in a match have your partner use the surrender utility and the achievement is yours.

  • Ding



    Level up with a clan

    First, make sure that you have created or joined a clan. Your clan will level up by winning League matches online. You will also gain experience if you lose, but not nearly as much as a win. You can check your clan's level progress in the Clan Hub under Clan Stats.

  • Complete story level 11 without taking any damage

    Avoid taking any damage as you navigate and kill all of the worms in the "No Zzz's in Escape" mission of the campaign.

    This shouldn’t be too difficult since all enemy worms will have super low health. If you’re having trouble there is a helpful video guide below.

  • Complete all Worm Ops missions

    See “Sergeant Swift.

  • Defeat The evil Lord Mesmer

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This is the twenty fifth and final mission of the Story. Kill all of the worms in “Dire Consequences” to unlock this achievement.

  • Complete all Worm Ops missions in a cumulative time of 8 minutes or less

    There are 10 Worm Ops missions to be found in Local Play. You will need to complete them at a relatively quick pace to keep your cumulative time under eight minutes. You can retry and restart individual missions as many times as necessary to chip away at your total time.

    This video guide is very helpful:


Secret achievements

  • While in an alliance, kill one of your ally's worms in an online match

    This must be done in a clan match. Have a friend or boosting partner join your clan. Find a match, and kill your teammates worm. While you’re placing your worms, place a couple near the edge of the map, and just use your bat to hit him off into the water.

  • Use every weapon and utility in the game


    There are a total of 65 weapons and utilities in the game. Start up a local deathmatch, add a guest and make sure the game type is Full Wormage, which will grant you access to every weapon and utility in the game. Use them all. You do not have to hit a worm, you can shoot into the water if you’d like. Finish the game with the surrender utility and the achievement should unlock.

DLC: Alien Invasion

There are 5 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Use all of the alien weapons


    There are four new Alien Weapons. Use them all once and the achievement should unlock. Oddly enough this achievement unlocked for me immediately after using the alien rocket launcher. I didn’t even need to use any of the other weapons.

  • Get a score of 50,000 in Bodycount in one game

    I personally found Japan to be the easiest map for this achievement. I got 76,000 the second time I played it, but if you’re having trouble just be sure to get multi-kills and pick up as many weapon and utility crates as possible. Also be sure to not leave your worms vulnerable to attack. A good method is to use your blowtorch or pneumatic drill to keep one of your worms in cover at all times. Obviously leave in desperate measures to accumulate as many kills as possible.

  • Don’t allow the UFO to take any damage in level 6

    The UFO will be placed in the center of the map with explosive canisters surrounding it. You’re going to want to stay away from that center area, because you will be targeted and there is a chance that the impact might be close enough to a canister to set it off. I recommend using your jet pack to get to higher ground, and use as many water weapons as possible to flush out the enemies on the step-like structure. There is a square of water at the top of this structure, be sure to pierce it in the center so that both sides of the structure get wet. There is also a jug of water on the right side, so make sure you hit that as well. You will also have four water jet packs, waste these above enemy worms to slide them right off.

  • Kill 250 worms in Bodycount (multiple games allowed)

    This can be done over multiple games. There is no stat tracker, so you can keep track manually, or just play until it unlocks. You will average around 20–25 kills a game, so this shouldn’t take too long.

  • Complete all Alien Invasion missions

    There are a total of 10 missions in the Alien Invasion campaign. Complete all ten and the achievement is yours. If you are having trouble in the final mission, place a worm on top of the balloons. When they rise, the worm and the UFO should come back down.

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